Skate 3 Cheat Codes

 Skate 3 Cheat codes: One of the last genuinely excellent skateboarding simulations, Skate 3 offered hours of entertainment thanks to its complicated tricks and amusing ragdoll physics.

Electronic Arts released Skate 3 in 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is a skateboarding video game. Danny Way, Darren Navarette, Terence Kennedy, Erik Koston, Chris Cole, Patrick Duffy, and Jason Lee are among the renowned professional skateboarders that appear in the film, which is set in the vividly imagined metropolis of Port Carverton.

You must access the Extras menu, select the Enter Cheat Code option, and then enter the Skate 3 cheat codes there. If you enter the codes correctly, a notification message will appear. Keep in mind that these Skate 3 cheats only function in Freeskate mode:

Skate 3 Cheat Codes — October 2023

  • Deadspacetoo – Unlock Isaac from Dead Space
  • dontbesomayo – Use this to unlock Miracle Whip clothes and objects
  • Mcfly – As you might expect, this one changes your board into a Back to the Future style hoverboard
  • Miniskaters – Self-explanatory, this one shrinks your skater
  • streetsweeper – This resets movable objects to their original positions
  • Zombie – All pedestrians turn into zombies, and the sky changes color too

Unlockables Skate 3 Cheat Codes 

  • Dem Bones: to unlock this character, you must beat over half of the Hall of Meat challenges.
  • Meat Man: to unlock this character, you must beat every Hall of Meat Challenge.
  • Isaac from Dead Space: Use the code deadspacetoo
  • Miracle Whip clothes and objects: Use the code dontbesomayo

Skate 3 Super Jump Tricks 

  • You can be sent into the air by a bug in Skate 3. 
  • Use the Goofy Stance and execute the move on a flat surface to activate it. 
  • Your feet should face the left side of the screen. 
  • An FS 360 pop Shuvit should be performed first. 
  • Press Y just before you land the move after tapping RT or LT while in the air. 
  • Your character should then soar upwards of 40 feet or so as a result.

Skate 3 Tips and Tricks

Play Manually to Achieve More

In most skating games, manuals play a significant role in achieving a high combo, and Skate 3 is no exception. With instructions, it is possible to execute a massive combo in Skate 3, and it is only possible to mix flips to the ground with flips off different ramps with a manual in between.

You can only add points if tasks are completed in order. Pull the right analog stick back just enough to add a manual to the rotation but not enough to cause an Ollie. Until you are prepared to accomplish the following trick, you must balance.

Explore Perfect Paths to Skate

Despite a story mode, it is better to stick with it for a short time. There is so much to learn and explore, and there are places where you could spend hours creating the ideal trick. It doesn’t make sense to rush through the primary campaign. Additionally, the globe map has several unexpected special events like competitions. For the rewards alone, looking for these minor elements is worthwhile.

In Skate 3, trying to execute the ideal combo is one of the most enjoyable things to accomplish. These are sequences of tricks placed one after the other in a location with the perfect combination of features and obstacles to increase the score.

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