Hay day Tips and Tricks

Hay day Tips and Tricks: Hay Day is a popular game in which players must manage a farm that requires constant attention in order to work properly.

The amount of time spent on this game, which has captivated both young and elderly on the Android platform. It will determine how successfully it is carried out.

The players must sow vegetables and greens in the field garden. Harvest them later, or gather them in the same way. It will be important to engage with farm animals, who must be cared for, as well as fish in the lake, using a similar technique.

Hay day Tips & Tricks

Make your farms stand out

You may be able to cover more or less depending just on the size of the farm, but the best advice is to start modest.

Touch feed the animals, and the farm will expand to include a variety of animals, including pigs, chickens, and a variety of other species. The large range of goods available will make owning a farm with cutting-edge technology ideal, and one that you can brag about on social media.

Wheat, maize, and carrots, for example, just require a few minutes to sprout. Others, such as pumpkins and indigo, require many hours to prepare. Plant those crops while you go to sleep, or if you’ll be out for a few hours for work or school, so they’ll be ready whenever you return and you may harvest and utilise them as needed.

Hay day Tips and Tricks

Visitors to your farm are unnecessary

Visitors visiting your farm want to buy your products, but they don’t want to pay a high price for them. Don’t be frightened to decline. They won’t be offended, and they’ll return as soon as the whim hits them.

The only time I make an exception is when I have an abundance of something, such as chicken eggs, or when I can create something quickly, such as wheat.

Money and experience should be balanced

You’ll notice two figures at the bottom of the page when your orders arrive: coins and stars. Each order will reward you with coins and stars, respectively.

It’s just as important to level up as it is to make money on Hay Day, so pay attention to the orders. It may be worthwhile to choose an order that provides less money but more experience that will help you level up more quickly.

Get Your Diamonds Quickly

Following is the best Hay Day Tips And tricks

  • You’re probably aware that each time you level up, you gain 1 or 2 diamonds.
  • Simply like Hay Day on Facebook to receive one additional diamond. You’ll never obtain a better diamond. You may enter contests hosted by Hay Day on their Facebook page once you’ve become a follower.
  • Furthermore, to encourage you to link Hay Day and Facebook, you will receive an additional 5 diamonds if you login to Facebook using Hay Day.
  • You may obtain extra diamonds by completing achievements as you continue through the game.
    Keep a look out for gems in mystery boxes.
  • If you come across a movie ticket, you may help Hay Day earn money. In other words, they’re offering a free diamond in exchange for a 30-second teaser of another programme. I think it’s brilliant marketing.
    Finally, if you reach level 24, you can mine for a lot of diamonds, but you must first reach that level.

Do Crop Maintenance

You may be tempted to sell your whole harvest and neglect your crops, but failing to manage all of your crops would limit your long-term growth. Always keep some seeds in your silo; if you sell all of them, you’ll have to buy them from some other farmer at a greater price.
Also, remember that every crop you sow will yield twice as much after harvest. Nobody wants to squander diamonds on seeds they already own and could have sold for a few cents. It’s also beneficial to keep a continuous supply of wheat, maize, and feed on hand for your livestock.

Hay Day Cheat Codes

No, Hay Day does not have any cheat codes or hacks. It’s a fraud if someone on Twitter or Reddit offers you cheat codes in exchange for your User name and password or actual money.

If you want to play the Hay Day mod apk just click on it and start playing.

Some more codes available are Homescapes, Minecraft and many more

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