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The WhatsApp add-on FM WhatsApp Apk is in common parlance. If you have not heard about FM WhatsApp, this post is for you.

Many consumers believe WhatsApp’s features need to meet their needs. There might be room for improvement in their chosen messaging app. To help you with this, a third-party app developer has created an FMWhatsApp APK.

If you want to learn more about this app, you should read the entire thing. After reading this, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of this app. In addition, you get the FMWhatsApp file and installation instructions below.

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What is FM WhatsApp Apk?

WhatsApp is an official messaging app that enables users to have voice and video chats and send and receive text messages. This app was created just for today’s consumer. On the other side, we as a culture have decided to provide more for individuals.

However, the WhatsApp team cannot adopt these features despite their popularity because of Google Play’s strict restrictions and regulations. Developers saw a need in the market and filled it with a free version of FM WhatsApp.

This is a piece of media created by Fouad Mokdad. It’s second only to GB WhatsApp as the most downloaded WhatsApp tweak. Even after five years of development, it still regularly receives improvements.

FM The success of WhatsApp is attributed to adding features that aren’t available in the base version of the app.

Features of FM WhatsApp Apk

Send To Up To 1024 People

The official WhatsApp app limits you to 256 recipients at once for group chats. To spread the word to more than 500 individuals, you must go through the contact selection procedure repeatedly.

However, up to 1024 contacts will be chosen in tandem with this app.

You can “freeze” your last seen time on WhatsApp to stay online without informing your contacts. This will cover your tracking history and prevent your last seen time from being broadcast.

Friends who also use WhatsApp will know precisely when you were last seen on their smartphone, regardless of whether or not you are online.

Forever Connected

If you want people to know you are online regardless of whether they can contact you over WhatsApp, toggle “Always Online” on. FMWhatsApp will keep erroneously showing your online status even after you remove it from the recently used applications tab.

Change of Voices

Thanks to this fantastic feature, having fun with your mates is now easier than ever. Noises made by robots, children, teenagers, the drunk, the swift, the submerged, the slow, and the reverse are all included. The selected voice will be utilized in all recordings when sending voice messages.

Check the Status of Deleted Messages

Not until you receive the chat notice “This message was deleted” will you realize that someone sent a status to the official app and then erased it. Rather than having such status and conversation updates vanish, you can use FMWhatsApp.

Take Away The Restriction On Sharing Photos

You can pick up to 30 photos at once for sending. You’ll need to cull your picture collection if it has more than 30 images. With this modification, you can choose as many photos as you want.

Progress of Download

The FMWhatsApp is recommended because of its handy status-downloading functions. To save it, open a friend’s status update and hit the “Save” button (often found in the status’s upper right corner).

Reminder Messages

The Message Scheduler’s primary function is to set times for sending and receiving messages. Customization options include contact, message, and delivery time. You can tell FM WhatsApp to send the message at a particular time.

Hide Or Lock Your Conversations

A password, fingerprint, or PIN can secure the chats. Concealing conversations is also possible. If you hide a conversation, it won’t appear in your conversation history or list of contacts. The password-protected list requires a code every time it is accessed.

Over Sixty Different Typefaces

Have you had enough of using the same dull font time and time again? This led me to install FM WhatsApp. There are around sixty unique typefaces available in this app. You may use any of them without any hesitation.

Protect Personal Details

People often look at their phones to see who they are talking to. If you obfuscate names, they won’t be able to listen in on your talk. Doing so will replace the header bar’s names with blanks.

Contact Toast

You’d want Toast to notify you whenever that special someone logs onto WhatsApp. Users can adjust their contact toast preferences on their profile pages. FM WhatsApp also supports audio alerts.
Customized Safety Measures

You can hide your true identity online, receive and read messages without attracting attention to yourself, and even send encrypted messages. You can keep your typing, recording, and second tick secret using FMWhatsApp.

A Blue Checkmark Next To Your Response

If you don’t reply to a message, the blue tick won’t reappear. This choice will come in handy if you ever need to contact someone. FMWhatsApp will provide a blue checkmark to show that you have responded to your contacts.

Multiple Recurring Ideas

Don’t use the overused black-and-white contrast. Make daily changes to the way FM WhatsApp looks. Almost 4000 unique templates are at your disposal.

Nature and popular culture inspire various designs, such as Venom, Vincent, and The Walking Dead. You can use any topic you want.

Incoming Call Preferences

In the official version of WhatsApp, you can only change the sound that plays when you get a call. Anyone can call you.

There has to be a way to restrict telemarketing and other forms of cold calling. That’s why the FM WhatsApp mod includes these features.

Digital Icons On The Desktop

Now, it’s up to you to check who’s online in a chat room. The green dot on the FM WhatsApp home page represents an active chat. Dots Online also has a “last seen” option. To access the queue, go to FMMods > Home Screen > Queue.

