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The online game Warframe is fantastic and entirely free to jump into. But, there is a high learning curve, and if you try to skip any of the systems on top of systems knowledge, you will be setting yourself up for failure. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of Warframe Tier List, each with unique abilities.

To help you get used to them faster, try seeing them as playable characters in a multiplayer online battle arena game. The updated 2023 Warframe tier list is here. You’ll find a comprehensive list of the top warframes in the game below, ordered by their relative strength and efficacy in the game’s current meta.

S-Tier warframes:

Regarding Warframe Tier List, the S Tier has the game’s most potent and most overpowered weapons and armour. You can easily win games with these warframes because they are optimal for every game mode. It would be best to prioritize getting these frames and upgrading them before anything else.

  • Gara
  • Mesa
  • Nezha
  • Nova
  • Octavia
  • Saryn
  • Wisp

A-Tier warframes:

Tier A Warframes are some of the best options for gamers just starting the game. Even though they aren’t as powerful as the S-tier warframes, these nonetheless have a good chance of winning most fights. Assuming (that is) they have reached the appropriate level and have received the necessary upgrades. They should be used first, before the weaker Warframe Tier List down below.

You should expect little from these warframes in battle, but they’ll do if you have no better options.

  • Baruuk
  • Chroma
  • Ember
  • Equinox
  • Gauss
  • Ivara
  • Nekros
  • Protea
  • Revenant
  • Rhino
  • Trinity
  • Voidrig
  • Volt
  • Xaku
  • Zephyr

B-Tier warframes:

  • Inaros
  • Excalibur
  • Garuda
  • Harrow
  • Hildryn
  • Khora
  • Mag
  • Mirage
  • Nidus
  • Oberon
  • Titania
  • Wukong
  • Ash

C-Tier Warframes:

Warframe Tier List of the C Tier is reliable combatants, although they lack the firepower of Warframes of the A Tier and S Tier. Games can be won with them, albeit it may take more effort. It’s possible that using these frames will make certain stages more challenging than usual.

  • Lavos
  • Limbo
  • Loki
  • Bonewidow
  • Valkyr
  • Vauban
  • Wraith
  • Atlas
  • Banshee
  • Caliban
  • Gyre
  • Hydroid
  • Hyldrin


The only thing that can hurt Limbo is a Nullifier, a warframe that nullifies all other warframes’ abilities. They are flexible and make him invincible, thanks to his Rift mechanics.

Limbo can deflect incoming fire. It’s not hard to keep his energy up, and when you combine it with his high efficiency and long-lasting skills, you have a potent and effective assassin.

#14 Trinity 

Because of Trinity’s boundless energy, her foes will waste their abilities if they try to kill her. Because of this, she can also function as a skeleton.

Trinity can link her health to an adversary, causing them to take the hit you would have made on her. No amount of violence is too much for her to withstand.


Nidus is the most durable warframe, even though Inaros is perhaps the strongest. Nidus is nearly impossible to kill, regardless of his opponent’s power.

Mutation’s stacking mechanic allows him to reach a hundred. Once he perishes, he can instantly revive himself with the help of 15 Mutation stacks.

Obtaining Mutation stacks is simple, allowing you to prolong his life for as long as possible.


The fact that it’s the easiest Warframe to take up doesn’t make it any less useful for new players. Depending on your choices in the tutorial, you may receive this item for free; otherwise, you can obtain the more powerful Excalibur Umbra for free in a later quest.

With his access to Exalted Blade, Excalibur excels as a direct damage warframe. Radial Blind, his other crowd control ability, temporarily stuns foes.

There are two accessible upgrades for Excalibur. He’s equipped with Condition Overload on his Exalted Blade and a Chromatic Blade. They aid him in completing the game successfully.


The Gauss frame is highly effective in both harm and utility. He is an excellent pick if you want to make the most of your time or improve your Warframe skills as quickly as possible. His secondary ability makes him the fastest warframe, surpassing Volt in speed. His ability to move quickly and consistently is unmatched.

Other talents, such as destroying anything in a 360-degree radius and reducing the effects of projectiles, are also impressive.


