Ocarina Of Time Walkthrough

Welcome to the Ocarina of Time Walkthrough. The Ocarina of Time walkthrough provided here covers a full playthrough of the whole game, including techniques for all bosses and monsters, gathering all heart pieces, gold Skulltula’s, and upgrades that lead you through all the game’s numerous side missions.

This manual also serves as an Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough for the game’s Nintendo 3DS remake, pointing out the minor variations between the two iterations.

Chapter 1 – Kokiri Forest

If you instantly arm yourself with a (Kokiri) Sword and (Deku) Shield, Mido will allow you admittance to the sanctuary of the Deku Tree despite having rude shut off the door. This mission is your initial task because you must enter the game with these items.

It takes a lot of work to locate the Kokiri Sword.

The village’s southwest corner is a tiny, enclosed area known as the Forest Training Center (bottom left of your map). You can find a little hole in the wall and a sign if you go up there. Advance until you emerge on the other side by stepping up to the hole, pressing A to crawl in, and holding A.

Turn around here and collect the Blue Rupee (5) before waiting for the enormous boulder to pass. Follow it swiftly, then take the first right to come upon another Blue Rupee (5). You can wait for the boulder to appear again or go on if you’re quick enough. The Kokiri Sword is kept in a huge chest in the following alcove. Selecting the Sword from the start menu’s equipment subscreen will equip it. It will be your go-to survival tool throughout childhood, but immediately, you may use it to cut grass to earn extra rupees.

Oh, this is much better. Please return to the hole and climb back through it now. You can look at the signs and speak to the guy with the ninja movements outside the Forest Training Center to learn how to use the Sword. If you like, aim for a rock and give it a go.

Deku Shield

The Deku Shield follows after that. Given that all you’re doing is cutting grass, the shield’s price of 40 Rupees seems very high. To gather this amount, investigate the entire village, including the residence marked by a ring of pebbles in the front. You can continue doing this if you go inside a house or shop and come back here; it rewards you for jumping the three platforms to the Kokiri shop (the structure with the red roof)! In the equipment screen of your start menu, choose the Shield to equip it.

When you have both things and are ready to use them, ask Mido to let you through to the Great Deku Tree. Deku Baba appears from the ground as they travel, and killing them gives you Deku Sticks, which you can later use to light torches and perform simple assaults.

ocarina of time walkthrough

Chapter 2 – Inside the Deku Tree

Next thing in Ocarina Of Time Walkthrough is that You must remove the curse within the Great Deku Tree to save him. Once inside, please note the central web because you’ll need it later. Use your shield to block the attacks of the evil Deku Baba in this area; doing so will help you conquer them.

Then, you can turn right to reach the large treasure chest with a Dungeon Map or leave to look for a heart on the edge of the log by climbing the vines up to the next platform.

Find the Fairy Slingshot

You won’t be able to climb to the top of the treasure box without falling because of the Skulltulas dangling from the vines above it. Instead, go past the box of riches until you come to a door, then enter. After the door closes in your wake, finish off the Deku scrub by bouncing his nut-shooting projectiles off your shield.

After you hit him, chat with him; soon after, he will hurry away, allowing you to proceed to the next area. Be quick to get to the opposite side, as the platform in the middle will collapse upon impact. Your first aid is the Fairy Slingshot, within the treasure chest. Deku Seeds, used to power the slingshot, can occasionally be discovered in freshly cut grass or purchased from the Kokiri Forest store.

A smaller treasure box to the left of the large treasure chest contains a heart that you can obtain by attaching the slingshot to a button and scaling the vine. Jump across the platform if you didn’t do so when you entered to get to the opposite side. Shoot the ladder above the exit with your slingshot if you jump onto the platform.

Find the Compass

Those Skulltulas in your way are no longer a problem, thanks to your slingshot. Each is capable of being killed with just one shot from the slingshot. When the passage has been cleared, climb the vines and descend onto the catwalk to the right.

