Homescape Cheat Codes 2023

Homescape Cheat Codes; The hit mobile puzzler known as Homescapes is all about home renovating. In order to spruce up Austin’s dusty old mansion, you’ll need to accumulate the stars needed to return it to its former glory. Those stars are only accessible through the completion of match-three puzzles with all sorts of main goals attached to them.

We’ve spent dozens of hours solving these puzzles, adding new furniture to our humble abode, and following along with Austin’s familial journey. And along the way, we’ve acquired a few tips on how to make the most of your time with this addictive match-three puzzler.

Homescape Tips & Tricks

Homescape Cheat Codes

Be patient.

This may not seem like the most conventional gaming advice, but patience pays dividends in Homescapes.
Wait a few seconds if you come into a circumstance in the game where finding a mate seems unattainable.
During the time you are waiting, the game will automatically provide you with solution ideas.

Carpets have been replaced.

Some Homescapes levels may necessitate the use of a carpet to conceal the background.
To make a new carpet, make sure that at least one of the removed blocks has previously been placed on the carpet.
Airplanes and explosives can also be used to assist spread a carpet. You must, however, guarantee that the first touch the carpet.

Homescape Cheat Codes

Making Use of Combinations

Remember to link numerous blocks together to produce extraordinary blocks the next time you play Homescapes.

  • A Rocket is created by lining up four bricks in a row.
  • Both horizontally and vertically, rockets can be employed to clear rows.
  • Fives in a row produce a bomb, whereas fives in a row make a disco ball.
  • You can also combine the bomb with other weapons, such as a rocket.
  • Special powers will activate if you do so.

Homescape Cheat Codes

Examine your stumbling barriers.

When playing Homescapes, keep an eye out for block formations, among other things.
One of the simplest strategies to swiftly solve this game is to analyze formations and make the appropriate preparations.

Make use of social media

If you’re playing Homescapes, we recommend using your Facebook account to log in.
You will earn 1000 coins merely by joining the game using Facebook.
You’ll be able to send and receive retries to your pals if you stay signed in.

Homescape Cheat Codes — October 2023

1. Xb1OCB9o3n – life

2. 0bJcJnYpdK – gold

3. Y6qTqXgUov – star

4. i40eIEIJyD– boost

5. 2Fyq0tDOSQ – new levels

6. 5rnsEPsloF– oflline mode

7. N1ZOf4HGuL – unlimited number of move

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Free Coins for Homescapes (Unlimited)

To receive Homescapes Free Coins, simply follow our simple instructions.

  • The game begins every day.
  • Up to 110,000 dollars earn through real-money in-game purchases.
  • 5 lives are sent to others for each team Tournament Prize: 600-1,000 dollars
  • 50-150 points as a prize for completing match-3 levels (depending on difficulty)
  • Levels & Mini-Games for SOS: 200
  • 300 words derived from letters
  • During the restoration of the mansion, it was discovered as a chance find.
  • Watching a commercial might take up to 60 minutes.
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