EZPZ Cheat Codes

EZPZ Cheat Codes: There is no need to seek any farther than EZPZ Saga if you’ve been looking for a mobile RPG to play on the go. It’s a complete joy to play the game. Basically, as the game progresses, you build a team of heroes and prepare them to confront stronger and more challenging foes. Coins and diamonds can also be used to upgrade your team.

Although you’ll need some extra assistance for a more enjoyable gaming experience, if you appreciate role-playing adventure games, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy this one. Here’s where we step in; with the help of our EZPZ Saga codes guide, you’ll have access to some fantastic freebies that you can utilize to excel.

EZPZ Cheat Codes – October 2023

gudaizhanzheng2 — Random SS Card

gudaizhanzheng3 — 3 Million Gold

gudaizhanzheng5 — 2,000 Gems

EZPZ666 — 2,000 Gems, Rewards

EZPZ888 — Rewards

AD56Q9GDZZ — 500,000 Gold, 1x Random S Card

gdzzgzhfl — 500,000 Gold, 1x Random S Card

gudaizhanzheng — 2,000 Gems

gudaizhanzheng1 — SS Hero

How to Redeem EZPZ Cheat Codes?

  • Start the game
  • Touch the avatar in left corner 
  • The redemption box is located at the bottom of the new window.
  • Any of the codes from our list of valid codes should be copied and pasted into the textbox.
  • Press the “activate code” button.

EZPZ Game Tips For Beginners

EZPZ Cheat Codes

Dismantle Carefully

The game allows you to melt non-essential equipment in order to recoup resources. Because the game continues to play even while you are not there, you may expect a large amount of extra equipment to be waiting for you when you return. Check your present equipment before deciding to burn them all.

Check to see whether you’ve picked up anything that’s better than the stuff you’ve got. Replace any old equipment you may have, then continue with the melting festival until your backpack is empty.

Enable Auto Cast

When the game makers suggested the game could be played without you, they weren’t joking. Nonetheless, you should do everything in your power to assure your growth. When you get to the fight screen, you can cast your talents manually by touching on them. If you are confident in your abilities, you can enable auto-cast to automatically perform spells against foes.

Raise Your Pet

Pets are useful in EZ PZ RPG because they provide unique advantages in battle. Eggs drop during fight, so check your treasure to see if there are any. To hatch the egg, go to the fight menu and tap on it. When you are engaged in battle, pets augment your power. Take advantage of this push to stay ahead of the competition. Don’t forget to feed your pet to help it level up.

Carefully Read Menu

EZ PZ RPG is littered with menu icons, much like any other mobile RPG. Take the time to investigate these icons to see whether there are any things, awards, boosts, or bonuses awaiting you. The Events page is often updated with new activities and incentives for you to participate in. You may also locate login rewards by clicking on other icons. In these menus, you’ll also see your monthly cards and premium currency expenses. Finally, you may unlock and equip the Talent Tree. Talents will boost your character’s stats.

Challenge Other Players

PVP will always be a part of the experience because you’re essentially playing an RPG. As soon as you unlock the Arena, you can enter it. You will be able to pick who you wish to compete against when you enter. Choose someone with good power levels but is still much lower than yours.

If you want to win with certainty, you should play against an inferior opponent. On the other side, if you compete against opponents with high power levels, you will be able to advance faster.

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