This door, surprise, lock behind you as you pass through it. The good news is that this is an easy mistake to fix. To get to the large treasure chest on the other side, hop across the raised platforms and step on the gold ground switch. The compass is available for you to use inside.

Using the Deku Stick and the in-room torch to light it will allow you to escape the space. To unlock the door, transfer the flame to the room’s unlit brazier. When not in use, you should store Deku Sticks; alternatively, you can swing your Sword or remain stationary until the option appears over your action button.

To the Bottom

Once you have the compass in your possession and have exited the area, you will notice that Skultallas block the trails leading to the ground-level web on the chamber’s ceiling. The web will stretch and break if you kill one or more Skultallas before jumping down upon it. But watch out because the fall could harm two hearts if you miss. You will be on floor B1 if you have made it beyond the barrier.

You will light the torch, and the gold ground switch will burn the surrounding web. In the nearby chest, you’ll discover a heart. The idea is to ignite another Deku Stick and cautiously traverse the shallow water to the side where a spider web blocks the door. Using the stick to burn away the web, enter through the entrance. To learn a quick tutorial on how to battle the Deku Scrub’s brothers, defeat him in the next room. You can unlock the locked door by aiming the slingshot at the silver eye above it in Ocarina Of Time Walkthrough.

Getting to the Boss

You can activate it by floating over the underwater switch and pressing and holding the “A” button while diving. You’ll find the switch near the second cage on the left side of the previous area. Rush back to the other side and use the floating platform to reach the other side after lowering the water level.

Repeat the procedure if the water rises again before you reach your destination. Kill the Skulltula circling the box, then pull it so you can climb the ledge to the next room. Light both unlit braziers as soon as possible so you can enter the chamber afterward.

Observe the Skulltula hanging from the ceiling as soon as you enter the door. The ceiling has several eggs that are incubating. If you wait long enough, these eggs will hatch into gohma larvae and come upon you. The Larvae are simple enough to handle, but you can kill the eggs by shooting them with the slingshot before they hatch. Burn the right-side spider web with the torch after lighting a Deku stick (the other is a dead end).

Into the next chamber in Ocarina Of Time Walkthrough, hurry through the tiny opening. Utilizing the block to return to this level and slash down with the stick to light the web, push the block across the ledge while lighting the torch from the opposite side.

You’ll land in a little space with three Deku Scrubs and hearts. To open the door that leads to the boss of the Deku Tree bounces nuts off each scrub in the correct order (2-3-1).

Queen Gohma

Wait for Queen Gohma’s eye to become red before targeting her with Z-target (“L”). When it happens, fire a seed with your slingshot into her eye to instantly knock her out and stun her so you may land multiple blows before she wakes up. Alternatively, using Deku Nuts can stun her while she’s on the ground. She will retreat to the roof, where you can defend yourself from the young eggs she fires your way or shoots her again in the open, bloodshot eye to knock her out. You can chop the grass that runs the entire length of the room if you run out of ammunition. Up until the Queen’s demise, repeat these actions;

Chapter 3 – Hyrule Castle

There are lots of people and activities in Hyrule Market. As you casually stroll through the busy town, stop to talk to Malon (a redheaded girl wearing a white dress) at the center to learn that her father went to the castle to deliver milk but has since vanished. Despite your noble intentions, the castle guards are determined to bar you from entering.

Re-enter the castle foregrounds to discover Malon standing next to some green vines on the wall in a wonderful way. She will provide you with a Weird Egg if you speak to her twice.

You’ll have to sneak past the guards because you won’t be allowed to access the castle through the gate. Just jump off the top of the gate to the ground below after scaling the vines next to Malon and across the bluff as you ascend the dirt path, and race along the grass towards the castle’s staircase while avoiding the guards that are posted in the mountainous fields.

Don’t try to climb the steps! Instead, scale the vines on the left-hand wall before jumping into the castle’s moat. Strike out for the far corner.

Woke Talon up

Enter the moat and make your way to the end of the path, where a man is dozing on the ground. Talon, Malon’s father, is shown here. By now, the egg Malon gave you should have hatched into a Cucco (if not, wait until the next sunrise).

