Mobile Games Similar To Lineage 2 Revolution

Mobile Games Similar To Lineage 2 Revolution are growing ever more popular, and because of that, it’s worth looking out for some great games you can play in your free time. You’ll want to be able to easily download any number of these games directly onto your phone or tablet if you’re planning to spend a lot of time playing them.

Are you considering starting a new game but need to know what? You are on the right site because we have created an in-depth game review page for you. This page is designed to give you all the information about games similar to the lineage 2 revolution.

Let’s look at some of the best action games that will make your day.

The Last One Month

The Last One Month game is a world-class multiplayer online game. The players can control their armies and fight against other players on the battlefield.

The Last One Month is a free-to-play strategy game that allows you to command your army and lead it into battle against other players. You will be allowed to create your town and make it thrive by building houses, farms and other buildings that will attract people to live there.

You can also choose from hundreds of different units that you can use to attack enemy towns or even conquer them in battle. Once you have defeated all your enemies, you can claim victory over them and their lands for yourself!

The Last One Month game is a combination of action and strategy, which help it become better than other games like pokemon go and Fortnite. Over 1 million players are playing the game daily, making it one of the most popular mobile devices.

Mobile Games Similar To Lineage 2 Revolution

World Seed

World Seed is a game that’s a combination of Farmville and Minecraft. You grow different crops, and then you can use those crops to create better ones that sell for more money. It’s an endless farming game where you can build up your farm and make it more efficient.

World Seed is a game that allows players to explore an open-world environment, complete quests and take on dungeons. It features over a thousand types of monsters and other enemies for players to encounter. Players can use the in-game currency to buy items and equipment from NPCs or by player-to-player trading.

It is an open-world MMORPG with a high fantasy setting that allows you to explore and fight monsters. It features fast-paced gameplay, with free-to-play elements such as buying in-game items using real money or earning them through gameplay.


CrossCode is a 2D platformer with a pixel art aesthetic and a focus on the story. The game features a unique blend of gameplay elements, including an innovative combat system where you fight enemies by swapping between two characters. You can also combine these characters to create new ones with unique abilities and skills.

It is set in the future, where a war has been raging against the machines for decades. People live underground in the ruins of what was once a great city. They survive by scavenging materials from the machines and building weapons and armour out of them. CrossCode also features dozens of puzzles that require logic and problem-solving skills to complete them.

Mobile Games Similar To Lineage 2 Revolution

Arthurian Legends

Arthurian Legends is one of Mobile Games Similar To Lineage 2 Revolution where you can experience the legend of King Arthur and his knights. You will take part in various quests, adventures and battles. You will have to fight enemies, collect resources and build your kingdom. 

Arthurian Legends has been developed by developers from around the world who wanted to create a fun mobile game for players who love the legend of King Arthur. As soon as you start playing this game, you will see that it’s fun and very challenging!

It has a variety of different missions that you can complete to earn gold and experience. You can also buy armour and weapons for your character, making them stronger.

Chronicle Of Infinity

In Chronicle of Infinity, you’ll play as a brave knight who must defend his kingdom from an invasion by the evil King Tzeng. You can use your sword to fight off enemies and your shield to block enemy attacks. You can also use magic spells to fight off enemies, but these take time to cast and cause fatigue. The game comes with two modes: Story Mode and Challenge Mode. In Story Mode, you’ll play through the first three chapters of the game, each one more difficult than the last. In Challenge Mode, you can try out different strategies and test your skills in battle with other players online.

Players can choose from over 100 jobs, divided into six classes: Black Mage, Priest, Warrior, Rogue, Red Mage and Summoner. Each job has unique skills and spells that you can use in battle. The story revolves around the main character’s journey to become a legendary hero.

Mobile Games Similar To Lineage 2 Revolution

Wild Terra 2: New Lands

If you have been looking for an action-packed game similar to lineage 2 revolution, Wild Terra 2: New Lands should be your next choice. The gameplay is to survive in the wild with your friends, family or other people you are playing with online. You will have to use all your skills and abilities to survive in the wild. There are many different animals worldwide, and they are all trying their best to survive.

It is set in new lands so that you can explore caves, forests and other locations. This is one of the best games for those who love strategy games.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands has many features that make it a good game for everyone. It has an easy interface, which makes it easy to learn and play this game. You can also try out different characters to have more fun playing this fantastic game. The graphics are great, and they help make this game more fun than ever before.

Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is a mobile game similar to the RPG-style games that have become popular in recent years, like Pokemon GO and Fire Emblem Heroes. In Darkness Rises, you play as a hero who fights against an evil force called Darkness. You’ll travel across the land, battling enemies and gaining experience points to level your character.

In Darkness Rises, in this fantasy role-playing game, you will play as one of five characters fighting for control over the world. You can choose from mages, warriors, rogues and more as you battle through the epic story that unfolds before you. Your goal is to defeat enemy armies to gain control over the land.

Mobile Games Similar To Lineage 2 Revolution

Iron Blade

Iron Blade is a free-to-play action RPG with a twist. In Iron Blade, you’ll control a character with a unique fighting style as he battles through several stages. As you progress, you’ll unlock more moves and abilities that allow you to use them on the battlefield.

The combat of this game is easy to learn but challenging to master. It is a multiplayer game with various modes and features. The game aims to fight one-on-one battles in various locations. Players can select from a wide range of weapons, including swords and axes, as well as different types of armour.

In the game, you will have to build your castle, train your heroes and fight against other players in PvP mode. There are many other features like raids, quests, achievements, etc. 

Dungeon Hunters

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is a monster-hunting game that combines the best elements of action and RPG genres.

You are a legendary hero of the Alliance who has been sent to explore the dungeons and slay monsters. You’ll have to use every skill at your disposal to survive.

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance offers unprecedented freedom, allowing you to play in any way you wish. You can choose between five character classes, each with unique abilities and playstyle.

The game has more than 50 different types of weapons, each with its unique characteristics and stats. You can discover new weapons by defeating enemies or finding them hidden in random locations around the world map.


Legacy of discord

Legacy of Discord is a popular mobile game from the studio behind Clash of Clans. It’s a strategy RPG where you build powerful armies, defeat your enemies, and take over the world!

It has an impressive number of characters, units, spells, and other features, making it an excellent mobile game to try out. These Mobile Games Similar To Lineage 2 Revolution in many ways. You can choose between several classes, such as Warrior or Magician, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll have to focus on building up your army before going into battle with other players or against boss enemies that you’ll encounter as you play through the story mode. You’ll also have to upgrade your units as they gain experience to become stronger as you progress through the game’s chapters.

Mobile Games Similar To Lineage 2 Revolution


The mobile gaming industry is growing faster and faster by the day. With many popular releases explicitly targeting the growing number of mobile gamers, it has been seeing a boom in overall success. With this booming success comes a few new alternatives to Mobile Games Similar To Lineage 2 Revolution for other gamers to sample. These alternatives might have different features than Lineage 2 Revolution, but they still offer great games for players.

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