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My Cafe Cheat Codes: My Cafe Recipes & Stories is a cafeteria-themed mobile game that puts us in command of our own restaurant to operate as we see fit.

The game is enjoyable, but it is sluggish and tough to ascend at the beginning. As a result, it is natural for players to consider cheating in the game. While cheating is the simplest shortcut, we do not recommend it because there is still no safe way to trick in the game. Similarly, using illegal hacks could result in your account being banned from the game, resulting in the loss of your progress.

The greatest way to go forward a bit faster is to follow a series of completely legal tips and methods that will assist you in completing your task.

My Cafe Tips & Tricks

My Cafe Cheat Code

Increase your serving speed

While Ann and the other staff will try their best to serve all customers the appropriate orders, you may assist them by serving customers yourself. Simply tap a client and select “What would you want to order?”

Make a list of the orders and begin making the beverages and other goods on your own. Simply press the teacup symbol in the bottom-right centre of the screen to access the recipe list if you forget a recipe.

By tapping machines to produce beverages, you may help Ann and her coworkers deliver orders quicker. Employees will have to wait for a gadget to create a drink, so why not tap them first? This would allow them to serve consumers more quickly.

Employee Qualifications Upgrade

An up arrow indicator displays over Ann’s head as she levels up. To learn about Ann’s current level and available talents, tap Ann and then press the “Tell Me About Your Skills” button. You can improve a skill of your choosing when an employee levels up, but you can only upgrade one of three talents. Make good choices when it comes to your abilities.

Ann’s “AllItemsPrices!” talent should be upgraded since it raises the price of all things by a specific proportion. To boost their pricing, tap the + button and stop when the colour goes to dark green. After then, the colour will turn yellow, and only a small percentage of buyers will order things in the yellow colour range.

How to Obtain Unique Spices

Spices can be obtained as a reward for signing in on a daily basis or as daily presents. Upgrade your employee’s “Daily Gift” talent when he or she levels up to increase the number of daily presents. The more presents you acquire in a day, the more likely you are to get uncommon spices.

Spices can also be bought over the phone, but you’ll need to have a phone line installed in your café. At level 6, unlock “Phone.” This will allow you to not only order spices but also accept takeaway orders, resulting in more income. Yippie!

Spices may also be given by certain customers. Continue conversing with consumers, and a generous and cheerful man like Koffsky will provide a rare flavour.

My Cafe Cheat Code

Get Bonuses for Decorating Your Café

Adding eye-catching furnishings and decorations to your café is a terrific method to generate more tips from guests. Pay attention to your clients’ conversations to get ideas for decorating and furniture.

For instance, consider the French style. Painting latte art may be a great touch to your café and can also help you make some additional cash. The bill will show you how much money you’ve made in tips for designing your café in a particular way. When you first start the game, the bill shows.

My Cafe Cheat Codes

There are no codes available for now. Keep visiting the site for new tips and codes for your favorite games.

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