It would be best if you woke Talon up because he’s in your way and asleep. Make use of your just hatched Cucco while standing next to him. Following your conversation with him, Talon will suddenly stir and leave to pursue Malon.

Talon can now be moved out of the way as you drag and push the milk boxes from Lon Lon Ranch into the moat. Jump to the little opening in the castle wall with the Triforce emblem above it by using the stacked crates as a platform. Crawl into the gap.

Castle Courtyard

Ocarina Of Time Walkthrough will help if you navigated the castle courtyard in the following region while avoiding the guards’ line of sight. With a little patience, you can slip past the guards because they have fairly programmed patrol routines. You can even follow them if you don’t approach them too close. If you’ve ever discovered, you’ll have to restart from when you met Talon. Some guards move more quickly as you enter the courtyard, so be alert and cautious.

The music alters as you approach the courtyard. If you want to meet the princess of Hyrule, go up to the young girl at the window. You are given the mission of discovering the remaining two Spiritual Stones by Zelda, who places the fate of Hyrule in your little hands. You will subsequently receive Zelda’s Letter from her. After speaking with Zelda, Impa, her bodyguard, will appear.

You will learn the tune Zelda’s Lullaby from Impa, which you will need to perform again for the remainder of the game. Once you have mastered the song, Impa will lead you straight to the drawbridge in front of Castle Town and direct you to seek out the next Spiritual Stone on Death Mountain. You must return to Kokiri Forest first, though, before continuing to Kakariko Village.

Big Deku Seed Bullet Bag

One more important thing in Ocarina Of Time Walkthrough is that you should update your Deku Seed Bullet Bag before returning to Kokiri Forest. Go to the Shooting Gallery in the town square, which is close to the left of the staircase leading to Hyrule Castle. For 20 rupees, you can play the minigame “Shooting Gallery,” in which you use a slingshot to hit targets for 10 rupees. The Big Deku Seed Bullet Bag, which raises the number of Deku Seeds you may carry to 40, will be yours if you successfully hit all ten targets. The second attempt is free if you hit 8 or 9 targets. The game is over, and you must pay to try again if you hit eight or fewer targets.

Hyrule Marketplace Heart Pieces

First Heart Piece: Touch the white dog pacing the bazaar at night. The canine will adhere to you (unless another dog already is). Take the dog into the alleyway to the right of the exit leading to the drawbridge, then go through the second door you come to. To get a Heart Piece, speak with the woman inside.

Second Heart Piece: When the bombchu bowling alley in Hyrule Marketplace opens, enter and pay 30 rupees for a turn, each with a different prize. You can only do this after speaking to the Fairy of Power on the summit of Death Mountain. You will receive a heart piece on the third turn if you complete three turns.

Chapter 4 – Lost Woods

There’s a reason why the Lost Woods are called that. There are other ways to get there; taking the wrong one will bring you back to the door. Move in sync with the music. If it becomes darker, you’re heading in the wrong direction.

Turn right, left, right, straight, left, and left. The right path leads you to Sacred Forest Meadow, where you must explore a top-down maze-like region. Mad Scrubs are at most corners, so be prepared with the shield.

At the top of the steps, turn around and find Saria. You learn Saria’s Song from her.

You will notice a ladder in front of you as you descend the stairs and leave Saria’s room. Thanks to the ladder, you can avoid going through the maze again, but a Fairy Fountain is nearby! After ascending the ladder, plunge into the first hole, and you can store fairies that instantly resurrect you if you fall.

Bullet Bag Upgrade for Deku Seed

Take a right as you leave Lost Woods. A wooden target suspended from a tree limb is seen directly ahead. The Biggest Deku Seed Bullet, Bag, which brings your total quantity of carryable seeds to 50, is the reward you receive from a Deku Scrub if you hit three bullseyes with your slingshot.

Keep more Deku Sticks on you.

