Summoners War Cheat Codes

Summoners War Cheat Codes: Summoners War is a massively multiplayer online action fantasy roleplaying game. In the Sky Arena, players fight to construct the most powerful team of monsters. The producers of various mobile games frequently provide discount codes for their users.

Users are usually rewarded with free in-game items, cash, and other products when they enter the codes. The following is a full list of Summoners War promo codes for iPhone and Android.

Summoners War Cheat Codes — May 2023

  • sw2022may53 – 50 summoning stones (new!)
  • sw8thbirthday – 200000 mana and five mystical scrolls (new!)
Our Summoners War codes list is here to aid if you need some additional scrolls, mana, or energy. We’ll keep adding new codes to this page as they become available, and we’ll delete those that have expired. So bookmark this website and return for additional in-game treats later.


We can assist you in both finding and redeeming Summoners War codes. If you need assistance, please see the steps below.

Summoners War Cheat Codes

  • Summoners’ War is now open to the public.
  • Go to the news and events section of the menu bar.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and scroll down.
  • Enter the code
  • Take advantage of the complimentary gifts!




Participate in a Guild

There’s just one clear reason to join a guild right now. Guild Benefits Only guild members have access to these. Guild points are earned by fighting other guilds and participating in sieges. You’ll want to invest your points on a variety of really pricey gifts.

There are several lower-level guilds that immediately welcome new members in the early game. There’s no need to propose high guilds unless you’re a higher level player with a lot of potentials to help that guild.

Concentrate on the Progression Monsters

In Summoners War, there are a lot of fascinating monsters. It’s difficult to decide where to focus your efforts. This is precisely why we built this website.
There is no better way to play this game; nonetheless, there are two options: slow and quick.
There’s nothing wrong with levelling up a monster that you truly adore. Just bear in mind that many monsters aren’t even worth levelling up because they don’t provide significant long-term rewards.

These creatures are either PvP monsters or Food Monsters.
Early players frequently make the mistake of levelling up a monster only to discover that it is only useful for end-game stuff. This wastes a lot of vital resources and slows down your progress significantly.

It’s OK if you just have one and want to build it, but unless you want to be locked in the early stage forever, I strongly advise against making this a habit.

In GB10, defeat the Giant

Giants B10 may appear intimidating at first, but you must work hard to achieve this objective. You’ll harvest for excellent runes to improve your monsters in GB10.
There is clearly a better way to deal with the powerful giants now, and you’ll need the correct team to do it.

Try to put a lot of effort and time into getting to GB10 to make your gaming experience not only easier but also more enjoyable!
It’s time to start heading towards GB12 once you’ve finished GB10 and harvested enough runes. If your failure rate is too high, skip GB12.



Skill Ups will buff you up

People frequently claim that their monsters don’t survive despite having good creatures and runes. To get the most out of them, you should improve their skills.

Many summoners overlook this fact. Use family monsters to level up early on in the game. Prioritize the simplest to obtain ones first.

Create a collaborative team

To advance in Summoners War, you must synchronise your squad so that they all work together. Many summoners make the error of putting all of their money on one monster or one type of monster. If you do this, your team is unlikely to survive.

A normal team should have a damage dealer, an invasion buff, debuffs, the ability to remove boss bonuses, and a healer. Remember that buffs do not stack, thus having two of the same will be inefficient.
Attempt to strategize and observe how each monster adds to the squad as a whole, rather than simply to themselves.

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