God Of War Cheat Codes

God Of War Cheat Codes: If you’re new to God of War, you might just be wondering how to crack the game without utilizing a hack or cheat code with God of War PS4 Cheats. This famous action RPG is set in a vast landscape where finding treasure boxes and hidden nooks may be time-consuming and frustrating.

You may improve your Kratos’ stats in addition to employing a hack or cheat code to save time. Here are some pointers to help you make the most of the game.

God Of War Cheat Codes + Tips & Tricks

God Of War Cheat Codes

Increase your XP in God of War

In God of War, there are various methods to get XP. One of these includes a flaw known as ‘Little Brother.’ When you accomplish a mid-combat checkpoint, you will receive a limitless amount of XP. The bug will work until the God of War Patch 1.12 is released, so you may use it to gain additional XP.

Get Infinite orbs

Even during the Challenge of Atlas, there will be an adversary at the foot of the tower after you cross the river and pass the saw chamber. Don’t kill him; instead, proceed to the nearby ladder. Place yourself in the middle of the battlefield, between the opponent and the ladder. To take him out, use the square, square, triangle combination. Make sure the opponent above the ladder is killed.

Once you’ve killed it, it should fall to the ground and bounce back up, catching you in the process. It will continue to discharge red orbs if done correctly. Simply stand there for roughly 10 minutes once you’ve figured out the bug. You will receive the maximum number of orbs, 199 full red bars (59,700 orbs).

Just Surrender Kratos Message

Go outside Oracle’s Temple, near the Gravedigger. Press R2 near a little firefly just on a left ledge near a red orb chest. Run towards where the Gravedigger is and step on the tallest pile of dirt, then press R2. Finally, sprint south across the bridge and appear between the two torches, pressing R2 again. If done correctly, the phrase “Surrender Kratos” will appear in cursive in the night sky.

Unlockable Effects

  • L3, R2, L2, R2, R1, L2, R1, L1, R2, Tri, R2, Tri Gives all equipment and Poseidon’s Trident to MAX (does not give all keys, feathers, or eyes)
  • L3, R2, L2, R2, R1, L2, R1, L1, R2, Tri, R2, Tri Costumes, and all Treasures are extremely difficult to unlock.

Locations of Valkeryie

The following are the sites where the 9 Valkerie can be found:
Location: Thamur’s Corpse (Hidden Chamber of Odin)
Location: Foothills (Hidden Chamber of Odin)
Location: The Mountain (Hidden Chamber of Odin)
Location: Witch’s Basement (Hidden Chamber of Odin)
Location: Helheim (Hidden Chamber of Odin)
Location: Alfheim Light Elf Shore (Hidden Chamber of Odin)
Location: Muspelheim Trial VI
Location: Niflheim
Location: Council of Valkyries

Check the Codex regularly

The Codex in God of War allows you to learn more about the opponents you fight. After you’ve encountered a certain monster multiple times, instructions explaining how to destroy them will appear.

It is thus critical that you check the Codex on a regular basis to see if any new beneficial knowledge has arrived that will assist you in handily defeating that adversary the next time you see them.

Upgrade Atreus’ Abilities 

Atreus, Kratos’s son, is always with you, although he isn’t particularly helpful at first. You may improve the youngster to become a skilled fighter by investing XP and Hacksilver in better abilities and equipment for him, allowing him to take down distant and flying adversaries with his bow.

+Upgrade Atreus’s bow and acquire him a stronger quiver first, then focus on obtaining armors later in the game to boost his fighting prowess. Upgrade Atreus instead of saving your money; it’s worth it.

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