Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Promo Codes

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Promo Codes: An exciting first-person shooter featuring both single-player and multiplayer missions. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, was just published by Gameloft. There is also a lovely landscape to enjoy. When you can take a break from eliminating adversaries, that is.

In order to help you win against the computer alone or with friends from across the world, we’ve produced a cheats, walkthrough and tricks guide that covers the more crucial topics.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Tips & Tricks

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour tips & Tips

Create Your Own Virtual Buttons

Stop the game and chose Customize HUD from the Options menu since we personally feel that the default button layout makes everything feel too crowded. You are then free to adjust the size and placement of the buttons as well as their location. At the end of the day, you just want to feel as comfortable as you can.

Use Your Blue Credits

The multiplayer game receives a lot of attention from Gameloft when it comes to Credits, but you can always add Boosts, Upgrades, and Attachments when playing single-player. Among other helpful items, they include Red Dot Sights, Health Packs, Throwing Knives, Automated Turrets, Quick Aim, and Body Armor. Just pause the game, then select the Shop icon at the bottom of the display.

Try To Make Headshots

Never turn the Aim Assist off until you have mastered the simulated analogue sticks. You have a considerably better chance of landing headshots in the single-player game thanks to this life-saving feature, which forces your pistol to automatically (and frequently) snap to the nearest target.

The optimal attack method is to tap the targeting symbol to aim down the iron sights, shoot the selected bad guy, hit the button to return to normal view, and then tap it again right away to “snap” to the next target that is visible.

Try to Get Map keys

Get used to your map key. You’ll use this key a lot more often than you think! Pressing the key will bring up a menu with all the important locations in your area, including airdrops, bases, and other points of interest. The map will also automatically update whenever you move around the area or when someone else moves into range of one of your bases or points of interest.

Focus on Radar System

Learn how to use the radar system in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. It’s really useful when playing with friends who don’t have good eyesight or hearing they’ll be able to see where everyone else is on their own radar screens so they can coordinate attacks better!

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Weapons

1. Melee: If you’re fighting a large group of enemies, use your melee attacks to keep them off-balance, and then use your pistol to finish them off.

2. Shotguns: Shotguns are powerful weapons that can take down multiple enemies in one shot! Use this to your advantage when you’re fighting a large group of enemies.

3. Grenades: Grenades can be thrown from far away, so don’t hesitate when you have the opportunity to do so! They’re great for taking down groups of enemies quickly, but make sure that whoever throws them has a clear shot at the target area before throwing them.

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