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League of Legends is among the world’s most popular games, with over 27 million current players and counting (if not the most popular). However, for individuals who have never played a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), they might be intimidating because many players in the community expect you to know how to play (and play effectively!).

So, if you’re seeking a quick way to pick up the fundamentals of the game and eventually make it through a match without being labeled an uber-noob, look no further. Here are some League of Legends beginner tips to get you started.

League of Legends Tips & Tricks

League of Legends cheat codes

Learn about Map

Summoner’s Rift is the main campaign map for League of Legends, and it consists of three lanes: top, middle, and bottom. The jungle is the twisting passages that run between the lanes, and it’s here that some creatures appear that might grant your champion extra boosts if you fight them.

Because many champions are better suited for a specific role, where you start on the battlefield should be mainly determined by the champion you choose.

The jungle is the only position without a designated lane; players are expected to level up by killing monsters in the jungle before attempting assassination attempts on rival champions in the lane.

Learn how to use the keyboard shortcuts

Using hotkeys in League of Legends will save you time and could be the key to winning a battle, just like they do in other real-time strategy games. The following are the most important keystrokes to remember:

The key skills of the Champion are Q, W, E, and R.

Summoning spells (F, D)

Item slots are 1,2,3,4,5,6. (only work if the corresponding slot contains an item that can be activated)

B – Returns your champion to their starting point.

Spacebar – Zooms in on your champion (very useful in hectic situations like team fights)

G — To indicate your intentions or threats to teammates, send a ping.

Tab — Displays the game’s current stats.

P – Shows a list of things that can be purchased.

Keep your distance from Minions.

Minion waves should be thought of as moving shields that protect you from enemy turrets and minions. Allow friendly minions to go into fight ahead of you whenever possible so that they can absorb damage while you focus on using your abilities and striking specific targets.

Attempt to live as long as possible.

When an opponent champion kills you, that champion gains a big amount of experience and money. Dying frequently provides the opposition a significant edge because it allows them to level up and purchase powerful gear more quickly.

Not to mention that death removes your champion from the game for a period of time. It grows longer as the game progresses. It’s far preferable to go all out and die in a blaze of glory if you can discover a way to survive an encounter you fear you’ll lose.

Discover How to Last-Hit

Many newcomers to League of Legends may assume it’s acceptable to sit back and auto-attack minion wave. After minion wave, until they’re in a position to attack the nearest enemy turret. But this strategy will cost you in the long term as you level up your profile and are matched against more talented players.

To get the most out of minion waves, concentrate on landing the killing blow on each feasible minion, as this will earn you a gold bonus.

Only the support should be worried about last-hitting because their role is to assist the ADC in getting the last hits.

Understand the Language

After a while, you’ll notice that some players use acronyms or shorthand to describe certain aspects of the game. This kind of communication saves keystrokes, which saves time, and could offer your team an edge in a competitive battle. The following are some crucial terms to be aware of.

League of Legends (LoL) is a video game developed by Riot Games and published by

Creep Score (CS) is a term that refers to the amount of time that something has. (the number of minions a champion has killed in the game)

Gang Kill” is abbreviated as Gank (surprise attacks that leave an enemy champion outnumbered)

Crowd Control (CC) is a term that refers to the management of crowds. (any abilities that render enemy champions unable to fight for a duration)

Magic Resist (MR) is a term that refers to the ability to resist magic.

The ability of a champion to clear waves of minions swiftly is referred to as wave clear.

Kill Steal (KS) is a term used to describe the act of stealing anything. (dealing the final blow to an enemy champion after a teammate does most of the damage)

Leash — A jungle-aid strategy that involves inflicting damage to a monster without really killing it.

Dragon is abbreviated as Drag (A tough monster that gives a powerful buff but usually requires teamwork to kill)

Away From Keyboard (AFK) is a term used to describe someone who is not at their computer.

League of Legends Cheat Codes

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