PUBG Mobile Cheat Codes


PUBG Mobile Cheat Codes: With over 60 million units sold and more than 85 million daily players, Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) is one of the best-selling games in the world today.

PUBG has played a significant role in the gaming industry, and the popularity of the game among children and young people is growing. If you’re a PUBG player, you’re probably familiar with the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner award.

As PUBG grows in popularity, hackers are seeking methods to take advantage of the game’s capabilities, and a PUBG Mobile hack is always a threat to PUBG gamers. Hackers are aware of the PUBG Mobile hack android and PUBG Mobile hack IOS, regardless of whether you are using an Android or an iOS device.

PUBG Mobile Cheat Codes for Android/iPhone — October 2023

3000 Unknown Cash: QRKLIELDWLNG
6000 Unknown Cash: YKYLANZHEP
Unknown item: LFJOGJGETUR5
600 Unknown Cash: 9LRELXGHYJN6
180 Unknown Cash: VLJUSTX5PA0
60 Unknown Cash: NT60SY597K
1500 Unknown Cash: JJ2SSHPSHA

PUBG Mobile Cheat Codes for PC and Tablets — October 2023

600 Unknown Cash –13XJSV27SBF
180 Unknown Cash – PXBQTYSMYS
60 Unknown Cash – 3P99EBE9G450
1500 Unknown Cash – EAFUXRTA463O
3000 Unknown Cash – WTPGWS4LQM2
6000 Unknown Cash – QK45IG908WKR
pan –  PSNLFU2df3OD
Unknown item –  U4OvxVSTCKLU

PUBG Mobile Cheat Codes

PUBG mobile hack Aimbot

If you hold down the button, automated aiming bots and applications will automatically target the aim and fire for you. It’s one of the greatest PUBG mobile hacks accessible, yet it’s uncommon to see because it’s so difficult to use. Many automatic aimbot for Android and iOS games come with greater aim help. Aim and shoot code is inserted into the PUBG game from the client side in this approach.

For most Android and iOS games, the “code” comes in the form of improved aim assistance. Anti-cheat systems created by PUBG producers where the game is hosted are the only way to identify aimbot. You will be immediately banned if another player reports you for it.

Battle Points PUBG Hack

Battle Points are virtual cash earned by winning different fights in the PUBG Mobile game. These combat points may also trade for boxes containing various outfits. These outfits don’t offer any direct assistance to the players, although they can be useful for hiding if the surroundings are textured similarly to that of the costumes.

Killing each adversary will gain you 20 battle points, and your performance, ratings, rankings, and shoots will earn you even more. It’s not a hack, but rather a method for gaining additional combat points in PUBG without risking being banned. It is entirely safe to use and may use to obtain PUBG combat points.


All players are aware that if they can raise their pace a little faster than their opponents, they will have a better chance of surviving the game for longer. In reality, several players have complained of the PUBG community site that the pace of other players is higher than normal.

PUBG Mobile game speed hack may perform by making little changes to the code, but only by increasing the speed a little, since otherwise anti-cheats in the game would detect you and prohibit you from playing.

Increasing the pace of PUBG is a simple procedure. All you have to do is get into the PUBG code and adjust the settings of outbound packet presets to transmit packets quicker than usual.

If you want more codes have a look at Free fire codes.

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