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The WhatsApp Pro Apk makes the chat app more similar to the original WhatsApp. It’s a wonderful alternative to WhatsApp with many additional features, including customization options, theme support, and privacy controls. WhatsApp Pro is a new and improved version of the popular messaging app, and it comes packed with many useful options that users have come to appreciate—helpful extras like boosted abilities.

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What is WhatsApp Pro apk?

You may change the look of WhatsApp using the WhatsApp Pro MOD, which comes with several different themes. If you’re looking for a mod that will make your experience with WhatsApp better, go no further than the brand-new WhatsApp Pro or WhatsApp feature.

You can choose from dozens of unique skins, some even animated. Please select one from the list, and then tell a contact about it to make it available. The theme is also adjustable, so users can tweak the aesthetic however they see fit.

WhatsApp Pro Apk

What is the mod of WhatsApp Pro Apk?

The updated version of WhatsApp allows for greater personalization at no additional cost. Users have complete control over the site’s appearance, including fonts, icons, styles, and colors. Compared to the official app, the ability to use free third-party themes on Android smartphones is a significant plus.

Why download WhatsApp Pro Apk?

WhatsApp Pro Apk is an upgraded version of WhatsApp Messenger that adds many new tools and settings. This improved release not only adds new features but also lets users apply custom themes to WhatsApp.



A function is included that safeguards against prohibitions. By doing so, you avoid having your account permanently banned from WhatsApp for using a cracked version.

DND Mode

You may prevent Whatsapp from connecting to the web by selecting the DND (Do Not Disturb) option. Only send or receive messages if you turn off this feature.

A dark theme option is also available in this program. With this feature, WhatsApp Pro’s entire theme becomes opaque and white.

Self-destructive Messages

This feature lets you delete a text message after its recipients have read it.

Theme Store

More than 700 unique templates are at your disposal. You’re free to talk about whatever interests you. There isn’t anything else that has to be downloaded.

DIY Theme

You can make your theme with this feature. You may customize just about every aspect, from the backdrop to the contact symbol to the text to the slider to the numeric text to the layout.


The message scheduler is another helpful function of this third-party program. For example, a birthday greeting can be sent promptly utilizing the message scheduler.

Customize Fonts

You can now personalize your WhatsApp Pro Apk with various unique fonts by downloading this tweaked version of the original program.

Modify the emoji

To tweak the emoji, If you want more than the 100 emoji that come with WhatsApp, you can download a terrific third-party emoji collection from Apkspure.com.

Personalise specific words

Third, make specific phrases unique to you. By default, WhatsApp only lets you change the color of a few words, not a complete text. However, with this customized version of WhatsApp, you can alter individual terms.


Perks of the Latest Professional Release, Version 4 A new menu item, “Settings,” will appear, allowing you to toggle on and off various options and features, such as read receipts.

WhatsApp Pro Apk

Chat Screen Customization

You may customize the look of your WhatsApp chat screen by adding stickers, emojis, and more with the help of WhatsApp Pro APK. Therefore, try something new and creative with your presentations.

Support Third-Party Themes

This is the most valuable improvement made to WhatsApp with this update. You can get as many free themes as you like to use using this program. Get the latest chats to add new colors, effects, and animations to your conversations.

Modify the Font Size

In addition, the font size can be changed by the user without impacting readability.

Answer messages

Users can now respond directly from the notification window. Click the “Reply” button, type your response, and send it back to the sender by email. This action can be finished without even launching WhatsApp Chat.

Emoji in Response

Reply with emojis by pressing the Emoji button for three seconds, then typing your message. WhatsApp is a massive upgrade over the original software because emojis are automatically transformed into words.

Turn on the notification counter

This updated version of GBWhatsApp allows users to read receipts for all messages or from a selected group of contacts.

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How do you download and install WhatsApp Pro Apk?

  • Once the APK file has been downloaded, tap it to begin the installation process.
  • Enable installation from unknown sources on your device. Access “Unknown sources” by going to “Settings,” “Security,” and finally, “Unknown sources.”
  • To begin, launch “File Manager.” Navigate to the “Download folder.” Click on the APK file for WhatsApp Pro.
  • Install by clicking “Next” and then “Install.”
  • A verification code is required after installation is complete. One would get an OTP SMS after completing the form and verifying their information.
  • Once the user has been confirmed, they can access the app’s functionalities. A shortcut will appear on your screen.

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As one of the most downloaded messaging apps, WhatsApp constantly evolves to stay ahead of the competition. I recommend giving this app a shot if you’re in the market for something different. If you’re looking for a throwback experience, you’ll be fine picking it up and learning to love its features.

If you’re using WhatsApp, download the previous version from our site. There are also many other great Android apps available. Have fun using the most up-to-date version of WhatsApp on your Android device!


How does WhatsApp Pro work?

If you’re looking for a reliable replacement for WhatsApp, go no further than WhatsApp Pro, a messaging program that is a modernized version of the original.

Is WhatsApp Pro free?

Yes, it is 100% free and accessible.

Where can I get the WhatsApp Pro Download?

While you won’t find this app in the “Google Play store,” you may get it from reputable third-party sources like ourselves.

How Secure Is WhatsApp Pro?

If you have an Android device, you can utilize it without worry. No malware-related issues with this software have been reported thus far. Your account and mobile device will be safe.

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