The Aura Kingdom 2 Redeem Codes

The Aura Kingdom 2 Redeem Codes: The Aura Kingdom 2 is an online role-playing game with a massively multiplayer component. The players must explore the environment and summon any Eidolons they find. Use their incredible abilities to raid dungeons and beat people all across the world. They may also be customized.

Make them ready for party combat. You must complete Ramayan by unlocking every monster. Aura Kingdom 2 has stunning visuals and is playable on PC and mobile devices.

The Aura Kingdom 2 Redeem Codes — October 2023

Valid Codes

  • 6FQCMNQXW8KT: Redeem this gift code and earn alloy material
  • W9FTSXDCNQG3: Redeem this gift code and earn 50 HP Regeneration Potions
  • MPRS94W95KC4: Redeem this gift code and earn Quest Blitz Tickets for the mercenary or guild quests
  • 3CBT3CHSP64F: Redeem this gift code and earn 2 Wing Gacha Tickets

Expired Codes

  • 3CBT3CHSP64F
  • MPRS94W95KC4

How to enter Aura Kingdom 2 Redeem Codes?

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu after starting the game.
  2. Then, touch on the Gameplay Section.
  3. Also, enable the X Widget option.
  4. Then, click the “X Widget” button.
  5. Click the Gift box.
  6. Enter your code in the text field and press the “Send” button to receive your prize right away.

Where to find more codes for Aura Kingdom 2 Redeem Codes?

The official social media pages for the game are the best place to start looking for redemption codes. Go to their profiles and read back through prior posts to discover ones with gift coupons.
The next best location to seek for coupon codes is on Reddit. If you go to the game’s official subreddit, you’re likely to see someone inquiring for gift codes and getting answers, or a new thread started by someone who found a gift code and would like to share it.

Discord is another excellent source of redemption codes. When you locate the Discord link, go to the search box and enter in gift codes, redeem codes, or simply codes to see what comes up.

Streamers and content makers generate a lot of films on games like this, especially because it’s visually appealing and popular. A content producer will frequently receive unique coupons to distribute to their audience on YouTube or Twitch.

So go through YouTube videos, Facebook live broadcasts, Twitch feeds, or copies of prior streams that have been stored to the service.

Aura Kingdom 2 Guide for Beginners

The Aura Kingdom 2 Redeem Codes

Fight Boss Battles

If you are experiencing difficulty defeating a certain monster or wave of opponents in a mission, we recommend that you disable auto-play mode in Aura Kingdom 2 and perform the battles manually. Your character is handled by A.I. in the auto-play mode. Furthermore, the character would not be able to evade the assaults that you may perform while playing manually. All you have to do is stay out of the enemy’s assault zone (the red zone) and you’ll be OK.

Complete Chapter Missions

There are 14 chapters in the current edition of the Aura Kingdom 2 game. There are several phases in each chapter. It’s best to start by completing the chapter missions listed on the top-left side under the quest menu. The primary quests provide a large quantity of EXP, allowing you to level up quickly. In addition, passing through the chapters unlocks new game functionalities such as Blacksmith, Fishing, Alchemy, Meteor Warzone, Abyss, and so on. If you get stuck on the chapter quest, please leave a comment below and we will gladly assist you.

Dungeon Modes In Aura Kingdom 2

Story – equipment, EXP
Temptation of the Temple – EXP
Gold Dungeon – gold farming
Tournament – skill books
Temple of Eidolons – Eidolon gacha tickets, EXP dust Seven Gods – Eidolon’s crystals; attack, defence, mana crystal
Limited-time events Like blue diamonds, runes, experience books, and so forth.

Get to know about Eidolons 

Eidolons are required to participate in some events or dungeon styles. Only Eidolons can take part in these tasks.

Eidolons are characters in Aura Kingdom 2 who may be added to your team. Eidolons assist you with their abilities that boost your total power. The team can include up to five Eidolons. The total squad power will represent the primary character’s overall power. You will gain greater strength if you equip the greatest and strongest Eidolons.

Tap the menu button -> Eidolon -> Eidolons -> a list of all the Eidolons characters will appear. Check the stats of any Eidolon by tapping on it. They may be levelled up by fortifying with Eidolon EXP Dust. Gift them to increase affinity and stats.

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