In Zombie Frontier 4 Gift Codes, players need a lot of resources to improve weapons and reach specified campaign-level requirements. The use of Zombie Frontier 4 Gift Codes can help gamers live a little bit more comfortable even though there is no way to totally escape grinding.

FT Games has just released the action game Zombie Frontier 4 for mobile devices. The popular Zombie Frontier series has a sequel. It’s an FPS where you have to sneak into a zombie-infested city like in prior iterations. To survive, players must gather resources, improve their weaponry, and engage in combat with zombie boss mutations.


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Make careful to use these Zombie Frontier 4 gift codes before they expire because they have a limited window of time. Additionally, be sure to check our website frequently because we post any new redemption codes that are valid as soon as they become available.


  1. Open the game and click the “Profile” icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Then select the “Settings” button.
  3. Next, select “Gift Code” and then type the code in the box marked “type your code.”
  4. You will receive a reward right away if you select the “Exchange” button.

How to get More Codes for ZOMBIE FRONTIER 4?

Codes for Zombie Frontier 4 are made available on sites such Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. The majority of the time, developers release the codes in celebration of milestones, holidays, partnerships, and special events. As soon as new redemption codes become available, we will update this article. To ensure that you don’t miss any fresh codes, save this page and come back frequently.

ZOMBIE FRONTIER 4 Tips for Beginners


Make Good Progress

Weapon improvements, weapon modifications, new weapon mods, armour suits, and more are used to keep track of your game progress. First Aid Kits, adrenaline, and other consumable supplies are readily available for purchase to assist you during combat…

The list above mainly consists of some items you should always have with you and others you should update as you advance.

Complete Apocalypse Challenges

You can enjoy the rush of killing lots of zombies by taking on these tasks. With in-game currency, benefits, and more, it generously rewards you for completing difficult challenges. Every day, new difficulties are added to this endless stream. You can be sure that you won’t run out during your in-game time.

There are now a number of mutated zombies in the challenges, including Lickers, Roadblockers, Chargers, and more. Additionally, there is the “Mother Worm,” the most twisted amalgamation of all zombies, as well as General Simmons and other mutant zombies.

Play wisely in combat

You should try to stick to the game’s free content as much as you can. Without purchasing a single game dollar, it is entirely possible to enhance the weapon. In-app purchases are not something I discourage. Just an idea from the heart.

Your main objective during combat is to pick up new, stronger weapons than you started with. The AK-47, for instance, can be an excellent upgrade for the MP5. As you advance in the game, pass each level and collect the free gifts.

Utilize them to improve the weapon’s stock, muzzle, scope, magazine, and bullets. Maintain a priority of upgrading Bullets before the other weapon attachments.

Unlock More Weapons

A shop icon ought to be visible in the lower right corner of the Main Menu Screen. If you do that, a store with many possibilities for buying various weapons should open. The MP5 will be your first weapon. Click on the available weapon slot and choose purchase to obtain that. Typically, it will set you back $800. (In-Game).

Replace Old Items

From the start menu, click in the center of the screen to equip an item, such as a grenade. It would have two “+” symbols. After clicking there, you will have the option to choose an item for the slot. For instance, if you select Grenade and then select “Replace,” it will be equipped.

If you want to play mod version of this game pingback to Zombie Frontier 3.

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