Take a left, then a second left, starting at the Lost Woods entrance. You will find a Business Scrub if you jump off the ledge and head to the opposite side of the chamber. Once you’ve defeated him, he’ll offer to pay 40 rupees to boost your carrying capacity from 10 to 20 Deku Sticks.

Some Heart Pieces

There are now two Heart Pieces available for capture. Turn around and head back to the entrance of the Lost Woods. Turn left when you enter the area, then stop in front of the Skull Kid on the smaller stump. To get his friendship and a heart piece, sing Saria’s Song.

Return to the door once more, turning right this time. To start a memory game, stand on the stump in the cave of the following region and take out your ocarina. Play the Skull Kids’ songs repeatedly to complete the task. You’ll receive a heart piece once you’ve finished the third song, albeit it can be challenging.

Distant heart Pieces

Finding two heart pieces with a Cucco in the west-facing Gerudo Valley is straightforward. Then, fly to the ledge on the west side of the bridge after picking up the bird there. Step into the crate for the first Heart Piece, and you can reach the platform next to a waterfall by flying east. you can find the other Heart Piece by going behind the waterfall and climbing the ladder.

ocarina of time walkthrough

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100 Door Challenge

Chapter 5 – Kakariko Village

Find a Bottle

  • When you first enter Kakariko Village, it is directly in front of you.
  • By the stairs in front of the home, in the wooden crate. Push forward and “A” simultaneously to roll into it.
  • At the top of the second flight of stairs, close to the Death Mountain Trail entrance.
  • Take chicken no. 3 in your hands and jump off the red roof close to the large tower. Turn the corner and ascend the next flight of stairs after ascending the stairs in front of the well. Leap off the cliff and run around to the house’s neighboring side, where the chicken is.
  • In the container that is in front of the stairs. Use a bomb to destroy it, then take the chicken.
  • Take a chicken from the coop and proceed to the stairs next to it. To leap to the opposite side, get as close to the fence as possible. You must approach the barrier at a diagonal angle and leap over it as quickly as possible. Toss your chicken over the fence, then retrieve him later. To get the chicken in front of the ladder, dive underneath and grab it. Throw him over the other side after climbing the stairs.
  • Pick up the chicken from the top of the ladder you used to get bird number six.

House of Skulltula

Visit this ostensibly deserted house on the right side of Kakariko Village if you’ve ever wondered what all those Golden Skull Tokens you’ve been collecting are for. You’ll learn that the entire family has been cursed. To bring one family member back to normal, you must amass the Tokens in groups of ten. You’ll receive a special gift at each milestone, starting with a Heart Piece at age 50.

Ten Skulltulas – Adult Wallet (Carry 200 Rupees)

20 Skulltulas: Shard of Anguish (Reveals Hidden Secrets)

30-Skulltulas-Wallet Giant’s (Carry 500 Rupees)

Bombus, 40 Skulltulas (The Moving Bombs)

piece of heart by 50 Skulltula’s

Gold Skulltulas

Several nocturnal Gold Skulltulas can be found in the community, speaking of Gold Skulltulas. By night, look for these in the village.

  1. The wall outside the House of Skulltula is where this one can only be seen at night (6/100).
  2. This Gold Skulltula(7/100) must be rolled into the first tree to be freed from it.
  3. Check the still-under-construction red-brick structure (8/100).
  4. The Skulltula (9/10) is located on the ladder of the large building in front of the Death Mountain entrance. Use the slingshot to kill it.
  5. The side of the house facing the entrance to Death Mountain is where you’ll find the final Skulltula (10/100).

Kakariko Graveyard

In Ocarina Of Time Walkthrough the Hylian Shield is up next. Why pay for the shield when you can get it for free? The shield can usually be purchased from the Bazaar in Hyrule Marketplace for 80 rupees. Visit the Kakariko Graveyard near the back of the village after dusk. To discover a hole, go behind the grave that is second from the left and has flowers blooming in front of it. For the Hylian Shield, enter and open the chest. Link cannot utilize this shield in battle since it is too large, but it can be employed as a shell to guard against flying items.

