Figure Fantasy Redeem Codes

Figure Fantasy Redeem Codes: In Figure Fantasy, the excitement of collecting diverse figures is combined with strategic idle gameplay. By adding additional figurines to your collection, you have more options when creating your squad because these figures serve as your characters. With more than a hundred figures to collect, you’ll be kept occupied for a while, but codes can make this process go faster.

You can get a variety of rewards via codes in Figure Fantasy, but you must use the codes before they expire because they do have an expiration date. You may quickly gain Diamonds, Coins, Super Blind Box Pieces, and other items in Figure Fantasy by using the codes we have provided. Please notify us if a code is no longer valid so we can remove it.

Figure Fantasy Redeem Codes — May 2023

These are all of the active Figure Fantasy cheats that are currently on the market. As they do have an expiration date, be sure to use them as soon as you can if you don’t want to lose out on some free prizes.

  • PE9EUMS1 
  • RIMUU 
  • orangejuice 
  • Sunnysplosion 
  • omni 
  • SMG4
  • Yuki888 
  • lostpause 
  • moonshine 
  • theanimeman 
  • lucky2022 
  • treasure2022 
  • figure2022 
  • happy2022 
  • FFSNS001 
  • Volkin 
  • Borkono 
  • Carbotani 
  • MangoSeven 
  • Seanb 
  • YdcbGames 
  • FG3000 
  • MechaGaikotsu 
  • GachaGamer 
  • SwankyBox 
  • Mogawty 
  • Mtashed 
  • Vanossgaming 

How to Redeem Figure Fantasy Codes?

  1. Open Figure Fantasy game
  2. On the game screen, click the gear/settings icon button in the top right corner.
  3. Press the Redeem Pack Code button.
  4. Put the redemption codes that we provided above into the box
  5. Take advantage of the benefits; if you didn’t receive them right away, check your in-game mailbox to see if they’re waiting for you.

Figure Fantasy Tips for Beginners

Figure Fantasy Redeem Codes

Decide your character wisely

In this phase of the beginner’s handbook, F2P Figure Fantasy players will learn the fundamentals of team building. Keep in mind that stronger, highly upgraded units are needed for the late-game content. However, here is a suggested team lineup for the opening phase of the game.

Despite being the first units the game gives you, Yuki and Ume Mizuno are reliable characters that may help you get through the early going. There are still 3 open spots after filling 2/5 of your team. It is advised to have an additional Vanguard or Defender in your frontline. Another Helper and a Militarian or Specialist should be on your back row.

The best statues for the aforementioned roles include some of the following:

Khrusos is the best defender in the game and has the ability to turn invincible for three seconds.

Eikzia (Helper) – Offers tremendous buffs and is incredibly adaptable, making her a great fit for almost any team composition.

Crowd controller and expert at freezing adversaries is Osuke Okada (Specialist).

Zhou Yu (Helper) is a great buff all-around who can fit into any team setup.

Zarola (Militarist): Has the ability to deal insane damage that becomes worse each time an enemy is vanquished.

These characters are not only helpful for getting started, but they also continue to be fantastic options for content in the future. Consider rerolling for the aforementioned figurines if you haven’t already decided who to do it for.

Some Tips to Consider

  • Keep an eye on the Otaku Zone! Don’t forget to embellish it and assign your figurines to provide more bonuses.
  • Remember to complete all of the restricted rewards offered by certain unique events.
  • Play around and experiment with various figures and team combinations. This is due to the fact that differing content will involve different manufacturers and other constraints for your figurines.
  • Visit the store often. On occasion, good deals will be available at affordable costs.

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