Monopoly Cheat Codes 2023


Monopoly Cheat Codes Do you want to play this fantastic board game on your phone or tablet? While you’re free, why not have some fun with your friends and other online gamers? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Android players will be able to participate in the fascinating board game Monopoly, which is enjoyed and played by a billion people across the world.

MONOPOLY is a popular board game that you may play with friends or family as well as compete in. The makers of this digital version of the same board game have retained the original game principles while also including current advancements.

Monopoly Tips & Tricks

Monopoly Cheat Codes

Money Cheat

Begin the game. If you select yourself as the first player, you will have the first turn.
Roll the dice, move to the appropriate location, and save the game; of course, you must remember the file name ;-). Finish the game. In any Hex editor, open the file (I use XVI32).

Then alter the integers in both the off-sets “00000061” and “00000061” to “FF.”
Close the editor and save the file. Restart the game and open the following file:
You now have more than $65K in your account. Have fun… and I’ll see you later!!!

Trick With Loaded Dice

With this method, you’ll be able to roll any number you choose. To begin, simultaneously press the Control (Ctrl) and “D” keys. Keep them pinned down. Then, while still holding the keys, use the mouse to select one of the two dice you can roll.

Now slide the mouse left to set one die to the required range, then up to set the other, then let go of the button to roll the dice at the chosen number, which may be any number you like!

Earn Money

If you have one of three cards of the same colour and the computer has the other two, the computer will trade with you. When you notice the large sum, don’t take it. To make it more substantial, raise the amount by clicking on the money object on the computer’s portion. You may earn up to 1000m this way.

Rob The Computer

If you have three cards or the computer has two and you have one, or you have two and the computer has one of the same home colours, the computer will send you a trade; if not, you have three house colours and must first trade those three…

Then, while you’re dealing, click on all of his properties except the home colour of three sets, and you’ll give Allin the money item, which he won’t give to Dennie, so have fun.

Monopoly Cheat Codes — October 2023

Collect $300 for passing Go         YLSSOLPU

Getting out of jail                         AAVZKAYP

Getting out of jail costs $100        IPVZKAYO

Luxury Tax costs $30                      LOOAVKZP

Tax costs $100                              IOOAVKZO

Luxury Tax costs $200                    PUOAVKZP

Income Tax costs $0                       AESAVGPL

Tax costs $30                                 LOSAVGPL

Income Tax costs $100                   IOSAVGPU

Income Tax costs $300                   YUSAVGPU

Boardwalk costs $300                     YLOSLKLK

Boardwalk costs $600                     LIOSLKLG

Park Place costs $200                      PLOIZGIG

A place to park costs $400             LGOIZGIK

Park Place costs $600                      LIOIZGIG

Houses on Park Place cost $100        IPOSZGPU

Park Place houses cost $300              YLOSZGPU

Houses on Boardwalk cost $100        IPXILGPU

Houses on Boardwalk cost $300        YLXILGPU

Go Back 7 spaces                            YAOAILLA

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