A larger tombstone with the Triforce emblem as its epitaph is located in the back of the cemetery. To access the Royal Family’s Tomb, stand on the Triforce tile in front of it and start playing Zelda’s Lullaby.

Kill every Keese (bat) in the space to open the doors. The ReDeads, which resemble zombies and can freeze you if you approach them too closely, are present in the next area in large numbers. Go to the next room while avoiding them and the deadly pits. Examine the etching to learn the Sun’s Song, which is used to alleviate the dead and transform night into day and day into night. You can momentarily paralyze a ReDead by playing it in front of it.

Once you acquire the Sun’s Song, you can find a Heart Piece in the cemetery. Pull back the fourth stone from the right to uncover a hole in the top row of smaller tombstones. To simultaneously freeze the ReDead and generate a treasure trove, enter and play the Sun’s Song next to them. To find a Heart Piece, open the chest.

Chapter 6 – Goron City

The adorable, rock-eating Gorons live in this multi-leveled paradise. The very bottom level is where the tribe’s leader, Darunia, has barricaded himself; however, playing Zelda’s Lullaby on the mat in front of the door instantly unlocks it. He’s not the friendliest guy, and you should play Saria’s song in front of him if you have it. If not, Goron City has a shortcut that leads directly to the Lost Woods. To move the bomb flower along, you poke it with a Deku stick.

The gloomy-looking Darunia is cheered by Saria’s Song, and following his dance-off, he immediately gives you the Goron’s Bracelet. Pick bomb flowers from their bed using it. Bomb flowers have a timer that starts when they are taken out of their bed of leaves. Bomb flowers quickly recover after blowing up.

You may have noticed the large urn in the middle, surrounded by many braziers that are not lit. You must enter Darunia’s room and utilize his flame to ignite these four braziers, which will spin the urn in the center. The urn will spin and halt on a “face” if you time it right and drop a bomb flower into the jar’s top.

Chapter 7 – Lon Lon Ranch

Talk to Talon about playing the Super Cucco game by going to his home in Lon Lon Ranch. Three Super Cuccos are in Talon’s possession, which he adds to a bag of regular cuccos. One of them will fall in front of you, so pick it up and look everywhere in the space for the remaining two Super Cuccos. He will reward you with a bottle of milk once you locate them.

The female, Malon, is in the middle of the field, so you should proceed there next. She will teach you Epona’s Song once you have spoken to her three times and played your ocarina. Epona will then begin to follow you, but you cannot yet mount her since she is still a foal.

Finally, proceed to a structure at the ranch’s rear. To access a crawl space and find a piece of heart, move some crates out of the way.

ocarina of time walkthrough

Chapter 8 – Zora’s Domain

Zora’s River is located in the eastern portion of Hyrule Field. If you find five frogs, you can play various tunes to help them all enlarge. Zelda’s Lullaby, Epona’s Song, Saria’s Song, Sun’s Song, the Song of Time, and Song of Storms are essential. You’ll receive a free heart piece if you play the Song of Storms, and you can then play a significantly longer song to acquire a second heart piece.

Carry a Cucco with you whenever you pass one since you’ll need it to gather the two heart parts you find. Play Zelda’s Lullaby in front of the waterfall once you’ve reached the river’s end, and the path will become clear.

As you near the king, ascend to the highest point of Zora’s domain and turn left. You can win the diving game by chatting with Zora and catching every one of the five blue rupees he throws into the water. To receive your reward—the silver scale—then climb back up. Longer underwater dives will be possible as a result. In Zora’s Domain, there is an underwater passageway that you can enter to travel to Lake Hylia using your new silver scale.

Get the message in a bottle lying on the lakebed by diving down. Use the message in a bottle to attack King Zora when you get there. The letter is actually from Princess Ruto, as it happens.

Return to the surface and use a bottle to catch a new fish. Release the fish in front of Jabu Jabu after climbing back up and going through the door to meet him. Jabu will ultimately trick the two of you. Get the dungeon done. Ruto will hand you the spiritual stone of water, and you will find a boomerang.