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FM WhatsApp Apk 2023 New Amazing Features

  • Click the “More” button next to the picture or video to copy the caption. Image Captioning
  • Switch on the note-taking feature.
  • The option to conceal material inside a gallery while still saving it.
  • The interface of Contact has been updated.
  • A toast will be sent to your profile once your status is seen.
  • The total number of messages is shown on the View All Messages page.
  • At this moment, it can be seen once only.
  • In a group text, you can exchange media files.
  • Once the file has been downloaded, you can see the image or video.
  • You can watch as much “One View” content as you want without paying a dime.
  • More options for add-ons

Why Download FM WhatsApp Apk?

The new and upgraded FM WhatsApp anti-ban mechanism is fantastic. Don’t be afraid to utilize all FM WhatsApp offers; your account won’t be disabled if you do. This is a feature that gets better with every update.

The former limit of three pinned chats has been increased to one hundred in the most recent version of WhatsApp. The most current version contains new launcher icons and revised core components.

There are now a wider variety of customizable choices to choose from. FMWA can include new elements in the future. The latest revision simplifies things considerably. Pay closer attention to every aspect.

How to Download FM WhatsApp Apk?

  • If you have the official version of WhatsApp already installed, remove it.
  • There’s an FMWhatsApp download button up here in the header.
  • Please wait while FMWhatsApp loads. The speed at which items are downloaded online is crucial.
  • When the download is complete, go to the download manager.
  • To install this WhatsApp hack, you must change your phone’s settings to permit installation from unknown sources.
  • Simply double-clicking the downloaded APK file will initiate the installation process.
  • To get started, provide your name and number.
  • Your archived account data can also be revived.
  • If the requirements are completed, FM WhatsApp access will be allowed.

Download APK

The Way To Update And Install FM WhatsApp

  • Maintain the latest version of this plugin at all times. Revisit our site to check for any changes. If you find a newer version, uninstall the previous one before setting up the new one.
  • To determine whether the download is complete, use the download manager.
  • To install this WhatsApp mod, you must change your phone’s settings to permit app installation from unknown sources.
  • Double-click the APK file after downloading it.
  • Fill out your name, email, and phone number.
  • You can also restore a previous version of your account.
  • You can start using FMWhatsApp after you’ve satisfied the requirements.

Backing Up FM WhatsApp Information

  • You can back up your conversations in FMWhatsApp and restore them in any other version of WhatsApp by opening the app and clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the “Settings” option in this menu.
  • Feel free to take advantage of the in-app chat at FMWA.
  • Learn how to utilize the alternative chat option.
  • Click the Backup button to begin the backup process.
  • Doing so will create a copy of your conversation on your computer’s local file system.

You’ll need to use a specialized file browser to find this copy. One well-liked tool for this purpose is ES File Explorer.


Will I lose my chat history when switching to FM WhatsApp?

Because replacing your current WhatsApp installation with FM WhatsApp is possible, you can lose your conversation history if you make the switch. It is suggested that you make a local or cloud backup of your WhatsApp conversation history before moving to FM WhatsApp.

Can I use FM WhatsApp on multiple devices?

Because it is linked to your phone number, FM WhatsApp can only be used on one device. Neither the official WhatsApp app nor FM WhatsApp can be used on the same device simultaneously.

How do I update FM WhatsApp?

Download the most recent APK version of FM WhatsApp from Google Play or the App Store. If you want to keep your conversation history in the event of an update, you should probably back it up beforehand.

How do I report bugs or issues with FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp users with problems are encouraged to contact the app’s creator via the company’s website or social media pages to file bug reports.

Please provide as much data as possible, including the device you’re experiencing the problem on, the FM WhatsApp version you’re running, and the exact nature of the problem itself.

Can I use FM WhatsApp to make video or voice calls?

FM WhatsApp allows you to make voice and video calls just like the original WhatsApp app. The call quality, however, may affect by your internet speed.

Can I use FM WhatsApp to message someone using the official WhatsApp app?

FM WhatsApp can use to communicate with anybody with the official WhatsApp app installed. Both applications work together and can use to contact other WhatsApp users.

How do I restore my chat history after switching to the official WhatsApp app?

Select “Restore” when requested during the official WhatsApp app’s setup process to bring back your conversation history after switching back to the app. You need to save your conversation logs to your device or the cloud.

What should I do if I encounter an error while using FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp users who have problems can either delete their app’s cache and data or reinstall the app. If the problem continues, try contacting the creator via their website or social media and see if they can help.


FM WhatsApp’s appeal stems from its robust features and extensive theming options. Those who do not have this one-of-a-kind app on their phones miss out on a lot of cool stuff it offers.

Consequently, if you haven’t already, install FMWhatsApp on your mobile device. Press the download button and sit back and watch the magic unfold.

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