Score Hero Mod ApK 2022

NameScore Hero Mod ApK
DeveloperFirst Touch Games Ltd.
Mod FeatureMoney increase when spent!
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Score Hero Mod ApK is a fantastic simulation game that transports you to the field of a football match. This will offer you a 3D protocol. The game covers all of the essential aspects of playing football. Each player possesses exceptional physical fitness as well as a wide range of impressive skills. You can go to new levels and earn endless rewards if you win.

In addition, its Mod Features include infinite health and lives. The background music and 3d quality graphics compel you to keep your eyes on the game at all times. So download it and enter into the fascinating football world.

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The Storyline of Score Hero

Score Hero is an ability that lets you ensure that you obtain the best in the world in a 3D-controlled football game that shows the true game for oneself. The realistic elements will ensure that you have better control over the game and that you have a greater enjoyment of it. You’ll be taking part in a variety of objectives and matches, as well as obtaining a variety of rewards, to ensure that you get the most out of the game.

The controllers in this game do not present a difficulty because they are as basic as they get; rather, the challenge lies in understanding the game’s features and rising as the greatest football champion. You can ensure that you obtain the best of the best thanks to the game’s sophisticated AI and expanded creative features.

Modified Features of Score Hero Mod ApK

Character Customization

Gamers in Score Hero mod Unlimited everything will have privy to fully customizable character customizations right away. You can design unique characters with a wide range of characteristics, such as haircuts, facial hair, physiology, uniforms, numbers, decorations, and more.

To utilize on the battlefield, create amazing characters with unique features and characteristics. Fight against some of the top gamers on the planet while proudly serving your country.

If you seek to change your look after you’re in the game, you can use in-game modifications.

Score Hero Mod ApK

Get New Skills

Your character will get new skills on a routine basis as the game progresses. For instance, after the championship match of the very first season, you’ll be ready to “recover quickly from attacks.” You’ll be less tired on the field and your passes will be more precise as a result. The talents that a football player acquires are displayed on the main screen, adjacent to the levels.


Score Hero Mod ApK

Become Captain

After obtaining this title (in season 2), the player can designate teammates to toss the ball to them. This fact proves to be quite useful during the meeting. The gamer is more aware of this issue and can plan an offensive or defensive strategy.

Player vitality

A football player must always be physically capable of playing for an hour and a half. Score! Every step of casting the ball requires energy, and the hero is no exception. Make sure the player’s requirements are always included. Score! The power helps the games less tense. Hero MOD does not restrict money.

Score Hero Mod ApK

Hundreds of Levels

Score Hero mod unlocked level now has over 660 levels to allow you to fully immerse yourself in the fascinating and fascinating gameplay. Each one has its unique set of characteristics and challenges that you will certainly like.

Not to forget that the game’s increasing difficulty will keep it interesting for as long as feasible. With each patch, more levels are added, and you’ll discover yourself loving the game even more.

Perfect Match Interface

You can change the picture’s size and camera shots during the game. Assessing the general situation in the area, this is both feasible and required. If you pull the scale nearer to you, you can more accurately submit a pass or make any headway on the goal.

The field vision, not the tactics, is what solves everything in the game. How a gamer maneuvers through a circumstance, examines teammates and adversaries, and appropriately passes or strikes the goal. A player who understands the game and executes well will have no trouble passing the ball.

Score Hero Mod ApK

Fantastic Game’s Mode

As soon as you start playing Score Hero’s mod latest version, you’ll be able to access the fantastic career mode, where you’ll start on your adventure. Begin at the bottom and work your way up through the ranks to be capable of playing for some of the top teams around the globe. Take on a wide range of adversaries and always fight as hard as you can to win.

Nevertheless, the illustrious career you’re almost certain to embark on won’t end there. While living the life of a player, you’ll experience many ups and downs. Participate in one-of-a-kind tales that will change the course of your career. You will have numerous future opportunities.

Upgrade Players

Each player is the glory of their country, and they are referred to as “heroes” throughout the game. Score! Hero allows you to purchase player accouterments such as apparel, shoes, stockings, and hair, as well as a sign with any team you desire. Players, on the other hand, do not get their statistics, therefore even Ronaldo or Paul Pogba is just like any other player.

