Hungry Shark Evolution Cheat codes 2023

Hungry Shark Evolution Cheat codes: Hungry Shark World is one of the most popular games on the Google Play Store, ranking in the top three. It debuted to millions of downloads and is still chomping its way onto phones, leaving only aching thumbs (and the occasional irritated scream) in its wake.

If you’re seeking to climb the corporate ladder, use this collection of tips, techniques, and hacks to help you succeed.

Hungry Shark Evolution Cheat Codes — May 2023

       CODES                                      Rewards

  • aCm173uVAOhUJc5             Promo code
  • kMMeShJjWRW0vm8            Speed up
  • 9JS6KVVYHH9CcKf                 Get gold
  • xWSQTj2WhfRXfJ4                Gem crystal
  • pHf8d2MRwvth3wX             Premium pack
  • 6i7ZHr7k2sZUoOd                Get Diamonds
  • vhFhJ5gg420wXmb               Vip ticket
  • ageTfv5giYdEOqV                 Soul shard
  • sjvE1C5HsbgxkAP               Summon shark
  • I2ZwzvFudPERwKE                Get Food
  • Cm0plOUieEMzlzR               Gift box

Hungry Shark Tips & Tricks

Try to Hunt

Purchase your compass, then tap or press start (tap is more likely), then play, then you will see a small compass, then tap to the left and you will find a treasure trove.

Eating Made Simple

Shake your shark’s head quickly as there is a lot of edible fish for your shark to devour!
(Excellent against rays and hostile sharks)

Sharks to Unlock

Continue to feed your shark to help it develop. When your shark has grown to its maximum size, the next shark in the series will unlock.

Tip for Jelly Fish Stung

Are you tired of getting stung by Jelly? You will be shielded from the sting of a Jelly Fish if you purchase an Antidote for 100 Coins.

Coins and bonus points

You will become impervious to any assault if you travel to the region of the ocean where megalopolis and great whites are (you must obtain gold rush in the process), and you will be able to eat the sharks and mini-subs whatever you want, but only if you earn gold rush.

Items that have sunk

There are 15 submerged things hidden across the environment that use to recover points.

Upgrade the Shark

Keep a lookout for the delicacies that contain Coins or Gems that are strewn over the map. You can use the money you get from eating these on improving your shark if you consume them.

Gold Rush Mode 

When you’ve filled the Gold Rush meter and entered Gold Rush mode, make the most of the moment when you’re invincible for the duration of the effect. Extra fish spawn, your health meter fills, and you may gain points by running into items that would typically injure you in Gold Rush mode. The length of the Gold Rush mode determines the type of shark you are using and the extras you load.

The Gold Rush

When you achieve a certain number of points, you’ll receive a ‘Gold Rush,’ which includes bonus coins and a points multiplier.

Jacket with Flak

If you wish to shield the shark from mine explosions, purchase the Flak Jacket for 100 Coins.

Multipliers of Points

When you devour a large number of animals in a short period of time, you will get point multipliers.

Hungry Shark Cheats

Final Thoughts

These all tips & tricks help you to perform better in the game. It help you to get unlimited coins, gems, food, and many more.

These codes are used by many people so it’s possible some of them may not work. Try to use them as early as possible.

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