Tales of Grimm Gift Codes

Tales of Grimm Gift Codes: It is the idle gacha RPG suitable for you if you like your imagination to err on the darker side. It leads you on a dark adventure through the country of Ozzy, which is full of mischievous beasties and terrifying opponents, including twisted versions of all your beloved fairytale characters, like Snow White and Cinderella. It follows that you will require all the assistance you can acquire.

For your benefit, these Tales of Grimm codes offer a variety of unique things like energy stones and diamonds, which are sure to make your day anything but gloomy. We also frequently update this guide, so bookmark it and return it occasionally for new freebies.

Tales of Grimm Gift Codes – May 2023

Following are some Codes that help you to get Tales of Grimm 100 free summons, tales of Grimm VIP points and many more.

DC30K – free rewards

TOG999 – ten energy gems

TOGTHAI – 30 energy gems

4URACC – one energy gem, 200 diamonds

TOG2022 – one maid crystal and ten energy gems

TOGEVERYDAY – diamonds, energy gems, EXP, and more

TOG777 – 20 energy gems

VIP777 – 200 diamonds and 200 promotion stones

How to redeem Tale of Grimm Gift Codes?

Follow these instructions to redeem codes in Tales of Grimm:

  • Activate Tales of Grimm game
  • From the main menu, select Settings.
  • At the Settings’ bottom, click the Gift Code option.
  • A code should be copied from our list and pasted into the textbox.
  • To obtain prizes, press the Claim button.

Tales of Grimm Tips For Beginners

Tales of Grimm Gift Codes

Carefully Understand Heroes

In the Tales of Grimm, numerous hero roles can be divided into four key categories. We’ll go into more detail about these hero roles because we promised to provide you with the most extraordinary Tales of Grimm advice.

The Guardian will serve as the battle’s tank because they are the heroes with the best enduring and defending skills.

Mage: These heroes are skilled at taking out adversaries from a greater distance.

Warrior: As their name implies, they are the best at attacking.

Support: this is the core of the group that helps the group from behind the scenes and serves as a shield or a source of healing.

Upgrade the Dreamer

Beginning the game, you will hold the rank of “Wanderer.” However, in this game, leveling up grants you dream medals that raise your dreamer rank.

When you rank up, you’ll receive several benefits, such as free heroes, and you’ll also be able to access new game types as you level up.

  • Six line-up arrangements.
  • Players can remove and enhance their heroes in the Magic Tower.
  • The Wonder Crystal allows the player to call upon heroes.
  • Wonder Stalk is a tower-based puzzle game. The only thing left for you to do as the player is to take on every monster in this tower.
  • Fighting creatures in Crystal Lake will earn you a variety of priceless resources.

Join Stronger Guild

The benefits of joining a guild are numerous. These are the advantages it offers.

In exchange, you can ask your fellow guild members for any resource you require and lend a helping hand to other guild members when you join.

Guild Wars: In the Tales of Grimm, battles between guilds are referred to as guild wars. All guild members should work harder to advance their ranks than other guilds until the allotted time has passed. Rewards will be awarded based on guild ranks after the allotted time has passed.

For both the players and the guild, dungeons are a must. You can enhance the guild’s skills by completing challenging dungeons and earning coins to purchase supplies from the market.

Consider Elemental Matchup

Because Tales of Grimm is an idle RPG and your characters attack and use their talents automatically, your combat role is primarily that of a bystander. As a result, your responsibility is to assemble solid squads and dispatch them to do their tasks.

The elemental matchups and your formation order are crucial considerations you must constantly consider before sending your team into battle. The former speaks of the characteristics of your heroes, which, depending on your foes, can give you an advantage or disadvantage.


A delightful game with simple and quick gameplay is Tales of Grimm. The idle mechanism makes this game appropriate for busy people who wish to unwind between activities.

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