Sword Knights Cheat Codes


Sword Knights Cheat Codes: Idle Game RPG, go through five dungeons at once. Identify the distinctive monsters in each dungeon. Establish equipment and heroes, then locate weak places. Strengthen and assemble the pouring apparatus.

Purchase, upgrade, and use the legendary gear. After strengthening and combining, feel the strength right away. Different from other villages, you may develop your own.

Improve your own village’s capacity to your liking. Find quickly strengthening shortcuts. Amass a variety of heroes and other characters with a range of skills. Put them where they will work with the dungeons and equipment. Legendary equipment is undoubtedly attainable if you gather the necessary ingredients. everyone may easily enjoy a variety of rating systems. Who wins the contest? Now, let’s challenge!

Be the first to get stylish and effective gear!

Sword Knights Cheat Codes — October 2023

Following are some Sword Knights Cheat Codes that you can redeem by going to the official site of the game.

Reward                    iPhone                      Android

  • Magic box 1             EJ974117138             684E9D7
  • Special Event 1        EJ641046158             B928DEB
  • Magic box 2            EJ775352117             A780A73
  • Challenge Pack        EJ124193136             0619ADB
  • Equipment pack      EJ510453483             FEFD687
  • Buff Package 1        EJ789430440              F2AD021
  • Equipment pack      EJ999741443             50A797B
  • Auto equipment     EJ244714995              A7A808A
  • Everyday magic      EJ275742447              BE61542

Sword Knights Tips & Tricks

Sword Knights Cheat Codes

Customize your Hero Abilities

Both the List of Summoned Heroes and Heroes presently engaged in combat are shown.
Fusion: Through the collection of material heroes, it is possible to create heroes of a higher class. By tapping the hero on the main page or in the hero info tab, you may view the information about that particular hero.
There are the following: Join/Withdraw, Level Up, Prestige, and Ability. You have the option to equip or remove the gear under hero details.

Enter Into the Summon Event

There are three types of summon: standard summon, premium summon, and event summons.
Level on the left: As you call heroes, your summoning level rises. The likelihood of running into a hero of a higher class increases with level.
Event summoning: You can continue by pressing the Event button when it appears during the event.
The quantity of general heroes that are summoned rises when more fortunate cards (golden cards) are collected throughout the main page combat.

Rebirth Your Character

If you get through 60 stages, you can rebirth.
You may purchase items and obtain soul stones through rebirth.
A normal rebirth and a rebirth with a ruby are both possible. Artifacts may level up and obtain with soul stones.

Get Rubies From Memory

The memory shards materialise when you tap firmly.
When memory shards gather, you may read each memory shard’s recollections and gain rubies as well.
You can obtain them if you collect all of the memories of each hero.

Get into Arena Battle

By selecting the first symbol in the top left corner of the game’s home page, you may view the arena.
The arena has PVP material. You can engage in combat with other Memorize players.
There are EX, A, B, C, and D leagues, and you can compete in higher leagues if you put in a lot of effort.
The level is fixed, and the conflict advances based on an artifact’s effect, ability, and evolution.
The ranking in the arena is reset each Sunday at midnight. After the rankings were reset, my league’s rating dropped one position.

Look the Dungeon

The dungeon may view by selecting the second icon from the game’s home page’s top left corner.
Each alternate day, three dungeons are active.
The user’s level is set at 100, and command, ability, transcendence, and artefact effects are all used in the conflict.
The dungeon sells equipment.

You can also ping back to Sword Knight Mod.

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