It may take some time to become used to the subtleties of this war frame’s Day and Night Form dynamics. If you want one of the most incredible frames for scaling in the late game, go with Equinox.

Equinox can put foes to sleep and then kill them to gain affinity. This facilitates independent affinity farming. Her last ability is the ability to inflict profuse bleeding on her opponents. As it’s based on a percentage, it’s applicable against foes of any strength. If your squad needs healing, Equinox can transform into a helpful healer.


Nekros’s third skill, Desecrate, gives him an excellent pick. Each fallen foe will automatically yield over their possessions.

It’s based on a fixed percentage but effectively doubles your search and boosts your chances of discovering mods or rare things. Nekros is a fantastic resource for amassing large amounts of Warframe Platinum.

Regarding top-tier characters, #8 IVARA Ivara is unrivalled, thanks to her invisibility. She has a bow and wears a ranger costume. She can fire arrows from a bow thanks to her Artemis Bow ability. This bow is quite effective against enemies of any level.

Besides her invisibility, Ivara’s crowd-control talents make her a formidable opponent in endless survival games.


Although Inaros rarely uses his talents, he is a reliable pick. Unlike most other warframes, they can shrug off assaults with minimal apparent effort. In exchange for using his skill, he is given substantial protection from harm, albeit he is still vulnerable to illness and injury.

Put his other talent, Dessication, to use to restore his health quickly. This causes a cloud of sand to surround the enemy, rendering them helpless and blind. If they all die, you will significantly restore Inaros’s health. He’s surprisingly resilient.


With a reasonable DPS frame, Saryn is the best at dealing damage to all foes within a 50-meter range. They will only make it into your field of vision after she eliminates them.

Spores, her initial ability, damages adversaries and spread to others, removing their protections. Saryn also possesses the abilities of Toxic Lash and Miasma, which she can use to kill any newly spawned enemies.

While her survival rates are low compared to other warframes, you can alter her Molt talent to draw enemy fire and restore some of her health.


Choose Rhino or its Prime form if you’re more interested in having fun with your weapons than having the most lethal ones (similar but more robust and edgy).

You can do it without worrying about passing away. Rhino has many valuable abilities, but his Iron Skin makes him impossible to destroy.

The Iron Shrapnel and Ironclad Charge upgrades give him a lot of health and allow him to put up a good fight, but he isn’t the ideal choice for the most challenging objectives in Warframe.

Rhino Charges him into the thick of the enemy horde and instantly activates Iron Skin. You will receive an additional 10,000–300,000 armour depending on how many foes you defeat.


Octavia possesses an abundance of strength and a wide range of abilities. She has the resilience to take hits and attract enemy fire. She can make herself and up to three others invisible for an unlimited amount of time.

Since she can remain hidden while dealing considerable harm, she is far more potent than Loki.


All foes Nova encounters are quickly and easily eliminated. Her superpower, Molecular Prime, is unrivalled.

Depending on the modifications you apply to this skill, your adversaries can either be slowed down, sped up, or deal double damage. With Null Star as her first skill, Nova has a much better chance of survival than Saryn because she can take 90% less damage. The Molecular Prime field will protect her from any harm.


This new and improved Rhino model is more dynamic and speedy. Proficiency is also comparable. When Nezha uses his Warding Halo ability, he effectively wears a heavy suit of armour, making him very difficult to kill. He may increase his speed and deal damage to foes who step on his trail of flames with his Firewalker skill.

Blazing Chakram is another one of Nezha’s abilities; it provides a limitless supply of healing orbs, allowing her to regain her health quickly. Another valuable ability for controlling large groups of foes is divine spears.


Here’s the Lucky Person That Won!! For damage per second, you can match neither Mesa nor Mesa Prime. This is because her ultimate ability, Peacemaker, instantly kills any enemy of any level that approaches her.

Mesa’s Shooting Gallery talent, which stuns adversaries and disables their ranged weapons when close, also makes her a viable candidate for the survival frame or tank role.  Shatter Shield also mitigates some of the harm Mesa absorbs. With this arsenal of abilities, she is a lethal killing machine.

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