Ultimate Chicken Horse Cheat Code 2023

Welcome, fellow gamers, to an epic quest in the realm of Ultimate Chicken Horse Cheat Code 2023! Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of cheat codes that will elevate your gameplay to mind-boggling heights. Brace yourselves because we’re about to unlock a new level of awesomeness!

In the thrilling chaos of Ultimate Chicken Horse, where cunning animals compete to construct treacherous obstacle courses, your journey to victory may encounter hurdles. But fear not, for we can transcend those challenges with cheat codes! These digital incantations bestow upon us incredible abilities, granting a taste of god-like dominance over the game’s whimsical universe.

Imagine having the agility of a ninja, the tenacity of a superhero, or the mischievousness of a trickster at your disposal. Cheat codes in Ultimate Chicken Horse are like keys to a secret vault filled with boundless creativity and absolute madness. They allow us to bend the rules, test the limits, and reshape the very fabric of the game itself.

Ultimate Chicken Horse Cheat Codes JULY 2023

Players can access new areas, playable characters, and gear by completing challenges and collecting mystery boxes. In total, you can find 59 secrets.

They can also enter this key combination into the treehouse (game lobby) to have fast access to everything:

  • R R Shift Shift R R E (keyboard)
  • Y Y X X Y Y RB (Xbox controller)
  • Triangle Triangle Square Square Triangle Triangle R1 (PS4 controller)
  • Y Y X X Y Y R (Switch controller)

Achievements affected by Ultimate Chicken Horse cheat code

Using the cheat code in Ultimate Chicken Horse will prevent you from getting the associated Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation achievements for unlocking that content. After using a cheat code, you will no longer be able to earn the following achievements or trophies:

  • A New Friend Appears Building a Community¬†
  • Magellan, the Young Explorer¬†
  • Investing in a Classy Wardrobe

However, you can obtain those awards again by resetting your statistics and progressing to their initial values. In the Treehouse lobby, access the main menu, select Stats, and then select the large red “Reset all stats and clear game progress” button.

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