Episodes cheat codes 2023

Episodes cheat codes: It’s all about storytelling in Episode Choose Your Story. Fun game that lets you create your own stories as well as view those produced by other players on the site.

It’s unlike any other interactive tale mobile game that you’ve seen recently. There are few games that can match Episode Choose Your Story in terms of immersion.

You will require a number of crucial materials to succeed in the game. Episode free gems and passes are the most vital game resources to have in ample supply.

Several Ways to Get Free Episode Passes

There are various ways to obtain free gems and passes. The simplest method is to simply wait. Every day, new gems are made, so if you have the ability and desire to wait, you will be able to progress in the game.

When you’re in the thick of a compelling adventure, though, waiting for diamonds and passes may be incredibly annoying. You can try to receive referral codes from other gamers if you can’t wait. There are several forums dedicated to the Episodes game where you may obtain the codes.

You may earn gems and tokens for accomplishing various tasks and achievements as you progress through the tale.

List Scripts Romance Episodes Cheat Codes — May 2023

G6YG6K          Redeem the code for free items

Episodes Game Tips & Tricks

Episodes cheat codes

Have Patience

Waiting it out is the key to levelling up in Episode. That is, if you don’t want to spend money on gems and passes. You’ll gain three free tickets if you wait four hours for the game to recharge.

Episodes cheat codes

Give Feedback

As according episodetricks.org, you may obtain three free tickets just by rating and reviewing Episode on Google Play or Apple’s App Store when requested. It may take a few minutes, but it will not affect you!

Analyze Other Stories Stats

The benefit of Episodes is that you can quickly find statistics and other pertinent information about popular stories. There are also applications that offer you the rankings, ratings, reviews, and other details about other tales that are performing well in the game, which you may use as Episode hacks.

Take the time to review and evaluate the statistics to determine what you need to do to increase the popularity of your tale.

Episodes cheat codes

How to Get Free Episode Gems and Passes?

Episode Choose Your Story materials can be obtained in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • As a thank you for connecting your social network account to the game’s app, you’ll receive free gems.
  • Completing events based on your position in the top rankings
  • You may earn free gems and passes by completing daily tasks.
  • Getting extra hourly free passes each episode by playing new tales.
  • Using an Episode Choose your narrative hack tool is the most efficient and straightforward approach to obtain free episode diamonds and passes.
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