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NameES File Explorer Mod Apk
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ES File Explorer Mod Apk is the most important tool on Android. If a person has an Android mobile they need something to deal with their documents. ES File Explorer Pro is the best programming tool that is beneficial for everyone.

You can store every kind of file, save your photos, videos, and many more. If you want to make folders and move or copy/paste files from one place to another this file explorer perfectly helps you. In short ES File Explorer mod latest version is the best tool that protects your privacy and helps to manage your important files. ES File Explorer is the most popular Android file manager of all time, with over 300 million active users globally.

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What is ES File Explorer Mod?

This mod version originated from the original ES File Explorer. Third-party developers produced this application. All of those capabilities have been made available for free in this app.

This program allows you to recover deleted files. This tool also has a variety of other capabilities, such as compressing files and analyzing data.

As a result of this, all DO Global applications have been pulled from the Google Play store, according to Buzzfeed News. This app was available on Google Play before April 2019, but it has since been withdrawn from the App Store.

Modified Features of ES File Explorer Mod Apk

Lets discuss some amazing features of the app.

Protect Your Privacy

When utilizing a mobile device, particularly an Android smartphone, users will have to do a lot of file modifications. Typically, you would extract a ZIP file to a certain folder or do simple operations like cutting, pasting, and moving it about in memory.

As a result, it looks that ES File Explorer mod free download supports these actions as smoothly and simply as feasible. This program, in particular, has some complex features such as compression techniques and the ability to hide personal information that will undoubtedly satisfy you.

ES File Explorer Mod Apk

Vast Storage

ES File Explorer mod apk no ads will search all files and directories before providing specifications for how much space each file takes up. Images, sounds (recorded files and music), documents (Microsoft, Powerpoint, Excel), apps, and so on are examples. The analysis and forecast regarding the files and garbage may be found by scrolling down. You may quickly free up RAM to produce additional storage space from it.

Speed Up Your Android

The app’s first objective is to keep your phone clean. It will assist you in locating and cleaning garbage files and duplicate files that take up a lot of space on your system. To maintain your phone’s performance up to date, you must make it a habit. The program increases your phone’s performance and protects it from viruses and other security risks. Many of your apps can have a lock added to them. Additionally, whenever you download a file, it is immediately scanned for malware, and you are notified.

Compressed or Zip Files

Android smartphones usually come with a default file manager, but it’s ineffective, slow, and lacks key functions.

Compress photos or other media assets, for example, to make them cleaner, match the display resolution, and save space.
When you can complete these things with only a few easy clicks, ES File Explorer demonstrates its utility. Depending on your preferences, the compressed file will be saved as a new file or replaced with the old one. Furthermore, the program allows decompression, although at a much faster rate. To notice the difference, try using large compressed files.

Remove Unnecessary Data

If you do have junk files on your device, it’s always distracting, but if you’re using ad-free applications or do not have a rooted system, you’ll have to deal with it. Even if this isn’t the case, you may utilize es file explorer pro mod + cracked apk to clean up your system by deleting unwanted files.

With this tool, you may scan your whole file system for superfluous files and delete them in a matter of seconds. This frees up more space on your device, allowing you to install additional useful programs.

ES File Explorer Mod Apk

Root Explorer

The Root Explorer, on the other hand, is the ultimate feature for serious specialists who wish to use this program to unlock the entire potential of their phones. This feature, of course, necessitates rooting your phone, but once you’ve done so, ES File Explorer Manager PRO mod download will provide you access to the barebones files. This is something you couldn’t do using the default File Manager. Because you’ll be meddling with the components that make up your phone’s computer system, there are dangers involved. But ES is available if you’re informed and prepared to take the risk.

ES File Explorer Mod Apk

Customized Interface

The program design team chose two primary colors: white and blue, which are not very showy but are well-known by people. There is just one tab, however, it contains a list of all the tab’s activities. Basic interface: on the home page, you may view ROM and RAM information presented as a percentage at the top of the tabs.

Users can click to see what’s already in ROM or empty the RAM to improve the system’s performance. Managing categories such as photographs, video, and audio may be found in the lower right of the box.
The user interface is meant to be intuitive and easy to use.

Es file explorer pro hacked apk download makes it simple to save and manage your files without the need for any additional sophisticated third-party tools. This program will keep records of your apps, movies, music, and other images without requiring your phone to be overly sophisticated. To make your Mobile simpler to use, organize everything in a logical manner, and delete any items that are taking up important capacity on your phone.

Protect your Hidden Files

When you download some app on your mobile all the waste cache is stored in your phone. This causes your phone to slow down, yet some of these data are also valuable. So, if you really want to download these files by looking at them, or if you just want to remove a file, you may use Es file explorer mod apk new version to display all of your phone’s hidden files.

File protection is available in Es file explorer root access mod apk. By choosing the app, and then picking and establishing a password, you may set a PIN for any subfolder or file. You can, however, opt to hide your memories if you are concerned about them.

The no-cost version of The free software does not provide you access to the hidden files. After paying the subscription costs, you may access the concealed files and documents only in the premium version. However, the APK on this site is a modified version that includes all of the premium services for free. That implies you have free access to all of the phone’s secret files and folders.

ES File Explorer Mod Apk

Backup And Recycling

You’ve possibly accidentally erased a photo or video that you didn’t want to remove while using your mobile device. The option of restoring lost data will not be available on Android smartphones, making it impossible for users to locate their files. Es file explorer mod unlocked apk can accomplish it quickly and effortlessly, just as on a PC. Users may access this essential tool by going to Tools and clicking on Recycle Bin. This app can save all your information and can also back up when you need it.

 What’s New in Premium feature 

  • No Ads.
  • All advertisement calls from the activity were eliminated, and all ad banner layouts in tablet mode were removed.
  • The banner layout AdMob advertisements were removed.
  • Real-Time Monitor unlocked, lock-screen advertisements shrunk to 0
  • Theme Selector is now available.
  • Unlocking the system’s secret files
  • The forced startup advertisements page has been deactivated.
  • Es Swipe Analytics has been disabled due to the removal of the gift symbol.
  • Bug fixes

 How to Download and Install ES File Explorer Mod Apk? 

  • Click on the download button below
  • Allow Unknown Resources to install
  • After this click on Install
  • After installation click to open the file
  • Explore the ES File Explorer Mod Apk
  • Enjoy!

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Why was ES File Explorer Pro removed from Google Play?

Because the free version of the app (not this premium version) was committing ‘ad click fraud,’ numerous applications from the publisher, including this ES File Explorer Pro, were deleted from the Play Store in April 2019.

How can I get a free download of ES File Explorer Pro?

The app’s Pro edition is a paid upgrade. However, it is currently available for free after being withdrawn from the Play Store. To get it, go to the download area.


If you’re a regular user, you’ll appreciate this program for all of the features and tools it offers in such a little size. And if you’re a frequent member, you’ll appreciate how it shows all of your files in a user-friendly manner and explains your file structure. In short, you can use this app on any mobile

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