Seven Knights 2 Cheat Codes

Seven Knights 2 Cheat Codes: An ARPG for mobile is called Seven Knights 2. The first game, Seven Knights, takes place 20 years prior to this one. In an effort to track down a missing Seven Knight, the “Daybreak Mercenaries” set out on a brand-new quest. It is a story-driven game, and as you progress, you’ll gather additional Heroes and abilities to aid in your battles against all enemies in your path.

We can help with that! With the aid of our Seven Knights 2 cheats, you’ll be able to assemble a group of strong, diversified heroes and outfit them with fantastic armor. We will try to keep you equipped for your next journey with summoning tokens and in-game money. The most recent freebies will be updated on this page, so be sure to check back often.

Seven Knights 2 Cheat Codes — October 2023


How to Redeem Seven Knights 2 Cheat Codes?

  1. Click on the square icon in the top left corner of the screen to access the Menu.
  2. Select “Account” from the list of options to the right of the tabs.
  3. Make your selection for Use Coupons.
  4. To redeem your coupon, type it into the box.

Seven Knight 2 Tips For Beginners

Seven Knights 2 Cheat Codes

Make your Strong Team

The primary damage-dealing (DPS) units on your team typically have high attack power but low self-survivability. Tanks fill this void with their high defence and HP pool, protecting the entire team while taking enemy damage. Depending on their skills, support characters can either power up the entire team for greater damage or keep them alive with healing. Support characters are typically equipped with buff, debuff, healing, and other abilities.

Although they produce less damage than main DPS units, ranged characters typically have the best AOE skills and are best against large mobs. They are typically in the backline and protected from frontal enemy attacks, and they can slay the foes.

Tactics Formation is Important

Tactics formations are crucial since they can grant various formation types stat boosts, increase the output effectiveness of a specific skill set, or put greater emphasis on a specific unit. Your units can take use of formations to concentrate more on increasing DPS, healing, or going all-out defensively.

Some characters also mesh well with specific formations, which may be the key to defeating particular bosses and completing stages. You will initially only have access to three formations; further formations can be unlocked for gold.

Keep your Journey Safe

When you have an abundance of experience potion, you should level up unleveled characters to 10 or higher because at every 10 levels, characters must add some stats from the codex, which raises the overall stats of your other characters.

Progress on the main plot should take precedence over raiding because the story mod requires hard field exploration.

Never purchase legendary soul stones from Alice Soul stone since they are incredibly ineffective.

Hero codex is very important, and you will eventually have to invest in a lot of units because they contribute to it. However, keep in mind that some units have higher priority than others and should be invested in first before concentrating on other units.

Complete your Daily Tasks

In Seven Knights 2, your main objective is to strengthen your main team, your other heroes, and your account. Daily tasks is a list of areas where you can find various upgrading materials, money, gear, tickets, crafting materials, and other things to strengthen your heroes.

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