Magic Tiles 3 Cheat codes 2023

Magic Tiles 3 Cheat codes;  Magic Tiles 3 is the most recent in a long line of successful piano-tile games for iPhone and Android. You may play songs here to try to gain perfect scores and cash, as well as earn gems and new music, and unlock countless more songs to play. Continue reading for Magic Tiles 3 tips and tricks.

Magic Tiles 3 Tips & Tricks 2023

Magic Tiles 3 Cheat codes

Goal To Play

Unlike other games of this kind, where the aim is merely to strike the note before it slides off the screen, you will receive a greater score dependent on where you hit the note on the track. To obtain a perfect for that note, hit it low on the record in the “great” zone. Your aim is to achieve all perfects on every song, but even if you don’t, try to get as many notes as possibly perfect.

Earn More Coins

You’ll get hardly any coins for beating around depending on how well you perform. Later in the game, coins may be used to purchase levels, which range in price from 500 to 50,000 coins. So be thrifty with your money and save as much as you can. They may also be bought with gems in the store.

Get More Gems From Store

Gems are the game’s premium money, and while the most common way to obtain them is through in-app purchases, you may also obtain them for free in a number of ways. To get five gems, go to the store and view an advertisement video. You can also win free gems by completing numerous tasks found throughout the song list.

Completing deals in the store section will also reward you with gems. Some of these deals are free, while others are paid but need you to buy something else in addition to gems.

Save and earn more Lives 

To begin the game, you have 15 lives, and each time you complete a level, one of them is depleted. You may reclaim your life in a few ways. Waiting for them to return is one option. The second option is to buy lives with coins or view commercial films for five lives each. Lives have no limit; if you buy or utilize a video, you can have as many as you desire.

Unlock More Songs

To see all songs, press the music note menu, but to see many other modes, tap the social menu. In the online mode, you may compete for diamonds and money with other players. You may acquire free diamonds by participating in treasure hunts and other prizes.

Here you’ll discover all of your tasks and objectives, as well as the benefits of interacting with Magic Tiles 3’s Social media page.

Become a true pianist right now!

Amantes, the world’s leading music game producer with over one billion downloads, has released Magic Tiles 3. Through our many applications, music fans may engage with thousands of songs. Why only listen to music when you can interact with it as well? “Everyone can make music!” we believe at Amantes.

Magic Tiles 3 Cheat codes

The rules of the game are as follows:

  1. Place your finger on the black tiles.
  2. Stay away from the white tiles.
  3. Expect to speed up as the song progresses.
  4.  Place your finger on the black tiles.
  5. Stay away from the white tiles.
  6. Increase your speed and improve your skills.

Magic Tiles 3 Cheat Codes —May 2023

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