Tales of Grimm Tier List

Tales of Grimm Tier List: There are a wide variety of characters in the Tales of Grimm universe that players can command in combat. While some of these characters are better than others, it might be challenging to identify who they are.

For your convenience, we’ve created a list of Tales of Grimm tiers. In order to help you assemble the greatest squad possible, we have ranked all of the playable characters in this list in order of quality using tiers.

A comprehensive overview to each character in the game is provided by the Tales of Grimm character tier list. You will learn everything you need to know about each character, including their advantages and disadvantages as well as how they stack up against the other characters.

What are tales of Grimm Gameplay?

The Tales of Grimm series is based on the timeless Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Hans, a young lad who embarks on a mission to free his community from a curse, is controlled by the players. Hans will come across other figures from Grimm’s fairy tales along the road, including Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty.

The game’s goal is to vanquish the evil Queen, who has afflicted Hans’ town. Four chapters make up the game, each of which is based on a distinct fairy story.

Turn-based fights make up the gameplay, where the player must employ a range of weapons and supplies to vanquish foes.

How many Tiers are there in Tales of Grimm?

Tales of Grimm Tier List

We can select from 4 different characters in Tales of Grim:

  • Guardians
  • Warriors
  • Mages
  • Support

The best characters in the game are found in Tier S, thus if the power is reduced, the tier drops to D.

Tales of Grimm Warrior Tier List

When discussing excellent offence, the best warrior is typically needed. So you must choose a strong warrior if you want a character who can quickly dispatch your enemies through significant damage. Guardians and Warriors make the best team since they can fill in any holes with their special skills.

Tier Tales of Grimm Warrior Characters from Tier S to Tier D

Tier S

  • Prince Charm

Tier A

  • Yuri Schnee
  • Glade Laddin
  • Blade Gina
  • Dark Queen
  • Fencer Pedro
  • Red Queen
  • Wukong
  • Quickcut Pinno

Tier B

  • B Swift Ali
  • Rogue Jack
  • Lil Prince

Tier C

  • Prince Adam
  • Madman Gatton
  • Princess Ophelia
  • Gerde

Tales of Grimm Guardian Tier List

The Guardians are for defense if the Warriors are for offence. So choose a Guardian if you want a hero who can effectively defend you while carrying out critical assaults. Although the Guardians don’t inflict much harm, their attacks benefit the squad by bolstering their defense and shielding them.

Tier Tales of Grimm Guardian Characters from Tier S to Tier D

Tier S

  • Shahryar

Tier A

  • Quasi Mortal
  • Dark Knight
  • Triton

Tier B

  • Federn
  • Genie Cuya

Tier C

  • Bean Sage

Tier D

  • Hookhand
  • Hans in Luck

Tales of Grimm Mage Tier List

You must take a mage or wizard into account when discussing magic as a specific talent for your team. A group of foes can be severely damaged all at once by magic, which can also cover a large region. Mages can outperform the unique powers of a warrior and a guardian, despite the fact that they are not as strong as the other classes stated above in terms of attack and defense. Therefore, you should think about include a mage on your team if you want to build a successful squad that can handle any type of conflict.

Tier S

  • Wonder Allish
  • Cindy

Tier A

  • Queen Lilith
  • Raven Irene
  • Bunny Bride

Tier B

  • Caraboose
  • Raven Maal
  • Cindy‚Äôs Stepmother
  • Britney

Tier C

  • Wicked Hag
  • Anne
  • Goddess Bella
  • Emerald Mage

Tales of Grimm Support Tier List

You should seek for the strongest support if you choose characters who can heal. This class is renowned for its ability to heal, and its medics are indispensable in every combat. Additionally, with their powers, these characters can restore the heroes’ health. Therefore, once you’ve attained higher levels, you’ll see the significance of Support.

Tier S

  • Mad Granny
  • Miss Conch
  • Maid Sophie

Tier A

  • Nightmare Ella
  • Larissa
  • Dottie
  • Nesy

Tier B

  • Bremen
  • Princess Peaya
  • Thumboy
  • Thumbelina
  • Lettucera


The Tales of Grimm is a fantastic game with a lot to offer, there is no doubt about that. Determining which characters are the strongest, though, can be challenging. A tier list can be helpful in this situation. With the aid of a tier list, you may select your squad with greater knowledge, and when your favorite characters appear at the top of the list, you may feel a sense of success.

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