Dream League Soccer Cheat Codes

Dream League Soccer Cheat Codes: With a large fan base of devoted followers and over 40 million downloads to date, Dream League Soccer has been available on Android and iOS devices for a number of years. As you strive to lead your squad through the many divisions and cup matches in the game, you develop your own Dream League Soccer team.

Additionally to enhancing and personalizing your stadium, you may purchase and sell players. We’ll provide you with some fantastic Dream League Soccer strategies and cheats on our sites that work for all game versions.

Dream League Soccer Cheat Codes — October 2023

Rewards                         Codes

Secrets                          AolbTG;
Bonus code                  798O6t
Hack download free     wVTlrZ
Fixed bugs                    l6UnUu
Offline game                ihbNiV
Gold coins (money)      w8oq2V
Unlimited energy         IiNoyK
Rare players                 s8mmiO
Maximum value          xgVmMZ;
Custom kit free           5lrsQp
DLO rating                  5xJJEq

Dream League Soccer Tips & Tricks

Dream League Soccer Cheat Codes

Get Reward By Adding Player

At the beginning of their DLS journey, new players are given a handsome coin bonus. In most cases, the bonus is granted automatically, but if it isn’t, hit the coin symbol in the main menu to claim your prize.

Get Rewards From Social Platforms

Dream League Soccer gives benefits to players that link their Facebook account to your game, like many other mobile games do. Connecting your Fb account to Dream League Soccer will also grant you 100 coins in addition to providing you with a backup log-in option and a mechanism to retrieve your account information. Here are the instructions on how to link your Facebook profile to your Dream League Soccer account in case you need them.

Select Game Settings > Advanced Options when playing Dream League Soccer. Then you should be able to claim your prize after connecting to your Facebook account from there.

Rewards From Ads

Watching the ads while they are available is another simple approach to obtain free coins in DLS. Once you have finished the ad view, you may usually anticipate receiving 30 coins if there are any.

Win Games With High Scores

Wherever possible, avoid losses and draws, and when you’ve had a chance to win, strive to keep placing those balls in the back of the net to get more coins for the victory. The game pays you with much more coins for wins and even more coins for decisive triumphs.

Obviously, how well you play the game will have a huge impact on your capacity to get these decisive triumphs, so keep working out to achieve those big wins and larger coin prizes.

Any possible prize you could receive at the end of the game will be reduced if you concede goals and make fouls.

Make Your Team Wisely

It’s necessary to have a strong squad in addition to a strong team so that you have adequate variation and backup players in case of injury or game-related suspensions. Players that you seldom use or that just don’t fit into your plans should be thought about for sale. Maintain a lean squad and utilize the additional money to hire better players or upgrade your team’s facilities.

Any players you don’t wish to keep may be put up for sale there by going to the transfer market. You will receive your money after they are sold, and you can then fill the vacant spot in your team with a player who is more appropriate for your particular game.

Open And Complete Daily Quests

The best approach to continuously gaining more coins in DLS 2022 is to complete daily tasks and objectives. While it is true that you will most likely acquire a number of these through everyday gameplay, you should examine the list of objectives and attempt to perform some of those tasks to ensure you receive the cash. For even more opportunities to earn cash, look at the in-game accomplishments as well.

How to Start a Dream League Soccer Game Again?

A DLS match cannot restart by default, although there are situations when you play a match and wish you could. Here’s how you approach it;

  1. Access the file manager on your smartphone.
  2. Dispatch the Android directory
  3. Select data
  4. Next, enter the folder for com.firsttouchgames.dls3 and choose currentmatch.dat.
  5. Removing the file
  6. Run Dream League now.
  7. The match that you were already losing can now be restarted.
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