Pokemon Unite Tier List

Join trainers from around the world in 5v5 team fights in Pokémon Unite, and if you’re having trouble deciding which Pokémon to focus on, we’ve got you covered. If you’re playing Pokémon Unite and want to know which Pocket Monster is the greatest and why look no further than our handy Pokemon Unite Tier List! The items on this list are subject to change, so please save this page and revisit it.

The game’s five playable characters can take on the roles of Attacker, Defender, Speedster, All-Rounder, or Support. As a result, we have created a five-part Pokémon Unite tier chart, ranking the top Pokémon for each job. Read our Pokémon Unite tutorial to find out more about the different positions.

Pokémon Unite Attacker tier list

Pokemon Unite Tier List

Even though they can’t take much of a beating themselves, Pokémon with high attack power have poor health. Playing this part is exciting and essential, especially toward the beginning of the game. Attackers work with defenders to control the top lane. As an attacker, you should always aim to get several early kills. Stay behind your teammates and damage the opposition in the late game. We recommend the following Pokemon Unite Tier List as attackers:

S Greninja, Cinderace, Gardevoir, Glaceon, Mew, Sylveon, Delphox

A Alolan Ninetales, Pikachu, Decidueye

B Dragapult, Espeon

C Cramorant, Venusaur, Duraludon

Sylveon is not one of the weaker ranged attackers. Sylveon can roll all the damage necessary to wipe out the entire opponent team with ease if his team knows how to maneuver around him and set up the battlefield.

Cinderace: This ranged Attacker makes for a formidable carry after equipping a few pieces.

Mew is a very adaptable and versatile character. It may not have the best-balanced attack, but its ability to initiate and escape battle makes it a powerful jungler.

A top-tier jungler, Greninja may surprise its foes with its stealth ability and subsequent heavy attack damage.

The powerful Attacker Glaceon may be used effectively by new players with just a little training. The capacity to avoid being spotted by a crowd is an essential passive feature for dodging stealth attacks.

With its powerful AoE attacks and crowd control abilities like stun and slow, Gardevoir is a top-tier attacker. Because their equipment depends on the player’s competence, they are not the best-starting unit.

In the late game, Delphox shines as one of the strongest team-fighting Pokemon (especially in late-game team fights). Since its early game could be more robust, mastering it is essential to take advantage of its late-game surge of power.

Pokémon Unite Speedster tier list

Pokemon Unite Tier List

Acting the part of the speed demon is the most exciting. You get incredible mobility; put it to good use by zipping around the map to assist your squad in any lane. You, the speedster, are in charge of clearing the forest and setting up ambushes. If you want to avoid waiting in the base after a cooldown, it’s best to avoid going first in the team fight. We present the following list of recommended fast Pokemon Unite Tier List:

S Gengar, Dodrio

A Talonflame, Absol

B Zoroark, Zeraora


Dodrio: Dodrio is a Speedster; thus, he can move quickly, but his play style is only for some. As such, the Tri Attack is a potent, top-tier unit that, when employed properly, can be responsible for several kills.

Despite its lackluster durability, Gengar excels in one-on-one battles if you get beyond its inferior early game.

Pokémon Unite All-Rounder tier list

Pokemon Unite Tier List

Together with the ally Pokémon, you descend to the lower lane. It’s in both interests to get the kill and rack up the points, and your supporter is there to assist you in doing both. You should avoid going into the game’s early stages with an excessive amount of debt. Our top choices for versatile Pokemon Unite Tier List are as follows:

S Urshifu, Scizor (Scyther), Azumarill, Lucario, Machamp, Tsareena

A Buzzwole, Aegislash, Garchomp, Dragonite, Tyranitar,

B Charizard


While Tsareena lacks the endurance of some other Pokemon, she makes up for it with excellent sustain and the potential to evolve quite quickly. She can be a top jungle for many players with her excellent damage and disables.

Scizor: Scizor is an excellent unit for any lane and any player, as he can be played in two different ways depending on the team’s needs, and he is also easy to learn how to play.

Machamp is an excellent unit in most team fights thanks to its immunity to status ailments and high engagement. However, it takes some work to get past its shaky beginning.

Despite not being a solid starting unit, Lucario is a champion worth the time to train and master due to its versatility, high mobility, and damage output, regardless of the lane.

Azumarill: Azumarill may be an intimidating opponent thanks to his formidable UNITE move and excellent 1v1 abilities. Great for split-pushing rather than team fights, this hero may also aid secure objectives.

Urshifu is an All-Rounder with high durability and attack power, making it a formidable opponent in one-on-one duels. It also had an excellent engagement for team fights and crowd management.

Pokemon Unite Tier List Defenders

Pokemon Unite Tier List

A defense Pokémon’s role is to keep the bad guys off the field. You’ll charge right into the thick of the action, taking every hit for the squad. That’s why strong stamina is a must for defenders. Listed below are some of our top recommendations for the position of defender:

S Greedent, Mamoswine, Slowbro, Snorlax

A Crustle

B Blastoise, Trevenant


Snorlax is a tank that, contrary to popular belief, can do both reasonable crowd control and moral damage.

The Slowbro is not the most durable Defender unit. He does minor damage, but his talents are fantastic, and he may be a tremendous asset to the squad if they don’t need a dedicated engage/tank.

Greedent – One of the most critical choices for a team needing a dependable tank. It can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time and is very good at tanking.

One more fantastic tank, Mamoswine, though Greedent could be better. Mamoswine is an excellent overall unit, but it will take a lot more time to become the team’s first line of defense. However, its skills offer excellent crowd control.

Pokémon Unite Supporter tier list

Pokemon Unite Tier List

One’s performance in a seemingly uninteresting support role can mean victory or defeat. Team defense, team buffs, team healing, etc., are all responsibilities of the support player. Our top options for the Supporter position are as follows.

S Comfey, Sableye, Mr. Mime, Blissey, Eldegoss

A Clefable

B Wigglytuff

C Hoopa

Mr. Mime is pivotal in Overwatch since a skilled players can win or lose the game with their kit and defensive prowess. To realize his most tremendous potential, he needs the help of his comrades.

Eldegoss, as one of the game’s top healers, has a massive effective range and powerful buffs, such as enhanced movement speed, that can positively affect his friends (if positioned right).

Right now, Sableye is the most outstanding support champion available because of how its kit can both control crowds and catch adversaries off guard, creating favorable engagement situations for the rest of the team.

Blissey: Blissey is a fantastic Support for both newcomers and seasoned veterans. It excels in the laning phase and team fights due to its strong base HP and outstanding kit that delivers healing and disruption.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Pokemon Unite Tier List is a crucial tool for players to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various Pokemon characters in the game. It provides a comprehensive ranking system based on their abilities, stats, and other attributes. The Tier List helps players make informed decisions when selecting their team and approaching battles. 

Ultimately, an essential factor in winning games is the skill and strategy of the player, not just the strength of their Pokemon. So, keep practicing, experimenting, and adapting your playstyle to get the most out of Pokemon Unite Tier List.

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