You don’t see the success of the other players; the only success you see is your own as you move through the game’s progressively drastically affect. But don’t be too harsh on the players; they occasionally notice the assistance you provide. Your pass might be turned into a spectacular goal with a header or lob shot.

Score Hero Mod ApK

New Control Mechanism

There are new mechanics included for each game and player that are simple to control and aid in the most economical play of the soccer game. Normally, these techniques are overlooked, but when it came to scoring heroes, this game outwits everyone, and you can utilize these control elements to defeat every player in the game.

Some controls can assist you in hitting the ball in the correct direction and with the appropriate force. These factors are crucial when you’re up against a powerful squad and just have a few chances to score.

Turning Points

Your adversary is moving to predict your attack, even though you have control over the pitcher’s direction. If they guessed correctly, your attack will almost certainly be stopped, and the match will very likely come to a halt. As a result, your strategy must be one that your adversary cannot anticipate. Another thing to think about is the number of players you’ll be using.

Although these statistics are unimportant, the pass will fail if they run slower than the adversary and are not in the proper position. Furthermore, finishing shots should be more accurate. The shot must be powerful, and there is a chance that the goalie will not be able to catch those instances.

Unlimited Money

This hack gives you infinite money to spend on whatever you want. You may easily change the appearance of your character. When the football is seized by the opposition, you can also reverse your last move. You are no longer required to begin the level from the beginning.

Unlimited Energy

In score hero mod full energy, your team’s energy is also endless. They will not become fatigued after playing for a long time. You can love the experience without having to wait because you have unlimited energy.

Unlimited Lives

As a player, you must play this game using your brains; else, you will not be able to win the matches. To outsmart your opponent, you should gather more coins and purchase powerful characters, which will boost your chances of victory.

If you may not have enough playtime matches, you can still finish them in a matter of minutes with the aid of our score hero hacked apk, which comes with infinite lives that support you instantly when needed. Furthermore, the user can obtain an increased number of lives based on their requirements.

Unrestricted rewind

For a player, replay is like an additional lifeline. If you’ve ever played Score Hero mod apk full energy, you’ll know that if your ball is captured by a goalkeeper or an opponent player, you’ll lose the level.

Only the reverse option can be used to remedy a mistake. You may use the limitless rewind option and achieve high points this season with the Score Hero mod ApK.

Levels: 700+

Over 700 levels to play and finish. The difficulty level grows with each level, providing you with a more tough setting in which to demonstrate your abilities.

Fantastic 3D Graphics

Graphics of Score in high-definition 3D! Hero is incredibly lifelike because of 3D technology and the developer’s meticulous attention to detail. The players’ movement is fluid and smooth, leading to the most severe experience for them. By slowing down the video and cutting the scene, you can witness some amazing goals.

A broadcaster, like in other football games, is an essential component. Even though their words are not varied, they can keep up with the game’s circumstances. When you’re playing the game, the viewer’s cheers and the commentator’s remarks will give you the most emotions.

Score Hero Mod ApK

What’s New?

  • Unlimited Money
  • Infinite Lives
  • Unlimited Coins
  • No Ads

 How to download and Install Score Hero Mod ApK? 

  • Click the download button.
  • Allow the “ Unknown Resources” from settings.
  • Install it and open
  • Select Your Avatar
  • Start the game
  • Enjoy

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The Score! Hero is yet another game that lets players experience virtual football’s thrills. But what sets it apart from other football gaming apps is that it allows you to construct a legend, As a result, you can progress your player through a succession of levels, acquiring skills and knowledge and finally becoming a legendary football player.

The Final Score! The great benefit of infinite currency provided by Hero Mod Apk allows the gamer to make any transaction he or she desires without worrying about money. This will improve the team’s game. The added benefit of the Score! Hero Mod Apk makes it a better option than the original.


In Score Hero Mod APK, how can you acquire unlimited money?

Install our Score Hero Mod APK to get infinite money and a slew of additional premium features for free.

What is the total number of levels in the Score! Hero game?

This game has about 720 levels, and the number of levels is growing with each new release.

Is there a requirement for this app to connect to the internet?

To download content and advertisements, this game software requires Internet access via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

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