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Valorant is a popular first-person shooting game. Weapon skins, charms, player cards, and other in-game cosmetics are all available, enabling you to completely personalize the appearance of your game.

Valorant coupons, which can be redeemed for limited-time special in-game goodies, are frequently released by Riot Games. We have a comprehensive list of live and functioning codes that you may use to check what offers are now available.

Valorant Redeem Codes — October 2023

YTILAUD – Duality Player Card

During the month of May, the identical code has worked. As new Valorant codes become available in April and May, they will be added to this page.

Valorant Expired Codes

  • PRISMATIC- Rainbow Pride Player Card
  • PRIMARY – Primary Pride Player Card
  • COTTONCANDY- Cotton Candy Pride Player Card
  • GALACTIC- Galactic Pride Player Card
  • SUNSET- Sunset Pride Player Card
  • SHERBERT- Sherbet Pride Player Card
  • TWILIGHT- Twilight Pride Player Card
  • JUBILANT01- Proud Player Title
  • JUBILANT02- Ally Player Title

How to redeem Valorant codes?

Player pride codes are obtained by redeeming codes in Valorant. So, if you have any additional prepaid card codes or community gift cards, simply follow the steps below to redeem them in Valorant:

  1. Login into the system using the Valorant client.
  2. On the top right of the shop page, click the Valorant symbol.
  3. After that, choose Prepaid Cards & Codes.
  4. Click Submit after entering the code.
  5. The prize will be added to your collection.

Valorant Tips & Tricks

Valorant Redeem Codes

Communicate with your teammates

Well before the game, talk with your teammates about planning and tactics, and throughout the game, shout out opponent locations, in-game movements, and item drop places. It is helpful to communicate after the game to see how well the strategy performed.

Be as descriptive as possible when naming locations during the game. Miscommunication may cause issues for your team and provide an advantage to your opponents.

Practice, Practice. and Practice

Keep in mind that muscle memory is acquired by practice, and muscle memory develops over time. Keeping track of your score while training is one method to achieve this and establish a goal for yourself to improve.
Before commencing competitive matches, probably spend 15 minutes practicing on The Range.

When firing, try not to move.

“Stand steady and shoot if you’re a newbie.” “Try not to move when firing until you’ve become acclimated to the controls and, more crucially, the recoil of the pistol,” rite2ace advises.
If you are new to FPS games, you will need to master the fundamentals of shooting. Before you can combine mobility with your character, practice striking targets.

Get to know how a gun recoils.

Whatever gun you choose, keep with it until you’ve mastered the recoil and rate of fire. Once you’ve mastered these two elements, you’ll be able to fire quicker and with more certainty.

One thing to know about gun recoil is that the gun will pull downwards for the first nine shots, so compensate by pressing your mouse in the other direction. The gun shifts left to right from bullet 10 onwards, so you’ll have to make another modification.

In head-on combat, use strafe motions.

If you’re up against an opponent with no cover, strafe shooting is the way to go. Strafe shooting involves rapidly pressing the ‘A’ and ‘D’ buttons to oscillate your character from left to right to left. It’s difficult to master, but once you do, it’s quite powerful in a one-on-one fight.

When strafing, you’ll notice that your character will stop still for less than a second at the finish of traveling left, immediately before reversing course to right. This is the time to burst fire and then move rapidly.

Another trick for moving and firing is to hold down the ‘Shift’ key while climbing and descending ropes to improve your aim accuracy.

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