Tap Titans 2 Cheat Codes

Tap Titans 2 Cheat Codes: Players may believe that Tap Titans 2 is just a simple idle game, but in reality, there are many other factors that need to be handled to get the greatest results. Unbelievably, there is also a competitive environment in Tap Titans where serious players take their gaming seriously.

These individuals must be capable of quickly and effectively upgrading their personalities. These pointers & tactics will undoubtedly be helpful if you intend to participate in the competitions as one of these folks.

Tap Titans 2 Cheat Codes — October 2023

Codes                         Reward

pQUhHGePUaFq3ep   Artifacts

fExEnrAbviaHOyx        Pets

83BcOeFFxLqwzum    Auto clicker

5cGWhCsxbSiJtyM    Promo code

KO1kukhWCF4CerW   Upgrade

hEQ5YtVA6SC6Zle     Gold

G7iCZYwOj5acMoJ    Gem crystal (diamonds)

3vTkgHf4hi5sXOC     Premium pack

TONGykuks0qMfd0   Chest

2SmQtHoGolu3fvp    Vip ticket

Try to utilise all of these tap titans 2 cheat codes as soon as you can because they were created by outside developers. These Tap Titans 2 hack codes are only valid for just a little timeframe, so if any of them do not work, check again later because our website consistently adds new codes.

Tap Titans 2 Beginner Guide

tap titans 2 cheat codes

Become a Member of a Clan

There are several advantages for a player in joining a clan. One benefit is that it grants players access to additional content, such as Guild Raiding and Solo Raiding. These game types are a lot of fun to play and, depending on the guild members’ effort in terms of damage inflicted to a boss, can also result in fantastic prizes. Players may do this to gather the materials they need to enhance their whole account.

Players who belong to a clan will also be able to acquire a Clan Ship. It’s a sizable airship that, depending on your overall Hero damage, functions as a hero during boss battles by dishing out more damage scaling. Additionally, based on your overall stage record in the game, you will receive a passive damage buff that raises your total damage and gives you a few stage bonuses.

Use your diamonds to buy a pet

After Heroes, pets are a Sword Master’s second-most crucial support. The main distinction between pets and heroes is that pets offer a more general bonus such as boosting tap damage, hero damage, and even gold.
While every pet in Tap Titans 2 is a bird, each one has a unique name, skill, and appearance.

Due to the restricted availability of your Diamonds, you should exercise caution when choosing to purchase your first pet. To buy it based on your stuff and artefacts is my advice. You can’t pick between getting this artefact or this item; you have to acquire both of them. You can pick the Pet you desire in the interim.

In my situation, I purchase Harker since the Magic Hero provides me with significant enhancements. I had the good fortune to acquire a legendary item that raised Magic Hero DMG. Harker is present to make it extra louder. If not, you can wait for Bubbles to show up at the store. He is a general-purpose pet that raises all of your gold.

Which Heroes in Tap Titans 2 Should Be Upgraded First?

There are several heroes in Tap Titans 2 with various motions and costs. It might be difficult to decide which upgrades to make initially. But don’t worry; I’ll give you some advice that you can utilise. The first piece of advice is to upgrade and purchase just the Heroes who already have a boost on them. For instance, I only purchase Mage since I have a boost that raises Magic Hero DMG.

The second piece of advice is to give higher-priced Heroes priority. Cheap Hero’s scaling is insufficient to put her on an equal footing with pricey Hero. But it doesn’t follow that you should give up on them. Get their skill boost by upgrading to them.

Tap Titans 2: When Should You Prestige?

I’ve previously told you that heroes should not take precedence over your Tap DMG. It will grant you Prestige benefits, which is one of the causes. So here are the prerequisites and instructions for prestige in Tap Titans 2: first, you must reach level 200 and obtain your skill point; second, you must activate your spam mode by clicking the first prestige button. To complete the second Prestige, you must first reach stage 128 from level 121, when your stage will restart.
All you have to do in this phase, while your new player benefit is still in effect, is prestige as quickly as you can.

To enhance your current Artifacts or obtain a new one, prestige is crucial. Upgrading your Tap DMG is the quickest method to do this. The goal of completing these is to obtain as many Relics as you desire. No, there are no restrictions on how much you may obtain. Your time and sanity are probably the only two things that restrict you.

What Tap Titans 2 skill tree should you upgrade first?

Knight Skill Tree is where you should look if you’re looking for novice guides. You can receive a bigger bonus of gold from fairies with the Will of Midas, in particular. is not just a higher proportion, but it will increase the gold value of your fairies.
The Warlord Skill Tree should be your first pick if you want to boost the damage that all of your Heroes do because it will do so significantly more damage. If you have supporting gear or artefacts, this skill tree will perform considerably better. If you want your pet to deal greater damage, you may also choose the summoner, however, I wouldn’t really advise it because its DMG is still inferior to that of heroes.

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