The Dark Knight Rises Cheat Codes

The Dark Knight Rises Cheat Codes: In the game, you’ll take on the role of Batman and work with friends like Catwoman, Lucious Fox, and Commissioner Gordon to complete hundreds of missions and unpredictable events, including hostage crises, bomb squads, jailbreaks, and vehicle chases. The Dark Knight Rises walkthrough is action-packed from the start, with you taking on the role of Batman to stop villains such as Bane.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking strategies to take your game to the next level and become a master player.

Here you’ll find The Dark Knight Rises cheats, tricks, and guides, as well as the chance to share your own findings with others to help them progress and conquer the game.

The Dark Knight Rises Tips & Tricks

The Dark Knight Rises Tips & tricks

Travel With Grapnel

Do you need to go a long distance quickly? Make use of Grapnel, which was created by Batman. This useful device allows you to zip across buildings, as well as neutralise snipers and bring bad guys into the Caped Crusader’s grasp.

Take down the armed thugs first.

Some foes use firearms, while others like to fight with their fists, as you’ll soon discover. Because Batman isn’t indestructible, it’s important to avoid receiving long-range damage by focusing on lowlifes with weapons.

Counterattack your enemy

Enemies like to group up on Batman, yet he can only target a few at a time. Nonetheless, when the virtual button shows on-screen, push the counterattack icon to repel incoming cheap strikes.

Be careful before jumping

Batman is incapable of leaping big buildings in a single bound or landing safely. Glide wherever feasible to avoid paying the price of falling from great heights.

What are skill points?

When buying new items and upgrades at the store, skill points are used. They are given a special bonus for purchasing a Premium set in the store, for collecting things, and for receiving random goodies from the golden box.

The benefit of doing Missions

At any point, you can navigate to the map’s Tasks area. Additionally, follow the indication that will take you to the correct location during the game. A blue or orange diamond is used as the pointer.

Get Unlimited Fee Reward

The game also offers achievements and collections, in addition to the level system, which unlocks numerous character enhancements. There are various requirements that must be met for each achievement. On the corresponding screen, they may be viewed. You will get experience for each accomplishment you complete. Per collection, you’ll also get 1000 credits and 1 skill point.

The Dark Knight Rises Cheat Codes

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