Guardians of Cloudia Redeem Codes

Neocraft’s Guardians of Cloudia is an Adventure and Collection mobile game. Archer, mage, swordsman, seer, and rogue are the five classes available. The gender can be changed during creation, however, their voices aren’t the most “anime.” Despite having beautiful graphics, the game has some similarities to Bless Mobile. QTE instances will occasionally occur.

A rarity level is assigned to the character’s pets. Boss battles resemble those in mobile MMOs in that the enemy has a lot of health and a variety of skills that can be aimed at specific targets.

Regarding the fresh and functional Guardians of Cloudia Codes Wiki – Redeem Gift Code, we offer the quickest coverage and frequent updates. The Guardians of Cloudia code wiki below features an updated list of all new gift codes that can provide you unrestricted in-game stuff that you can use to hone your characters or other currency to purchase items with:

Guardians of Cloudia Redeem Codes — May 2023

  • GOCHOT22: Redeemable code for rewards in-game
  • GOCFIX – Redeemable code for prizes in-game
  • GCNGOC201 – In-game award redeemable code
  • FASHION – In-game incentives redeemable code
  • RUNEPOW – In-game awards redeemable code
  • STRENGTH – In-game rewards redeemable code
  • SAILOR: In-game redeemable code for 200,000 Goldleaf and Silverleaf, 2x Windbell, 5x Treasure Map, and more.
  • FASHION9527 – Redeemable coupon for 200,000 Goldleaf and Silverleaf, as well as five outfit vouchers in-game
  • GOCFMD – In-game redeemable code for three sacred wind bells and 180,000 gold and silver leaves
  • VIP888 – Redeemable code for prizes in-game
  • VIP666 – Redeemable code for prizes in-game
  • GOC777 – In-game redeemable code for sympathies

How to Redeem Guardians of Cloudia Codes?

  1. Launch the Guardians of Cloudia application on your smartphone.
  2. In-game, tap on your avatar to access the settings menu.
  3. Tap the symbol for the Redeem Code now.
  4. Type one of the valid redemption codes listed above.
  5. Enjoy the game’s prizes!

How can you obtain additional Guardians of Cloudia codes?

Please bookmark this page for future visits as it is the best place to keep track of GoC codes. You can subscribe to the Guardians of Cloudia channel on Discord, Twitter, or Facebook.

Why do my Guardians of Cloudia codes not function?

You must finish the tutorial and level up your character to 25 in order to earn codes. You’ll get there shortly, so don’t worry. Verify that you typed the codes correctly if they don’t work in some cases. If you’re playing on a PC, simply copy the codes and paste them. If the codes are still inactive, they can be outdated. As a result, get your prizes as soon as you can!

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