My Talking Angela Redeem Codes

My Talking Angela Redeem Codes: My Talking Angela is the adapt to last year’s breakout success My Talking Tom, which was based on the Talking Tom and Partners series of apps starring talking animals.

You get to grow Angela from kitten to adulthood, care for her basic needs, and play with her while also satisfying her fashion sense. For My Talking Angela, keep reading for some helpful hints.

My Talking Angela Tips & Tricks

Take care of Time

When Angela is exhausted, you must put her to sleep, and sleeping takes a long time to recharge the fatigue meter. Set the time on the phone ahead an hour after the game and a half, depending on the level she’s at, to help it go by faster. Keep a watch on the other needs gauges since they will decline gradually over time.

My Talking Angela Redeem Codes

Play Mini games to earn coins

Play the minigames as much as you can since they’re the best method to get coins. You’ll win more cash as you go through the minigames and improve your score. To receive free gems, go to the gaming patio (bottom left button, happy face icon), then press the diamond in the middle circle to view a free diamond commercial movie.

Buy Maximum Furniture

The furniture may not appear to have much of a purpose at first, but it does: it speeds up the rate at which you collect experience points. So, if you’re attempting to level up, your best strategy is to buy as much furniture as possible, then perform activities that give you experience again (feeding, putting to sleep, etc).

Spend Least coins

You may make Angela happier by going to one of the shops and purchasing a clothing item or another form of accessory. Unless you play the minigames so frequently that you have a large stock of cash built up, strike a balance between spending the least number of coins feasible and keeping her pleased by getting the cheapest item of clothing or accessory you can find.

My Talking Angela Redeem Codes

My Talking Angela Redeem Codes— May 2023

My Talking Angela Hack is a no-cost method of unlocking or obtaining all In-App purchases. This hack for My Talking Angela is compatible with iOS devices. To utilize this trick, select a cheat code from the list below and enter it into the My Talking Angela gaming console.

You do not need to root or jailbreak your phone to use these cheats and hacks, nor do you need to download any computer software or apk IPA files! If you’re tired of downloading a lot of files that don’t function, you’ve come to the perfect spot!

REWARDS                                          CHEATS
Bag of Diamonds                        sRotFefGzsyGGQn_7T
Double Coins In Games             6eV4iBa3ZoQPu19_gr
The trunk of Diamonds              eY1KucfO1XSAbg2_ZZ
Box of Diamonds                       jLqzsZ11FIR3PLm_Hq
Box of Diamonds                       iSFKwvY4F5LneMQ_6b
Pile of Diamonds                       Hq2UKMrEPeya6GI_91
Starter Bundle                           Lwsd8DvwaukPI3y_eo
Trunk of Diamonds                   IJrJK7sCahnxZOE_dJ
Trunk of Diamonds                   sOJJeTvGcyAejV0_Po
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