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MORTAL Kombat Cheat Codes: MORTAL KOMBAT is one of the top action and fighting games that you should experience. With various characters, each with their own unique powers reproduced extremely realistically through top-notch 3D graphics, this game is sure to make you unable to make any complaints.

The great wars have begun; download the game now and show your superior fighting skills.

MORTAL Kombat Cheat Codes — May 2023

Start on match                          2DF61-14DD
Use on match                          3D461-14DD
Start on match                          4D761-14DD
Use on match                           5D061-14DD
Start on match                           6D961-14DD
Use on Mirror match                D161-14DD
Start on Endurance 1 match       D561-14DD
Use on Endurance 2 match       D661-14DD
Start on Endurance 3 match       DB61-14DD
fight in the Courtyard                 DD6A-47AF
Flawless Victory Bonus               6DB8-3D67
strike wins round                        DDBC-370F
High pitched voices                    DD68-6DD0
Fatality time                                5EB5-3F64
Rounds are 90 seconds              BF66-3DD4 + DD66-3D04
Rounds are 199 seconds             D466-3D04
Infinite Time                                C9B2-17AF
Throws do more damage            56B9-4DAD

MORTAL Kombat Tips & Tricks

MORTAL Kombat Cheat Codes

To Boost Attacks, Spend Bars

Aside from specials, Fatalities, and Crushing Blows, players may really employ gameplay factors to defeat opponents. Players in Mortal Kombat 11 have an Offensive and Defensive Meter that recharges over time.

Remember to use your Offensive Meter to amp up your attacks and do extra damage. They can also roll and break away from combinations using their Defensive Meters.

Players may also interact with elements on the stage, such as weapons, using their Offensive Meter bars. These not only give variety to assaults, but they also add flavour to any battle.

They can also utilise both metres’ bars to Wake Up or begin a Flawless Block, both of which may help players get out of tight situations.

Become a Good Defender

When fighting other players, players should keep track of their defensive alternatives. Remember that your opponents will most likely get aggressive in order to conclude the play fast.

With well-timed blocks, grapples, and throws, players may destroy their combinations and special strikes.

As a result, players should remember to respond with get-up strikes (Up+Punch/Kick), roll for distance (Forward/Back+L2), and even Breakaways (Down+R2) to lessen the damage.

If at all feasible, players should attempt battling all characters to get a feel for their specialities’ early phases so they know when to block or dodge.

Play With Customization

Unlike other fighting games, Mortal Kombat 11 lets you customise your characters in great detail. Unlike other games that just allow players to alter their outfits, MK11 allows them to customise every aspect of their roster.

Kustom Variation allows players to customise their playstyles by altering the techniques available to them.

This feature allows players to create custom builds that are tailored to their individual needs, and may even be the ideal loadout for certain opponents. Furthermore, such an option allows for hundreds of character possibilities, keeping online gaming fresh even when players are battling the same character.

Mix up moves

While fighting an AI-controlled opponent isn’t the same as fighting a live person, the computer characters may nonetheless be difficult to beat. To make such fights go more smoothly, switch up the moves you utilise.

It’s tempting to rely on one or two movements straight first, especially weighty ones like a jump kick, but the computer picks up on patterns quickly and can easily block and retaliate if you don’t alter things up.

Even if you want to stick to a couple of favourite moves, switch up how and when you employ them.

Ignore the grind

The grind required to gain new items in the Krypt and Tower modes has been criticised. While such modes might be entertaining, it’s not entertaining to waste time attempting to obtain goods whose value isn’t worth the effort spent.

Take it from me: completing the story and then hopping online is considerably more enjoyable, worthwhile, and hard than any of the other modes. Take a break if you find yourself making the game into a chore to obtain goods.

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