Toca Life World Cheat Codes

Toca Life World Cheat Codes: Toca Life World is the ideal game for children and adults who miss being able to use their creativity. Most children used to play with toys before the internet, social media, and other kinds of modern entertainment.

They’d also utilize their still toys to tell stories or act out activities. Toca Boca’s educational game is a fun method to express yourself and create your own universe.

It’s as if you’re playing with a gigantic dollhouse in this game because none of the actors will act. You have power over them, as well as the majority of the game’s objects and pets. You may also make characters hold objects, modify their clothing, and style their hair.

They’ll even eat food. Toca Life World is unique in that it functions as a culmination of all of Toca Boca’s previous games. Toca Office, Toca Hospital, Toca Kitchen, and other Toca games are available in this game.

You will have access to all of these structures because they are all found in Toca Life World. Essentially, the only limit to what you may do in this game will be your imagination and originality. Toca Life World offers surprises in its games in addition to providing a digital dollhouse. Many of the secrets you’ll likely discover in this instructional game will be discussed on this page.

Toco life world Tips & Tricks

Toca Life World Cheat Codes

Outfit of a Sloth

A cool-looking sloth suit is one of the mysteries you might discover in Toca Life World. Bop City’s storage center is where you can find the outfit. Simply walk left until you reach a spot where the “No Sloth” poster may be seen. Click the poster to reveal the sloth costume, which is stored behind the poster in secret storage.

World of Toca Toca Croquet for Nari’s Cat

Nari’s pet, Croquet, is an adorable cloud-like creature that you can locate in the storage center of Bop City. You’ll observe a trail of food crumbs heading to a storage door as soon as you enter the storage center.

Then, following the breadcrumbs, open the door. Simply remove some items from the area where the food bowl will be placed after the door has been opened. It’s a soiled area. The markings of the food bowl are visible on the floor, so it’s easy to miss. Croquet will appear automatically after you place it there.

Crumpets with a Secret

Crumpets are another item you’ll do throughout your Toca World Life. It is a collection of little and charming critters seen in the Toca Boca games. Many of the crumpets are easily identifiable, but some will require the acquisition of specific goods before they emerge. One of the simpler ones to spot is beneath the manhole cover in the storage facility. When you lift it up, you’ll see a lovely crumpet within.

Crumpets, on the other hand, are difficult to come by in the game. You’ll need the characters Zeke, Nari, Rita, and Leon to get these crumpets. In order to unveil the secret crumpets, these characters would also have to hold stuff together at the storage center. The following are some options for obtaining them:

Toca Life World Cheat Codes

Zeke must hold a disco lamp in his left hand while clutching a cabbage with his right.

Nimbus Crumpet – Zeke will need to wield a golden console controller in his left hand and potato chips in his right.

Nari must be present for this crumpet, and she must be holding a cheese pizza in one hand and a rose in the other.

Poop Crumpet 

Nari unlocks this crumpet by holding a golden poop decoration in one hand and a roll of tissue paper in the other.

Rita is the character who will be needed, and she will be holding an octopus ornament in her right hand and a soccer ball in her left.

Rita would need a camera in one hand and binoculars in the other to make the Paulina Crumpet.

Leon will need to hold a green gemstone in his right hand and a pink cushion in his left hand to complete the Nora Crumpet.

Pasta Crumpet – To make this crumpet, Leon must use his left hand to hold sunglasses and his right hand to carry a yellow smartphone.

To unlock this crumpet, stack all of the crumpets above in a huge yellow container. The Crumpet Crumpet, an apartment suitcase, and a car with a trailer attached to it will all emerge out of nowhere.

Leon must use his right hand to glue the crumpet and his left hand to hold a cup of markers.

Leon would need a hairdryer in one hand and scissors in the other to make this crumpet.

Toca Life World Cheat Codes

Secrets of the Toca World Mall

There are many secrets to be discovered in the Toca Life World Mall. The Mall can only be constructed after first purchasing it from the game’s shop. You can freely explore the area and uncover secrets after you have access to it. Follow this guide to learn about the game’s mysteries!


The mall’s first floor is already full of surprises. Follow the path to the far right until you reach the pots. Then, at the top, there’s a closed cabinet door that you can open to reveal the many flowers available. Then proceed to the ATM beside the flower shop. You must remember the following three emojis because they are a code to access another mystery.

Next, enter the three emojis you see under the ATM machine into the photobooth phone. Once you’ve completed it, you’ll be able to access a hidden compartment. Remove the flame gun to reveal a three-digit code (218), which you must remember.


Look for an eye chart at the optician’s office. Then tap the poster to expose a slot where you may insert the red key card. This will unlock a hidden room containing a safe. You’ll need to enter a three-digit code to unlock the safe. Enter the three-digit code found on the first-floor secret compartment.

When you’re finished, the safe will open, revealing a golden gem and cash stacks.


Find a dark grey and white bird sitting on a nest in the outdoor garden. Remove the bird from the nest to uncover the objects it’s storing. Then, as soon as you’re ready, obtain the red key card.

Toca Life World Cheat Codes 2023

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