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Zooba Cheat Codes: Wildlife Studios’ latest game in the mobile gaming industry is Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena. It is a unique set of features and dynamics that will deliver a completely new level of fun and excitement, even for veterans of the battle royale genre.

Zooba portrays itself as an apparently less serious approach to the genre, with cartoony visuals and strange but charming zoo animals as characters, but it nevertheless incorporates a variety of methods and tactics.

Zooba Tips & Tricks

Zooba Cheat Codes

Learn About Each Character

You’ll have to select between Bruce, Nix, and Molly before you can begin the game. Bruce prioritizes strength, Molly prioritizes speed and agility, and Nix falls somewhere in the middle in terms of strength and speed. Although additional characters will become available as you go through the leagues and earn more crates, it may take some time before you can use another, so pick your initial character carefully.

The first two or three bouts are essentially tutorials, and after you’re free to explore the menus and buttons on the screen, remember to click on your character when on the main screen. While only your first character completely shows in the character menu, be sure to go through each one and press the button.

This will display the character’s passive and active skills, as well as the character’s health, damage, agility, and range attributes, as well as the weapons the character may use in the arena.

Save Your Gems

Progression awards bring gems into your hands. You may also get the premium cash kind by just watching video advertising. The “Welcome Offer,” which comes with a Gold Toolkit and even more gems for you to claim, is one of your first purchases with those hard-earned gems.

However, this item is only available for a limited time, so hurry up and get the gems you’ll need before it’s gone. After you’ve bought that offer, you should only use your gems to buy crates and your coins to buy all of the daily offerings. Make sure to save aside some cash for your character’s upgrade.

Complete All Your Daily Missions

Before you leave Zooba for the day, make sure you complete all of your daily assignments so you can receive the keys you’ll need to collect even more free gifts. Play a sufficient number of matches to fill each crate slot.

Set one to open on its own timer, play a game or two to pass the time, open that chest when it’s ready, then earn another chest to replace it and continue the procedure.

Don’t forget to claim your free coins from the shop’s daily offers area, and fill up your “Piggy Bank” on a daily basis (there’s no need to spend your gems on opening them right away). Just keep an eye on the associated timer.

During the 5-second pre-battle, make a plan for your next move

Instead of launching yourself into the fight arena from a balloon or plane, you put in a random location before each match in Zooba. Even if you don’t have much time to plan, you must make a rapid decision on whether you want to stay in your current quadrant or relocate to another.

Similar to previous battle royale games, your option center on whether you want to loot and be well prepared before an encounter or go directly into the fight.

Zooba Cheat Codes 2022

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