Soul Knight Cheat Codes 2023

Soul Knight Cheat Codes: Soul Knight is the highest shooter for iOS and Android which is plenty of action. The world’s balance-keeping Magic Stones have been taken, and it’s up to you to recover them!

Soul Knight is a difficult roguelike with a tonne of bullets. It’s a difficult game to master, which is why we’ve put up our Soul Knight hacks, tips, and strategy guide!

Mastering Soul Knight necessitates a mix of honed twitch abilities and a thorough understanding of how to prepare. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with our Soul Knight tricks!

Soul Knight Tips & Tricks

Soul Knight Cheat Codes

The Bad Pistol must not be thrown!

You are allowed to have up to two firearms on you at all times. At the start of each run, you start with the Bad Pistol. The Bad Pistol’s stats aren’t outstanding, and the damage isn’t much either, as the name says. However! It also takes no energy to fire the Bad Pistol, making it useful in an emergency.

It’s a lot better than depending on the clumsy melee attacks, not to mention the risk of getting too near to foes in the first place.

Take a look at the chest.

Early on, are you having difficulties? Before you enter the dungeon, try opening the Chest in the foyer. The chest costs 1000 gems to access, but it gives you a common weapon to begin each run with.

Keep an eye out for the traps!

Difficult traps abound in the dungeons! Spike traps are the most frequent, but they’re easy to avoid if you keep an eye on your feet. Keep an eye out for the colorful barrels! If you or an adversary hits one of these barrels, it will react differently depending on the hue.

Soul Knight Cheat Codes

Make use of your Frost weaponry!

If you come across a weapon with the Frost prefix, use it! When you critically strike an enemy with a Frost weapon, they will be frozen (the same effect as the blue barrels).

This feature is quite useful during boss fights since it allows you to completely dodge weird bullet patterns if the monster is immobilized. When you combine this with the Knight’s unique ability Dual Wield, you’ve got a good chance of hitting critical hits.

Attempt the Rogue!

A combat roll offers the Rogue invincibility frames as a unique ability. This ability, like the ice weapons, is crucial during boss bouts when things become insane.

The Rogue is the cheapest hero to unlock, costing only 2000 gems. The Rogue should be unlocked as soon as feasible.

That’s all there is to it for Soul Knight! Let us know if you have any more tips or ideas to contribute in the comments section below!

Soul Knight Cheat Codes

Soul Knight Cheat Codes— May 2023

  • Gestpwierd – Earn ironstone, timber and also 888 gems
  • Frbk1 – Earn 666 gems
  • F9z3ha1sun – Earn 1,000 gems
  • Siont74scj – Earn 600 gems
  • nerd7Z – Earn 3 ironstone, 3 timber, and also 1288 gems
  • 70years – Earn 777 gems
  • irobot – Earn 5 parts, 5 batteries and also 515 gems
  • imobsessiont – Earn 1888 gems
  • sunforget – Earn 1111 gems
  • 19newyear – Earn 999 gems
  • 2thaniv – Earn 1,000 gems
  • Tdy8et – Earn 888 gems
  • Jinkela – Earn 3 fertilizer
  • Bigmouth – Earn fertilizer, titan arum, and also 500 gems
  • Cgdth – Earn 700 gems
  • Willbeby – Earn 888 gems
  • En3fkzget – Earn 5 ironstone, 5 timber, and also 1888 gems

Soul Knight Secret boost Codes 2023

  • bu3YcN – Get more gold
  • C21mKo – Instantly increase attack damage
  • JipxQl – Unlock new locations
  • PLsW6a – Play offline
  • VE2Xzx – Restore character’s health
  • klT9C0 – Secret boost
  • QPjKnR – Unlimited energy and ammo
  • u92SbI – Unlock all weapons

How to redeem Soul Knight cheat codes?

  • Look at the bottom right of the Main Starting Screen, where it reads Tap to Start, and you’ll see a Square
  • Button with a Cog image.
  • When you press this Cog, a new menu will display on the screen’s left side.
  • You must hit the second-to-top button, which is an image of a padlock.
  • The codes above will show in a new window, where you may copy and paste or enter them in.
  • Then, to confirm, tap the Green Tick.
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