Merge Dragons Cheat Codes

Merge Dragons Cheat Codes: Merge Dragons is a fun and captivating game. You can build your environment, increase the size of your domain, and even amass items like gold coins! This article will give you all the knowledge you need, whether you’re looking for cheats, strategies, or codes to win the game or are bored.

A popular puzzle game called Merge Dragons lets players have fun while interacting with different dragons. The game’s goal is to join objects of like colors to create new ones. Due to the constrained number of moves offered by each level, despite appearing to be a straightforward task, it is more complex than it seems.

However, workarounds for this problem are discussed in the following sections, including cheats, codes, tips, and tactics. If you need aid getting through those challenging levels, keep reading.

Merge Dragon Cheat Codes — July 2023

Active Codes

There are no active merge dragons cheat Codes available now. Just bookmark our site MyModdedapk and keep visiting for new updates and newer cheat codes.

Expired Codes:

There are all the current Expired cheats or cheat codes:

OC_ML949Mjnd: Cheat code reward > 30 Day Dragon Gem Payout
IN_jf2MMJIm5 : Cheat code reward > Bag of 400 Dragon Gems
T3_98NmDjn : Cheat code reward > Chest of 960 Dragon Gems
NOC_Jfm2MiPaEW : Cheat code reward > Bag of 250 Dragon Gems
JN_93MMniPooli: Cheat code reward > Pile of 100 Dragon Gems
FR_NaaFRR299: Cheat code reward > Pile of 160 Dragon Gems
AK_8MqipQm : Cheat code reward > Cauldron of 3200 Dragon Gems

How to redeem Merge Dragons codes?

  1. You’ll start by going to the game settings. To get to the bottom of the page, you must scroll down. You’ll find a button at the bottom of the page called “Whoop Button.”
  2. It will take you to an empty box if you press that button.
  3. Give your cheat code a place in that box.
  4. To validate your cheat code, press “Okay.”

How to get more Gems in Merge Dragon?

In Merge Dragons, there are three ways to get Gems. Continue reading if you need to learn what these techniques are.

1. Purchase Dragon Gems.

In Merge Dragons, visiting the Dragon Gems shop is the first and most straightforward way to obtain Gems. Once you enter the store, you will find a wide variety of options, such as the 30-Day Dragon Gem Payout, unique Bonus Gem packs that are available only once, and other additional bundles.

2. Finish the missions to locate Purple Dragon Stars.

Using the second way, you must finish quests and find Purple Dragon Stars. Once located, you must tap on to receive Gems. You must complete as many quests as possible to boost your chances of getting Purple Dragon Stars.

Merge all five Purple Dragon Stars once you get them. Tap on them to receive Gems if you have combined them all at once.

3. Locate Gems on Land

The third and final method for obtaining Gems in Merge Dragons is to locate Dragon Stars, which are uncommon, on the dead land in Camp.

Merge Dragons Tips & Tricks

Merge Dragons Cheat Codes

Rocks are mined for bricks.

While rocks are typically useless in some games, they can be precious in Merge Dragons. This is so that you can obtain bricks by collecting rocks. The bricks then develop into significant in-game money. You can use them to purchase structures and chests that hold helpful stuff. The systems you acquire are then utilized to store additional bricks, cash, and dragons. Drop a dragon on a rock to harvest it. The result is bricks that need to be combined. Combining them allows you to create a Powerful Brick Stone that provides 25,000 bricks.

Gather Fruits to Earn Money

Fruits and Coins function similarly to Rocks and Bricks. Coins, crucial in-game money, are obtained by harvesting Fruits. Buildings and dragons are purchased using cash. Just drag and drop a dragon onto a fruit tree, as you did with the last item. After that, you’ll get fruits that you can combine to get cash. Combining them can also obtain a Magic Gem of Life, which awards you 25,000 coins.

Use them all

You can exceed your storage cap whenever you are in the Camp in Merge Dragons. However, once you leave the Camp, you can only collect as many coins and bricks as your storage can.

Only combine dragons when their stamina is low.

As you begin hatching additional dragon eggs, you frequently receive notifications from merging dragons. Once more, this can be incredibly alluring. Keep in mind, though, that your dragons may still have some strength. So use it accordingly till it is finished. You can then combine your dragons. It will completely renew the stamina of the newly combined dragons. You can then use them to harvest more items after that.

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