Sonic Mania Cheats

Gamers worldwide have fallen in love with Sonic Mania cheats, an exhilarating 2D platformer. The game presents a fair amount of difficulty without hacks, yet some players may seek them out. Gamers can access various power tools using Sonic Mania hacks, such as debug mode and level choice.

Whether you’re a Sonic veteran or just getting into the series, using cheats can make the game that much more of a struggle. In this article, we’ll look at the best Sonic Mania cheats and how to use them to your advantage. To that end, if you want to get the most out of Sonic Mania, we’ll explore the realm of cheat codes.

A walkthrough for Sonic Mania Cheats

Sonic Mania Cheats

When in Mania Mode, hover over the ‘No Save’ symbol on the right to activate cheats such as other modes, And Knuckles, and Debug. After that, use the Triangle button to access these settings. Here’s how to take advantage of each setting:

And even Knuckles will get an extra character in the form of Knuckles!

Pressing Triangle activates debug mode; the jump buttons to position and rotate between available options follow.

Drop Dash is Mania’s special move, Up + Jump is Sonic CDs, and Jump + Shield is Sonic 3 and K’s.

The next step is to enter the sounds in the correct order to activate the corresponding cheat. An audible effect will let you know when you’ve accomplished your goal.

  • 4126 – Unlock all emeralds
  • 6214 – Disable Super Music
  • 9001 – Unlock all Sonic moves
  • 19790811 – Changes all animals into squirrels
  • 19890501 – Does nothing or unlocks all Medals
  • 19921124 – Infinite Continues
  • 20170815 – Egg Reverie flying in any level instead of Super Sonic
  • 20180623 – Force Encore Mode

Methods for gaining access to Sonic Mania’s hidden modes and collectibles

After beating the first stage of Sonic Mania, the following options become available from the main menu, each of which leads to a new area with increasingly complex challenges as you progress through Mania Mode:

  • Use the Time Attack mode to race through specific levels.
  • Split-screen, an in-town contest based on Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • If you explore the Extras menu, you’ll find three more secrets to uncover.
  • The good news is that these exist only to unlock other Achievement/Trophies. Get a minimum of 32 silver medals to unlock:
  • Compete against the computer or another player in a fun Mean Bean Puyo Puyo round.
  • Spheres in Blue (mini-game in original and Mania modes)
  • Garden, D.A. (sound test)

These Medals are cumulative, meaning you can earn them in any order and at any time during the game. Speeding up the process by repeatedly playing through the first level is possible.


Sonic Mania cheats are a great way to spice up your gaming experience and have extra fun. There are cheats available that can help you accomplish your goals, whether you want to speed through stages or discover new and exciting aspects of the game. Remember that cheating can diminish the fun and difficulty of accomplishing a goal the hard way.

As a result, cheats should be used solely for educational or exploratory purposes. You can take your Sonic Mania experience to the next level with just a little time spent practicing and experimenting with the game’s various elements. Feel free to experiment with cheats; you could be pleasantly surprised by how much they enhance your gaming experience.

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