Naruto Slugfest Codes

Naruto Slugfest Codes: A massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Naruto Slugfest will be available in 2020. You’ll be transported back to the Naruto universe with this game. You must select your characters in order to finish some quests. To receive new gear and experience, complete these quests.

Your general talents will improve as a result of the experience, which also helps you advance in the game. The Google Play Store offers Naruto Slugfest for free and it has 3D visuals.

Naruto Slugfest Codes — July 2023

16d3b66da4b875a0c9561ca9bea4e5a8: (New!) Redeem this code to get some free summon vouchers and also in game currencies

7fc77c08d2bbb97304d9454311442420: Redeem this code to get some free summon vouchers and also in game currencies

db50aa60af1fc4aa9b5101da01d8c882: Redeem this code to get a free chakra booster

Expired codes

ded1f6c20b48412caf91a974b4638b9b: Redeem this code to get 9 voucher recruit advance

b2c47e1b620c44bbb6f0a643f33eadde: Redeem this code to get 9 voucher recruit advance

How to enter Naruto Slugfest Codes?

  1. You need to launch the game first.
  2. Next, select the “Rewards” button in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. After that, you must select the “Redeem code” button.
  4. You must then input one of the codes listed above:
  5. You will be rewarded with things like boosts, vouchers, and many other things.

You should be aware that the Naruto Slugfest X redeem codes are only good for a short time. It may therefore occasionally show that these codes are invalid. When a code has once been claimed, it cannot be claimed again.

It costs nothing at all to use a code. To obtain rewards and incentives without having to spend real money, players can use Naruto Slugfest X coupon codes.

Please bookmark this website so you can return to it for updates and new code as it becomes available. As soon as the creators make new gift codes available, we can guarantee that. On my website, we will be the first to post them.

Use the code above before it expires since Naruto Slugfest X redeem codes are only valid for a short period of time. If any of the live Naruto Slugfest X Gift Codes listed above have expired, kindly let us know in the comments so that we may update the list with the most recent codes. This allows for the removal of that code from the list.

Naruto Slugfest Guide for Beginners

Increase your CP

You can gain extra CP by cultivating the equipped partners in Naruto Slugfest. Go to the partner menu, choose the partner you’re utilising, and then click Cultivate. It features three tabs: training, ninjutsu, and upgrade. You can purify the character using the talent pill in the training menu to earn new stats; the partner will receive random stats; the new stats may be lower; repeat the process until you obtain the better stats.

Click the save button if the outcome shows improved stats. Additionally, before beginning ninja training, you can choose your training stats from VIT/Vitality, STR/Strength, Agi/Agility, and Dex/Dexterity.

Upgrade Your Tools

The CP is impacted by ninja tools or a character’s gear. You may view all of the Ninja tools on the Ninja Tool tab on the following screen after selecting the bag option. The higher gear that is unequipped would have a red dot on it. Always make sure you are armed with the best ninja tools. From the quests, trial tower mode, trade stall, or attack mode, you can obtain Ninja Tools or equipment.

Build Strongest out breaks

You can create sets with the strongest outbreaks, improve attack, counter defence, or personalise by tapping the shuriken, going to the menu, selecting Ninjutsu, and selecting either the main or secondary class. You can level up or unlock items by tapping them in each tab’s orb section and then reading their information.

Ninjutsu is defined as the bottom-right side’s active skills. You can equip x4 Ninjutsu skills by tapping the set skill button in the bottom right corner of the Ninjutsu panel.

Diverse set of skills

A variety of abilities are present in each lesson. They are divided into three categories. Even though each class has a unique set of movesets, you may simply pick and choose from the four sets to find which best fits your playstyle. The details for each skill and its effects are displayed on the right side of the screen when you tap one of the skill icons.

By using skill points, you can level up your skills. Leveling up or paying money to get more skill points are the two simplest ways to acquire skill points. At level 30, and at level 11, the second set of skills can be unlocked.

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