Royal Revolt 2 Promo Codes


Royal Revolt 2 Promo codes: The creators of the smash-hit original, flaregames, have released Royal Revolt 2, a new reverse-tower-defence game. Royal Revolt 2 is a PvP game, similar to Royal Revolt! but more like Clash of Clans.

Gold Coins are the game’s major money, and they’re used to buying almost anything. Food is essential for your troops to battle. Gems are the game’s premium money, and they can use for everything from speed boosts to incredibly powerful magic spells. Continue reading to learn how to obtain more of all three!

Earn rewards by inviting friends

To invite a friend, go to the new friend’s list, your Alliance member list, or the Royal Revolt 2 voucher bazaar and click the “invite friends” button. Select a photo and click the share button to send the invitation to a friend by email, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and other methods.

A link to download Royal Revolt 2 and a Royal Revolt 2 friend code are always included in the message you send to your friend (Example: TLZIBTRVP).

This Royal Revolt 2 referral code may be entered when your friend downloads the game and completes the tutorial. You’re friends and you the receive more rewards and coins. (Truly said you earn more coins).

Royal Revolt 2 Promo Codes

Destroy castle gate and earn prizes

The most effective strategy to gain more coins is to combat as frequently as possible. Coins are simple to come by as a result of this. The great majority of them obtain by demolishing the castle gate, therefore making speed to pass through the hurdles as swiftly as possible. Some fights will have lower coin payouts than others, so press the “next” button before starting one if you want to wait for a better one.

Royal Revolt 2 Promo codes — May 2023







These are all newly published codes. Try all of them some of them will surely work. try to use them early before they expire. If codes are not working visit the site again because we keep updating Royal Revolt 2 coupon codes regularly.

How to redeem Royal Revolt 2 Promo codes?

  1. Go to the website
  2. Copy the code from our site
  3. Enter your game Id
  4. Then enter the code that you have already copied
  5. Click the “Enter” Button
  6. Check the mailbox of your game
  7. Enjoy your free rewards

Royal Revolt 2 Tips & Tricks

Royal Revolt 2 Promo Codes

Use your Gems carefully.

Your primary resource for keeping things going is gems. It’s mostly used to enhance your land, employ a worker, and clean up ruins. They’re quite difficult to come by throughout the game, so don’t waste them on minor things like speeding up an upgrade or trying again in the treasure chest chamber of fortune.

Exploit the Treasure Chamber

Avoid upgrading your Treasure Chamber in the early game. For example, the Treasure Chamber Level 2 can only hold 200K gold coins. You will not be able to obtain any more gold to retain after it has been filled. All valuables discovered in the Chamber of Fortune will be turned into an item in trade.

The more difficult the level on the leader board is, the more powerful the items/equipment generated in the treasure box will be. As a result, your hero will get a leg up on the competition during your next conquest.

Upgrade your castle gate

Your major defensive goal should be to enhance the Castle Gate as high as possible. This will not only improve its health and defence skills, but it will also allow you to unlock more of everything. You’ll be able to lengthen your path, construct more overall structures, and construct more barriers.

Make routes that go on and on using that long path. Place barriers and defence towers close together to deal significant amounts of damage to opposing heroes and forces while slowing them down and trapping them. To stop harder opponents, upgrade your barriers and towers as high as you can.

Earn Free Gems

Complete all of the achievements listed beneath the giant trophy symbol. Also, go to the store and hit “Free” to receive 25 free gems if you link the game to Facebook.

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