Temple Run Cheat Codes

Temple Run Cheat Codes: Infinite runner games are quite popular in the mobile gaming world right now. Everyone on the train/bus is playing a smartphone game. Temple Run 2 is the one game that you’ll most likely see people playing.

We know a few of you gamers can’t get enough of this hard-running game, so we’ll make sure you give it your all when you play it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The following are the top eight Temple Run 2 tips and hacks.

Temple Run Cheat Codes

Temple Run Tips & Tricks

Play it wisely

The finest piece of advice you can get for any game is to play it smartly. If you’re going to perish and terminate your run, grabbing a single coin is a waste of time that will just make you play at a higher level.

More importantly, if you just obtained a power-up-like sight, don’t keep bouncing up and down as the powers upstart to fade away; keep leaping up and down and suddenly you aren’t invisible and have crashed through one of the game’s many obstacles.

Let’s take things slowly

There is a tiny thing you can perform to slow yourself down if you don’t enjoy running really fast in the second half of a lengthy run. If you run into a wall and trip once, your character will slow down, enabling you to take a short break to collect your breath.

However, you must be extremely cautious when doing so, if you trip twice in a row, the monkeys will catch you and your sprint will be cut short.

Save up coins

Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on a new character, use them for numerous improvements to improve your gaming performance. The quantity of coins you acquire as you go various distances is one of the enhancements.

I strongly advise you to start improving this attribute first so you can earn cash faster and eventually unlock that new character when you’ve developed a strong character trait basis.

Run in Free Mode

The free-run trick allows the user to go endlessly in a straight path without encountering any barriers; nevertheless, the monkeys will still pursue you. To activate this trick, go to your game’s settings and enable instructional mode.

Then start a run and quickly slide your finger in the correct direction three times, and one’s character will spin and then move in a straight path. You can now set your phone up today and leave it on all day and night!

Practice and Practice

This advice may be cliched and overused, but in a fast-paced, reactive game like Temple Run 2, it has never been more applicable. You’ll be ready for anything Temple Run throws at you once you’ve explored all of the numerous regions and difficulties the game has to offer.

Then, regardless of how quickly you’re travelling, you’ll know when to jump, slide, tilt, and so on…

Focus on red tiles

Spikes, waterfalls, and other obstacles are frequently used in conjunction with red tiles. When you’re above and beyond the level, don’t leap when you see a red tile. Since you can find yourself in the second pool of obstacles, and when you see a red tile, tilt to the needed side. In advance, it is really beneficial.

The goal of the Spartans

To achieve the Spartan goal of 1 million points without ever using power-ups, make sure you don’t gather any power-ups or use any revivals (obviously).
You may just kill yourself to earn the accomplishment after you reach 1 million points.
If you utilize power-ups after 1 million points, you won’t gain the accomplishment. Therefore make sure to die, or kill yourselves, as early as possible after you reach the goal score.

Advertisements must be removed

If you turned on the advertising in Temple Run to obtain extra coins and now wish to turn them off. Go to Settings on the main screen, then Settings, then Date and Time. Then adjust the date and time to years down the road (5 should do it).
The ads will eventually disappear, and this will hasten the process!

Temple Run Cheat Codes — July 2023

These codes are said to work only on Temple Run version 1.3, and potentially only on jail broken smartphones. There the keyboard can be accessed (allowing you to enter the cheats).

There are no other Temple Run hacks, therefore if the keyboard does not display on your version, these tricks will not function.
Using the codes below when on the Title Screen, the original hack was to unlock invincibility and more characters:

Unlimited Invincibility:
Enter ‘samhines86’
Unlock Characters:
Enter ‘rxh7nigh’

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