Hempire Tips, Cheats, Strategies and Guide

Now that marijuana is legal, it’s up to you to retake your hometown. In the city management game with Hempire tips, you’ll be cultivating the finest marijuana available. But be cautious! Despite the fact that marijuana is now legal, you still have to deal with a lot of issues.

You must be tough because unscrupulous police officers and businessmen are after you. With the help of our Hempire strategy guide, we’ll help you retake your city!

Hempire Tips, Cheats, Strategies, and Guide

Selection is important

There are four buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen. The fact that each button is specific to a particular facility makes it practical for navigating. The bottom one will lead you directly to your expanding home; a subsequent one will lead you to the lab; a subsequent one will lead you to your home; and so on.

Get used to utilising it because it is incredibly beneficial. It will enable you to keep a careful eye on your plants and determine when to water them.

Don’t Go Back When Plants Are Growing

Although we are aware that everyone is busy these days, Hempire requires your complete focus—at least while you are cultivating cannabis. You may have observed that depending on how well you hydrated the plant during the developing stage, you’ll receive an additional number of buds when you harvest a fully grown plant. Every plant has a different schedule for when it needs to be watered.

The window of time you have for the subsequent watering will be smaller if you take too long to hydrate the plant during this period. A well-watered plant will produce five or more more buds. When you’re growing, keep the game open to make sure you don’t miss a watering chance!

Even better, if you succeed in growing a flawless plant and remembering all the watering instructions, your mastery of that particular species of plant will advance. The quantity of buds you acquire from a plant will permanently increase as your mastery level rises, and you’ll also encounter uncommon Epic Buds more frequently.

One Variety At a Time

After the tutorial, Handy Mandy’s shop will start operating. She is aware of the sound, yes. Mandy will, however, enhance several hardware features of your shed and expanding house. You will also be able to use the temperature unit once you begin installing lights to give your plants passive benefits. Using the unit, you may quickly alter the internal temperature of your expanding home. In certain temperature ranges, certain plant types will produce more buds.

Plant multiples of the same sort of plant to take advantage of the temperature bonus and assure a large yield.

Complete Task And Earn Rewards

One of the hempire tips is that Make sure you carefully review the entire list of prizes before deciding which transactions to complete. Most deals will simply pay you out in cash and experience points, but others will also give you stuff like hardware supplies. Due to the difficulty in obtaining some of those things, these quests are quite valued.

For example, if you want to expand your shed, you’ll need planks and nails. By repairing benches, you may occasionally locate them, although the likelihood is quite small (we fixed ALL of the benches in our neighborhood and got only two nails and no planks). Unless you are in extreme financial need, always choose for bargains that include items over those that do not.

Use your Storage Carefully

For the most part, your storage will fill up rather rapidly. Locate customers who have orders, then fulfil the orders to get rid of the extra cannabis from your inventory and get it down to manageable levels. Alternatively, if you have the required funds and supplies, you might contact Handy Mandy and place an order for a warehouse upgrade.

Earn More Free Diamonds

In this game, free diamonds are extremely simple to obtain. Diamonds can be won in the pawn shop by bringing in golden keys, earning them as level-up rewards, or just clicking the “free diamonds” button. It is on the television to watch an advertisement in exchange for free diamonds. You will receive two of them for each advertisement you view. It is not a lot, but it can mount up over time.

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