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Purrfect Tale codes: The role-playing game Purrfect Tale was developed by BadMouse. Playing this game will allow you to experience what it’s like to be a college student who adopts a stray cat. You can add more adorable cats to your collection, customize your home’s interior design, and participate in a unique story. If even that isn’t enough, you can gather clothing and dress yourself however you wish!

With the help of our collection of codes, you can locate any freebies you’re looking for. You can find instructions for redeeming codes in Purrfect Tale below the list of codes if you’re unsure how to do it. By clicking CTRL + D on your computer or by adding the page to your bookmarks, be sure to like mymoddedapk for future updates.

Purrfect Tale Codes — October 2023

  • badmouse – Redeem for free cod rewards
  • gumino1 – Redeem for free 888 cod rewards
  • lovinggumi – Redeem for  free 10 Hearts rewards

How to Redeem Purrfect Tale codes?

  • Your device should now be open.
  • The home screen will now appear.
  • The Settings icon should be clicked.
  • Select the Redemption Box button by clicking.
  • Enter the working codes from above in this text box in the newly opened window by copying and pasting them.
  • For access to your free prizes, click Redeem.

What to do if my Codes not Working?

In Purrfect Tale, codes are entirely at the control of the developers, and some may expire more quickly than others. If you discover a code that isn’t working, it might be a typo, a code that isn’t yet available to the public, or a code that was only active for a brief time before becoming invalid.

To help fix this, save this page and come back frequently to see if Purrfect Tale has included a new code!

Purrfect Tale Tips For Free Cod

  1. Pet the kitties anytime they ask for free Cod.
    When you achieve the next love level, you will receive free Cod. Daily login also provides free Cod in Purrfect Tale.
  2. Cod can also be rewarded with Gacha Balls or Capsules; use the claw to obtain them.
  3. Cod will remove cat poop from the cat rooms for free.
  4. Place the cat bowl and food in it; once they complete it, you will receive free Cod.
  5. View the video advertisements
  6. Share the moments to gain free Cod; you may accept the standard prize or increase it by sharing it.
  7. Unlock WeCat moments by going through Journal actions or tales, or by gaining access to decorative goods.
  8. Finish the chapters or tales in the Journal act to receive free Cod.

Earn Heart In Purrfect Tale

  1. To earn a free Heart, watch the video advertisements.
  2. Drawings from the claw machine
  3. Cats’ love level is increasing
  4. WeCat occurrences
  5. Daily prize

Purrfect Tale Guide To Progression

  1. To obtain Gacha capsules and unlock more kitties, use the claw in claw machine.
  2. Unlock new kitty rooms to expand the number of residents.
  3. Cod and affinity points will be awarded to pet cats.
  4. With each subsequent love level, you will obtain additional products or other benefits.
  5. Purchase cat dishes, set them in the cat rooms, add food, and wait for Cod to arrive.
  6. Continue through the Journal act chapters.
  7. Watch the video advertisements to double your prize.
  8. Unlock a new map location called Yard.

Affection is Important

To begin with, your cat’s attention needs are an excellent source of easy Hearts while their Affection needs are low. The Affection necessary to advance to the next level will eventually get fairly high, but by then you should have acquired enough cats to make substantial progress in the game’s plot. Meanwhile, any new cats and dogs you encounter as you continue to play could help alleviate any creatures that have been overly affectionate.

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