Star Trek Fleet Command Cheat Codes 

Star Trek Fleet Command Cheat Codes: The new Star Trek Fleet Command game for Android is a must-have for any fan of the Star Trek franchise. As the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans go to war, the game’s timeline will reflect that. Therefore, you must develop so that every organization is eager to have you join their cause. Codes for Star Trek: Fleet Command

The Android version of Star Trek: Fleet Command is available for download. Coin Master, Huge Casino free slots, PIGGY GO, and many more popular games have spin and coin connections available.

A supply of Parsteel is the bare minimum for operating in the Station. To see what, like the Parsteel generator, can be constructed in the space, tap on it. For durations of less than 5 minutes, there is no charge. Players must periodically retrieve par steel from the generator and use it to construct upgrades to their Station.

Players can stockpile their par steel by constructing a Parsteel warehouse. Have a look at some of the Star Trek Fleet Command Cheat Codes that helps you in the game.

Star Trek Fleet Command Cheat Codes — July 2023

  • Y9a6XVy6giQZiUR          for resources
  • 0Q0HGCO8X3iUznQ      for summoning shark
  • brYOLcooRYDporJ         for parsteel
  • 92dDg19iM1OLJRZ       for gift box
  • TM4sIEgFFZsxvF4          for promo code
  • yYoENE4fTKZDzt6          to speed up
  • 3RqvJ2rS3DYUMC4       to blueprint
  • V0lkZnjSEhGQ2az         for gem crystal
  • G3Bs89jtLrkiLSw          for the premium pack
  • lYcNRJkKWd5NFVJ       for chest
  • 1z6CqKtNZlYDLgc        for vip ticket

Star Trek Fleet Command Guide for Beginners

Focus on the PvE side of Star Trek Fleet Command and attempt to make the most of your resources if you don’t want to spend any money on the game and plan to remain a free-to-play player. It may sound not very interesting, but it will be valuable in the end.

Star Trek Fleet Command Cheat Codes

Step one: Form an effective coalition.

If you’re starting, select an alliance that welcomes and helps out new players; as you level up, shoot for one of the strongest alliances on the server.

What better way to improve your gaming skills and make new friends than by joining an alliance? Some groups even have private Discord servers where members can communicate and work together.

Suggestion No. 2: Save money on familiar things. Sailors and Commanding Officers

Resources will play a significant role as you’ll need them to improve. Save them on low rarity Officers or Ships, as they won’t go you very far. Instead, you can invest a minimum amount into them to get by until you have a more powerful one and save the rest for then.

Third, set daily goals for yourself.

Every veteran player who has come across daily assignments in a game understands that it is one of the most consistent ways to earn specific stuff regularly. You should still check in every day and accomplish them because they only take around half an hour, even if you don’t plan on playing the game intensely (I wonder how you cannot do that, it’s fantastic!).

You will make steady if sluggish, progress thanks to the combination of these daily assignments and the awards you receive simply for logging in each day.

Fourth: While exploring the galaxy, pick up as many side quests as you can from all the different systems.

Star Trek: Fleet Command’s Main Quest is where you should put most of your early-game efforts to maximize your experience level. Also, the side missions are crucial since you can stock up on materials and experience points to get you started.

Try to pick up every available side mission and finish them as you progress through the main quest, as you’ll likely be able to do so in the same region.

Fifth: Don’t throw away your recruits’ event tickets.

If you’re interested in an event with higher prices for limited units or S-tier ones, it’s advisable to save those units up. You can use them outside of events, but you’ll get the most bang for your buck if there’s an Officer you’re trying to have shown on a banner.


If you want to get ahead in Star Trek Fleet Command and slowly grow your riches and power, you need to log in daily.

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