Neo Monsters Redeem codes

Neo Monsters Redeem codes:  With the potential to collect and evolve over 900 animated monsters, the new smartphone game Neo Monsters makes an intriguing claim. In order to win the Monster Leagues championship, you must catch and train monsters, assemble a team with them, and take on “strong” adversaries.

You have inherited your late uncle’s monster ranch. 140 alternative online missions are available for you to train and refine your talents in addition to the six leagues you may compete in to become champion.

Neo Monsters Redeem codes — October 2023

Reward                        Codes

  • Gold card power     koi98i
  • Training points      opiNww
  • Legendary monsters   oiu8it
  • Evolution               uyt65r
  • Gold egg               nbng4z
  • Gem crystal           Knde3w
These Codes were created by outside developers. Therefore, utilise them first to get rewards. These codes are only accessible for a short time, therefore if they don’t work it’s because their time has passed and you need to wait for new ones. Visit the website frequently since we are always adding new codes.

How to redeem Neo Monsters codes?

  1. Go to the official website of Neo Monsters
  2. Add your Game Id
  3. Write Code in the search bar
  4. Wait for the approval
  5. After approval go back to your game
  6. Open the email and receive your rewards

Neo Monsters Tips & Tricks 

Neo Monsters Redeem codes

Higher Up Your Level

The amount of monsters you may recruit for your squad or gather is frequently restricted in Pokemon-style games. Neo Monsters, on the other hand, may have you gathering a long, long list of monsters, and the answer to the question “how many” depends entirely on how high your level is.

Try To Down More Monsters

If one of your major monsters dies, it opens the way for the ones behind it to attack the enemy. This is especially true for new players. You must carefully consider the stats and traits of each monster as you arrange them, making sure your first four are always in front.

Leave Behind Your Weak Monsters

While you could be happy with the monsters you currently have, your enthusiasm for them can start to fade if you encounter stronger ones. As soon as your front line consists of all of the finest monsters in the world, you can have some monsters who continue to sit on the bench. Therefore, if you come across a monster that is marked as “Rare,” feel free to boot one- or even two-star creatures because they won’t help you much overall.

Focus On Combos

If you use a combination while practising, your power will increase. Combos would be a particularly appropriate aspect of the game to concentrate on as training points are quite scarce. After all, regardless of your opponent, you will employ them very frequently.

Don’t overlook auxiliary skills

Your main source of income comes from your low-cost elemental assaults, which are your primary talents. Having said that, be sure to pay attention to your monsters’ secondary abilities because some of them are terrifyingly strong.

For example, “Poison Eater” can annihilate a monster that has been poisoned, and “Timestrike” may be able to trample an enemy who has just begun to take their turn.

Think Wisely During Training

Last but not least, you want to have an elementally balanced array of monsters. Make sure that each component is represented on your squad because your rivals will probably be doing the same thing. Check your squad to see whether you have too many monsters of one element; if so, you should remove them in favour of a rare monster.

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