Chapter 9 – Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly

Most of the time, the jellyfish, or bird, can be ignored. However, if you touch it while it is conducting electricity, you will almost always feel a very unpleasant jolt. Enter the following space to encounter the arrogant Princess Ruto. If she doesn’t watch her step, she’ll drop to the ground below through a hole. Follow her down and converse until she agrees to be carried around.

Being unable to perform any beneficial actions while holding her is a pain. You must put her down so you can attack enemies or solve puzzles. You can quickly do this by pressing the “R” button.

Put Ruto down to pop the Shaboms when you enter the nearby door (bubbles). Throw Princess Ruto to the other side of the pond before flipping the switch, dodging the Stingers. After that, flip the valve to raise the water level so you can join her.

The stingers by enticing them out of their underground refuge and set the princess down. As you draw closer, they ultimately leap out, at which point you should shoot slingshots to knock them to the ground. The Boomerang is the reward if all three are defeated. You may now eliminate most dungeon foes rapidly, thanks to the Boomerang. You can also recover objects from a distance, such as Golden Skull Tokens.

Take Princess Ruto across the corridor to the area where you found the Boomerang. It was once blocked by a red tentacle, which is no longer there, and a blue-colored parasitic tentacle inside needs to be destroyed using the same method as the previous one.

The blue tentacle has now been detached from the last center passage. Enter the door to confront the last Parasitic Tentacle, which is now joined by an army of Biri. The Boomerang is also very effective against the Biri and can get rid of them quickly.

Chapter 10 – Temple of Time

When prepared, proceed to the Hyrule Castle gate, take in the cutscene, and then retrieve the Ocarina of Time from the river’s bottom. Play the Song of Time at the Temple of Time next to Castle Town to unlock the Door of Time. The fabled Master Sword is now available for you to use! After seven years of imprisonment in the sacred realm, the link will mature into an adult. The light sage Rauru will give you his medallion and instruct you to locate the other five sages.

Chapter 11– Water Temple

Head down to the tiny pool of water now, Lake Hylia, play the Serenade of Water you learned in the Ice Cavern, put on your blue tunic, and go there. Don your iron boots and descend to the bottom next. The door to the Water Temple, a particularly mysterious dungeon, can be unlocked by using your Hookshot to strike the crystal. Three levels and numerous passageways branch off each floor’s core hub, making up the structure. To access new rooms, you can also adjust the water level. The longshot, an improvement for your Hookshot, is inside the dungeon.

Additionally, you’ll conquer Morpha and save Princess Ruto, the water sage, making 4 out of 6 sages!

Go to the island with the stone inscription when you have defeated Morpha, and the lake has filled with water. You can obtain the fire arrows by waiting until sunrise and shooting an arrow in the direction of the rising sun. Great material!

Chapter 12 – Bottom of the Well

Visit Kakariko Village to see a different cutscene. Bongo Bongo, the shadow beast, escapes from the well. Link gets attacked by the monster, but fortunately, Sheik is nearby to protect us. Sheik also instructs us in a brand-new song known as the Nocturne of Shadow and advises us where to look for the Eye of Truth at the bottom of the well. Unfortunately, the entry will be closed if we immediately descend to the ground.

Learn the Song of Storms from the strange music box person in the windmill if you don’t already know it. He will criticize the person who played the music and wrecked the windmill seven years prior. You did mess up the windmill seven years ago, only not from your perspective. Therefore this is time-travel foreshadowing. To travel back in time, use the Master Sword’s pedestal and the Prelude of Light to teleport to the Temple of Time. You will teach the Prelude of Light to you as soon as you return to the Temple of Time if you don’t already know it.

Return to the windmill where you were a kid and sing the song to make the well’s water flow out. After that, descend the well and enter the mini-dungeon to discover the Eye of Truth. You can escape the bottom of the well, a dungeon full of numerous illusions, as soon as you discover the Eye of Truth. Go to the courtyard of Hyrule Castle near Castle Town; somewhere is a dead end with a sign that reads “dead end.” Placing a bomb will destroy the dead end and reveal a secret fairy fountain. You can enter the Shadow Temple and advance the game by learning the spell Din’s Fire from the magic fairy.

