Gordon Ramsay Dash Cheats and Tips

Gordon Ramsay Dash Cheats: You play a chef who is being mentored by Gordon Ramsay to become a top chef for a made-up reality program in the new game Restaurant DASH: Gordon Ramsay, part of the Dash series that also includes Diner Dash and Cooking Dash.

To progress through the game’s stages, you must quickly prepare more difficult meals while being prodded by Gordon Ramsay. Of course, because this is Ramsay, there is some coarse language there.

Gordon Ramsay Dash Cheats — May 2023

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Gordon Ramsay Dash Tips & Tricks

Gordon Ramsay Dash Cheats and Tips

Hold Two Trays at one time

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can always carry two trays in your hands. You can handle up to two meals and two beverages at once because the food and a drink are both contained on a tray.
Use this to your advantage by cooking and serving food as rapidly as possible while reducing the actual movement required by your chef.

Watch and Earn Coins

Free gold or coins are always available. To access the in-app purchase menu, tap the plus signs next to the gold and coin counters, then select the free gold or coin option. You may watch movies on each of them to increase your currency or gold balance. Additionally, gold has unique offers that you may complete to get free gold.

Upgrade Kitchen Wisely

Consider where your largest bottlenecks are before investing in a kitchen makeover. Update your grill to make it go faster or to cook more things at once, and upgrade your different condiment stations to make them go faster. Upgrade certain food items to raise the coin price that consumers pay for meals that include those things.

Take help from other players

You need supplies to complete a level. If you run out of supplies, you may use Facebook to ask your friends for help, or you can use the gold you earn through watching movies and completing offers to buy more. If you don’t have any Facebook-playing pals, search for new individuals to add on this page’s comment area as well as on the review sites for Google Play and the App Store.

Time Hack

If you don’t mind cheating for further supplies, when the supplies run out, go to the date and time settings on your phone and move the time forward by an hour or two. Your stocks will be replenished when you return to the game. When you do this, you may return to the settings and change the time back to normal; when you play the game again, your stolen supplies will still be there.

Earn Frenzy Points

Leave money on the table and swipe them to gather them all to gain Frenzy Points and fill up your Frenzy Meter. Keep those coins in place until every slot is full since doing so will reward you extra and enable you to collect them all at once. You will be able to purchase some extra time because new guests won’t be able to sit down if coins are still on the table, however, you still wouldn’t want to keep the money on the table for too long. That can leave you strained for time and under pressure to service every consumer.

If you want to play the mod version of the game just click on Gordon Ramsay Dash mod.

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