Chapter 13 – Shadow Temple

Return to the Temple of Time and travel back in time (great movie, by the way). You should get a magic potion from the Kakariko Village potion shop. To teleport to the Shadow Temple, start the Nocturne of Shadow. Once there, use Din’s Fire to ignite the circle of torches and open the door to the dungeon. It’s a good idea to utilize the Eye of Truth in every chamber of the approaching Shadow Temple because there are numerous illusions.

Of course, remember that if you anticipate dying inside the dungeon, you can use Farore’s Wind to construct checkpoints. The hover boots are a dungeon item that, when used, allow the link to hover for a brief period rather than jump as he normally would.

ocarina of time walkthrough

Chapter 14 – Gerudo’s Fortress

The sage of the desert is the lone remaining sage that needs to be located. The carpenters’ commander is waiting alongside the collapsed bridge in Gerudo Valley. The four carpenters intended to commit theft but were imprisoned at Gerudo Fortress because they were men. To save the carpenters, you must sneak into Gerudo’s Fortress. Defeat the four jail wardens and collect their keys while avoiding being struck by their spinning sword attack to accomplish this. If the guards ever manage to catch you, they’ll throw you in jail, but you can get out by shooting your Hookshot at the ceiling.

To find all four carpenters, explore every doorway leading into the citadel. One entrance is slyly hidden and can only be accessed by stooping down a short distance.

A Gerudo will give you a membership card after you’ve freed the last carpenter since she was so impressed. The Gerudo Training Ground is now accessible, but you still need to obtain the Silver Gauntlets from the spirit temple before completing it. As long as you have a horse, you can also go to the big racetrack and play the horseback archery minigame there. If you win by 1000 points, you’ll receive a piece of heart.

Chapter 15 – Spirit Temple

The name of the next region, Desert Colossus, is amusing for a desert. However, bomb the gap between the two palm palms to reveal another fairy fountain. You’ll receive a new magic spell from the fairy called Nayru’s Love. For a minute, you can use it to build a barrier that stops harm. But during that period, the link cannot do any other magic-powered actions.

Enter the Spirit Temple; however, you can only move to the first room. One of the inscriptions advises that you go back with a child’s heart. Sheik will appear as soon as you depart and teach us the final song from Ocarina of Time, the Requiem of Spirit.

To travel back in time, teleport to the Temple of Time, place the Sword on its pedestal and then play the Requiem of Spirit to return to the Spirit Temple. Instead of attacking the statues, ignore them and enter the temple to speak with Nabooru.

It would help if you searched the entire area to find the Silver Gauntlets, hidden in a chest outside the dungeon. As soon as you unlock it, two witches start attacking Nabooru as you watch helplessly. To save Nabooru, you must complete the Spirit Temple. The only issue is that you can’t use the Silver Gauntlets while you’re a child. Return to the present in the Temple of Time, then teleport back

Now that you’re an adult capable of using the Silver Gauntlets, you can move around the dungeon as usual. The Mirror Shield is a second unique item found in the Spirit Temple, and you can use it to resolve simple dungeon riddles. Reach the dungeon’s exit, free the mind-controlled Nabooru, and defeat the twin sorceress Twinrova. The final stage is revealed to be Nabooru, the spirit sage.

Chapter 16 – Ganon’s Castle

It would be best to eliminate the King of Evil in Ganon’s Castle, which is your final task. The six sages will utilize their power to construct a bridge of light heading directly into Ganon’s Castle as you draw near. Another thing to keep in mind is that, after discovering the golden gauntlet, you should leave Ganon’s Castle and proceed down the long dead end since doing so will allow you to toss the enormous stone pillar and enter the game’s last fairy fountain.

By boosting your defenses, this fairy will cause all enemy damage to be halved. Hopefully, you are now prepared to confront Ganondorf and prevent the destruction of Hyrule. I want to wish you luck and success!

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